It's Still 2020, and Fighting Games Are Unsustainable Without Offline -

It’s Still 2020, and Fighting Games Are Unsustainable Without Offline

Avoiding The Puddle
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Regardless of how you feel about netplay, offline is essential for fighting game developers, players and spectators alike.

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  1. Right, but who is Willy B? Can he get me unbanned?

  2. I mean… then the issue is just bad netcode rather than needing offline tournaments. If your netcode is good enough then online streamed tournaments work well enough.
    their biggest flaw would end up being the delay between a commentators reaction and when stuff actually happens.

  3. Quarantine isn't bad for Tekken. More time playing the game, less time wasted watching dorks talk over matches while selling Cup Noodle.

  4. But the FGC is mainly online, tournament players are a small part of it. The people that bitch about not having tournaments are the supposedly "pro players" that get "paid". There are still thousands of us that enjoy to play online just for fun.

  5. Deatroyer fgc online nrs tournaments bringing back the hype!!!

  6. This is such a boomer opinion. I've actually made friends through Reddit and through people I've matched well with. We practice together etc, it's really nice. Going to the arcades to stand next to some smelly neck beard is not appealing. Also, there are Facebook groups who organize online tourneys and also real life local events just for fun so get off that old bandwagon argument.

  7. Yeah but what about people who dont like human interaction

  8. I feel for anyone seriously grinding it out in online tourneys. It's a shit roll of the dice but corona out here exposing everyone's net code in the states.
    Hard to watch even throwback tourneys like mvc2/3S when the commentators have to call out the online every time someone drops a game winning combo

  9. Who brought up Dragon Quest 11? I don't see him playing that.

  10. Improve the online experience. And I'm not only talking about a decent netcode

  11. I'd argue that the community is pissed because of Namco's previous fuckups like Leroy or the hellsweep update and not because of the lack of tournaments.

  12. Anybody who knows anything knows that online for fighting is Ass. Sure it’s fun. But u can’t base ur reputation on it, cuz just one second of lag during a match can be the difference. Like Ryu says in street fighter how a second in battle is worth a life time… that’s real shit. You can be kicking a persons ass then the internet decides, nope not today. One second can make all the difference, especially during fighting games

  13. You need both online and offline.. Go hand in hand

  14. This is such a myopic view, and I'm a person who grew up in arcades, entering tournaments, and playing sets at locals. Online isn't fundamentally flawed, it needs better netcode. The idea that the handful of dudes at your local scene are holding up the entire genre is nonsense. People listening to fighting game podcasts and labbing setups like me are the tip of an iceberg. The vast majority of fighting game players are looking for online play, and even single player offerings. Mortal Kombat's numbers due to the single player campaign isn't a thing most people who go to SRK care about, but resulted in millions of sales.

  15. In it's present form it is unsustainable, but no competitive game in 2020 can be released without online multiplayer

  16. This is why I host online tournaments to keep people thirsty for fighters

  17. Jokes on you, I'm watching online smash tournaments.

  18. Checked the concurrent user numbers on steam for T7. It's not particularly high or low.

  19. Yo man, when covid is done you should have some guys round and play tekken offlines with people, I'd watch the shit out of that

  20. It's time for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid to pop off.

  21. Incompetent insufferable incels talking about netcode in the chat… "WaHt aBoOt RolLbaCk nEtCoeD?"

  22. In this pandemic , stay in hoom or da romm or da ribigurumu

  23. I mean does the pamdemic not go against his point? Offline is literally impossible right now

  24. That's sucks didn't really think about that..

  25. At least we still have Tekken Bowling for Tekken 7 and RPG Mode for GBVS lol

  26. The time end of the video was like a fantastic punchline

  27. Soulcalibur II is still a good game not just as a fighting game.

  28. either way I hope this is a wake up call to all those devs that the online needs to be fixed in their fighting games.

  29. FGC guys need other people to have fun in a video game, huh?

  30. Eh… GBVS is doing fine right now lots of people playing and talking about it.

  31. this corona virus shit exposed how trash the online is. They really need to focus on making that better. it s not just about offline.

  32. I only play games with good rollback netcode nowadays so for me personally I'm not suffering due to lack of offline.

  33. The answer to shitty online is not to just abandon it completely, that would be stupid. The world is becoming more online-based every day and this just shows that fighting games need to get with the times. This doesn't show "how valuable tournaments are" like Aris says this only shows how shitty online is implemented. Especially Japanese games with all of their censorship and trying to stop people from being able to properly communicate with each other. They are going in the right direction with lobbies like in Dragonball and Granblue where you can walk around and socialize. But Dragonball fucks it up because they don't even let you communicate, and Granblue fucks it up because they make the lobby something that is hidden and not only that you have to do placement matches just to join it. The option to type chat in Granblue is the last option. This shows that they are slowly coming around but they are not fast enough and clearly very conservative. Especially Japanese games where they make you pay for Frame Data and shit like that. Aris is on point when he talks about the human connection aspect of fighting games, but we are not going to get that with the way fighting games handle online.

    I suggest to continue making lobbies where you can walk around just like in Dragonball and Granblue. But make it fun and sociable like it's club penguin or runescape. I can get more social in club penguin than I can in Dragonball. I believe devs are afraid of the extreme toxicity that will happen. But we have to take the chance and if there is that problem than we can work from there.

  34. USA online play seems shitty.
    I live in Ireland and when I play against anyone in my country the response is literally as good as offline.
    Same as Japan apparently, where the netcode is designed for.
    It's just better suited to smaller countries right now, or at least players who are not so far apart

  35. I was there in ‘94 when the first tekken hit the arcades.. I would play 40 matches in 30 days..
    The online experience isn’t the same
    Stay tuned.. there will be a reckoning

  36. Why does this resident evil speed runner care about fighting games? Nobody plays those anymore

  37. If you weren't born in the 80s-90s, you can't appreciate offline scenes. These online fuckers today (video games or not) wouldn't be able to hang.

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