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Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable 3

Bandai Namco Esports
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3rd Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable

# Time(JST)
– [PDT] March 20, 11:00 PM
– [CET] March 21, 07:00 AM
– [JST] March 21, 03:00 PM

# Participating Publishers
– ARC SYSTEM WORKS (Daisuke Ishiwatari, Akira Katano)
– ARIKA (Akira Nishitani)
– BANDAI NAMCO Entertainmet (Katsuhiro Harada)
– CAPCOM (Osamu Matsumoto)
– SEGA (Moriji Aoki )
– SNK (Yasuyuki Oda)

# English commentator
– Michael Murray (Bandai Namco Entertainment)

#Streaming (English)


  1. Daisuke bringing a completely unrelated album of Jazz signed by all 4 members of Queen and realizing it was supposed to be gaming related but still explained how he got the album is the most gigachad thing ever

  2. Bandai Please Make Naruto MMORPG Gameplay u didn't make one we need this dream to true I hope you make this game آNaruto MMORPG Open World Multiplayer with PvP and PvE With all the features of Naruto and all the rules of the Naruto series and skillsバンダイはナルトMMORPGゲームを作ってくださいuは私たちがこの夢を実現するために必要なものを作りませんでした私はあなたがこのゲームを作ってくれることを願っています

  3. Please make a shinobi striker competitive tournament

  4. Hey guys, could someone tell me if the BGM at the end is from any of these games? Cheers!

  5. Watching this and them labling F2P as a marketing strategy has to be the most ignorant thing ive heard of from FG devs. Some of the most financially successful games are f2p with paid Cosmetics.

    Its interesting that they also mention Project L dipping its toes in first for F2P. Japanese devs are too scared to venture in themselves only to copy the success of others

  6. I don't know if u guys are listening, but I know that we would love some other old fighting game ports to the switch – I know we already have 30th anniversary and the old snk games, but if we could get some others like tekken 5 with the arcade classics, or even as separate games, that would be NUTS

  7. Thank you, a very informative round table. I enjoyed the translation and commentary by both translators. Tekken 7 is a premium game, not just a premium fighting game, it would've felt weird and out of place to me if Tekken 7 was free to play. My bet is that project L will just emulate League of Legends and have a fighter rotation, and if a player wants to keep playing their favorite fighter they gotta play a lot for points or pay to unlock them, plus cosmetic mtx. Too bad Team Ninja couldn't join for the 3D discussion. The 3D arenas of DOA were characters themselves with destructible barriers, hidden areas and a ton of environmental awareness. And the 3D choreography of DOA is unmatched in my opinion. No move in other 3D fighting games has the grace and visual impact of Hitomi's charged fist move. R.I.P. DOA, you will always stay my favourite fighting game franchise. Street Fighter uses forced perspective as far as i know, you can't do that in full 3D so it makes sense you will never see a fully 3D Street Fighter. To me personally 2D fighters need better execution and reading abilities and since 3D fighters are always harder to read, mainly because of the constantly changing perspective warping the silhouettes in 3D fighters, they need better situational and environmental awareness than 2D fighters by the player. And I don't think that 2D is cheaper or subpar, it's a different genre. Indi or lower budget 3D fighting games usually become Arena Fighters with tons of projectiles, dodges and charge atracks, like ArcSys' Kill La Kill. We don't talk about FX Fighter or Battle Arena Toshinden, so Tekken and Virtua Fighter were really the first solid 3D fighters, followed closely by DOA … and does anyone remember Last Bronx?

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