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Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable

Bandai Namco Entertainment America
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On July 31st, the titans of the Japanese fighting game industry; Arc System Works, ARIKA, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., CAPCOM, KOEI TECMO GAMES, and SNK all sat down for the first time ever to discuss the past, present, and future of fighting games. Watch the full livestream and share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

Special thank you to everyone who participated!

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  1. Make a new naruto or dbz or one piece game that’s open world and online with cac please I beg u

  2. Just give us more informations on games and dlc we both know we gone buy y’all’s merchandise least let us both be satisfied and let us in on some information or a snippet of what is to come

  3. Harada is soooooo extra lol 👽
    Very cinematic & spicy man 😎

  4. The fact that they announce an announcement is still very amusing

  5. Please tell the company thats making blue protocol to add it on switch and ps4 because that game is good

  6. Petition for Arcsystems to pick up a Jojo game and do it magic like they did fighterz

  7. Hunter x hunter game is that too much to ask for

  8. We need an official "MUGEN" with Arc System Works aesthetics, what they did with the Dragon Ball franchise is brilliant!
    & also:
    – Capcom vs Snk 3
    – Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2
    – KOF XV
    – Project Justice 2
    – Garou: MOTW II
    – Power Stone 3
    – The Last Blade 3

  9. Are they gonna release Dragon Ball fighterZ update

  10. Saquen ya el maldito elden ring porfavor

  11. Please, Bandai Namco, please do another one of these in the future, but with everyone at an actual roundtable with some more production! The FGC would really appreciate the whole of Japanese fighting game studios come together to discuss their projects and the evolution of developing them for the worldwide audience.

  12. They don't seem to care about Dragonball Xenoverse 2 anymore…

  13. When's my update on dragon ball xenoverse 2 bruh where it at

  14. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍

  15. I really liked the music at the very beginning of this video. I hope it appears in a game or soundtrack

  16. Please no more remakes, sequels, prequels or crossovers. Create something new and unique.

  17. A Kengan Ashura or Baki game would be good

  18. Rollback netcode.
    Hey uh…have you guys considered Chun li in smash ultimate.
    I'd love to see some third strike remixes.
    And tekken x street fighter would be soooooo sick

  19. Awesome Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable Video.

  20. Please just give me a Hunter x Hunter game with a story mode, pvp, and co-op. It needs it

  21. I loved how everyone was spamming resident sleeper lol and they were spamming Dame da nae

  22. We need more open world anime games like dbz kakarot starting to get sick of brawlers especially from bandai they all feel the same except Dbz fighterz

  23. A kodansha vs game would be cool but I feel a bleach game announcement coming before the anime starts back up!

  24. This was awesome to watch. Thanks namco! 😁

  25. Great stuff. Sakurai should be in the next one


  27. Need a new Saint Seiya game even better with Arc System Works support

  28. Just give us the Xenoverse 2 Free Update Release Date.

  29. Bandai we need a hunter x hunter game and a new naruto game!!!!!

  30. So I have been visiting here the entire PS4/XB1 gen for news on Ridge Racer 6 remaster or new game!

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