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Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable 3

Bandai Namco Esports
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3rd Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable

# Time(JST)
– [PDT] March 20, 11:00 PM
– [CET] March 21, 07:00 AM
– [JST] March 21, 03:00 PM

# Participating Publishers
– ARC SYSTEM WORKS (Daisuke Ishiwatari, Akira Katano)
– ARIKA (Akira Nishitani)
– BANDAI NAMCO Entertainmet (Katsuhiro Harada)
– CAPCOM (Osamu Matsumoto)
– SEGA (Moriji Aoki )
– SNK (Yasuyuki Oda)

# English commentator
– Michael Murray (Bandai Namco Entertainment)

#Streaming (English)


  1. So anything interesting in this one or just a waste of time?

  2. That was fun. The treasures were a big surprise. I love the behind the scenes stuff.

  3. Waste of time really… why we doesnt get teaser for tekken 8 ?

  4. Very fun stream. The English commentary did a great job.

  5. It’s always cool seeing these JP devs discuss fighting games together. And the “treasure competition” was pretty entertaining!!

  6. 2:12:25 the english version has an english voice actor

    ah, english
    my favourite gender

  7. Omega rugal made this whole thing worth it to me. The treasure thing was sick as well I hope they do that again at some point

  8. 11:40 Daisuke and Oda.. my man, the purity of that answer was wonderful

  9. It was very interesting even I was watching it while I was in my lesson. I can’t wait for the Tekken series on Netflix and it’s great to see all the artworks and games. It was very good

  10. This was a nice stream. I enjoyed it. I don't get why people want tekken 8 so much. Tekken 7 is doing great, the characters are well balanced (mostly) the mechanics have so much depth into them and are balanced and synergic. Why go on drastic changes when something is working?

  11. Even when werent much new stuff (Omega Rugal was the goat) the roundtable was much more fun than previous years, specially the treasures part

  12. I couldn’t notice Jyuna with his beautiful forehead covered-__-

  13. VF5 isn't released on PC yet, also no teaser for VF6 nor Tekken8, I feel disappointed thought

  14. Why do they let snk start? How you supposed to follow up Omega Rugal?

  15. Love how people are complaining no Tekken 8 announcement when they literally said at the very beginning there are no big announcements like that


  17. Well…Free to play is easier on my wallet.

  18. 0:00 Intro
    3:45 Index
    5:12 "F2P in Fighting Games"
    17:26 "The advantages and difficulties of 2D and 3D fighting games"
    30:53 "How do other companies see ○○○?"
    49:30 "Favorite numbering and characters from other companies' titles"
    1:01:20 "What are the genres of titles other than fighting games that you are interested in?"
    1:11:55 "Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable Vision for Offline Events"
    1:20:55 Break time
    1:26:43 "Treasure appraisal team battle"
    1:58:42 SNK Announcement
    2:02:38 Bandai Namco Announcement
    2:08:05 Arika Announcement
    2:10:05 Arc System Works Announcement
    2:19:21 Sega Announcement
    2:25:17 Capcom Annoucement
    2:30:23 Final Thoughts

  19. these guys are creating insanely badass games and some ppl wanna be all negative.. I'm sorry but the script that possibly 'fell out the back of a truck' 😀

    i enjoyed watching this..
    and I thoroughly support going to an actual arcade and playing face to face with some (at least partially) like minded individual – like God intended fighting games to be played.

  20. These conferences are so cool, and I wish they were more common.

  21. Alot of interesting information here. Nice Omega Rugal boss rush announcement. All other games should have this, please. The treasures section was very good, and they should do something like this again. Maybe do more mini games like this for the event. The special neo geo, street fighter ex limited edition, streetfighter the movie pieces, The beggings of Tekken and Vitura Fightet art/documentation was very cool! Wish we could see more of it! I know there is info about Street Fighters beggings out there, but I would like to see other developers humble beggings as well. Would love to see Daisuke draw a picture of all the fighting games main characters. Should have him, or someone create some special artwork just for the roundtable. I would also like to here more about their personal favorite characters in each fighting game if possible. It was nice to see Daisuke's signed album!! We know about Daisuke's taste in music, what about the other developers? The bit about not seeing 3D fighters from developers is a good point that was brought up. It may be hard to create, but I hope we see some one day. Also, 2D and 2.5D developers should try their hand at a 3D fighter and vice-versa. There may be good results out of that. Maybe bring some competitive 3D arena fighters back as well (Power Stone and Pokken as example arena fighters). The point about a 1on1 KOF fighter was interesting. It is true that it wouldn't be KOF if it wasn't a team game, however,  KOF is a crossover game if you really think about it.  Creating an Art of Fighting game and/or Fatal Fury game could help break up the work for a KOF game. They can have a cycle of AoF, FF, KOF and have some assets from AoF and FF ported into KOF as the dream game (ofcourse all 3 games would have thier own mechanics,  but atleast characters work would be mostly done for KOF). Samurai Showdown/Spirits and Last Blade could have a similar thing going as well. Talking about this, and stuff like F2P models in fighting games can help the fighting games grow. I understand some developers not wanting to play games on their off time (especially after working on them soo much at work), HOWEVER, I don't like the fact that some don't play other games. The reason why is because they can't see what other games are doing and how they are successful (or what doesn't work). They should have some time set aside at work for this (or have a designated employee to research) because the developers can learn alot from other game genres as well as other fighting games. This is why things like F2P is an important topic, since other genres has done well with it. There are other things that can be pulled from other genres as well, not just F2P. Another thing, It would be interesting to hear them talk about a BIG collaboration title with all developers. Maybe a big crossover game haha(this is the wishful thinking part). Sorry for the big rant,  I know ppl are sad about no super major announcements,  but there was alot of good that came from this podcast. With everything said, I like this Fighting Game developers round table. Thank you all for putting this together!

  22. Overall, nothing really new… I'm really disappointed about Bandai Namco… Tekken 7 was incredibly successful and so was Elden Ring… When they already don't show us a Tekken 8 trailer then please do it like CAPCOM, improve your current game to keep the player base alive or many players will play other good fighting games, like KOF XV, GuiltyGear Strive SF5 etc….
    Also, you could use Tekken 7 as a test lab to make Tekken 8 a huge success.
    It's not that difficult, listen to the community. Have a tournament, do a Season 5 (add some cool maps or characters from previous games I suppose) or (which I think is the better option) at least do a balance patch. Nerfs the top 10 a bit and buffs the flop 10. It's that easy, and most players will return to test the new changes. Keep the TEKKEN HYPE going!! please…

  23. This format is hard to follow as someone who doesn't understand Japanese.

  24. I hope Project L dominates and makes these guys get off their bums and try harder.

  25. For the favorite characters you didn t get around 54:43 it was Neinhalt Sieger from Samourai Spirits

  26. I could watch these guys talk all day. The "treasures" everyone brought were wonderful and full of history, this was a great roundtable

  27. Love when Michael Murray and this other pleb talk over each other so we have no idea what they're saying

  28. Virtua Fighter was the series that heavily inspired both Tekken and Dead or Alive. Virtua Fighter should also do another collaboration with Dead or Alive in the future. Dead or Alive was the first fighting game to collaborate with Virtua Fighter. Both Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive really worked well together. This is the first time Virtua Fighter has collaborated with Tekken, the long awaited collaboration is finally happening.

  29. Love these guys but I wish Ed Boon was there also.

  30. I'm the chap that gave Daisuke that Queen album when we interviewed him for The UK Anime Network. We spent 5 hours gaming and chatting, amazing afternoon and a great team. So glad he still has it 🙂

  31. Did they even mention rollback anywhere? Im not listening to these 2 yokels.

  32. Capcom vs. SNK vs. Namco please (Street fighter vs. King of Fighters vs. Tekken) please!

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