It's Still 2020, and Fighting Games Are Unsustainable Without Offline -

It’s Still 2020, and Fighting Games Are Unsustainable Without Offline

Avoiding The Puddle
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Regardless of how you feel about netplay, offline is essential for fighting game developers, players and spectators alike.

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  1. Online is trash. And makes fighting games not even fun to play. It's cool that some newer games have added frame delay in training mode. But even so its to unreliable.

  2. the real fighting games were the friends we made on the way

  3. Solid argument for rollback netcode my man. Sajam converted another one!

  4. It's 1000% Japan's fault for their outdated priorities. How much of the world has an arcade?

  5. Ability to chat, clans/guilds, ability to spectate matches, some form of money match, tournament support.. in other words, features that encourage community involvement and approximate the offline experience. Fighters could take some notes from MMOs.
    No, online can't replace the real thing but it's like they're not even trying one bit.

  6. I live in a fighting game hotbed and sorry, I’m not playing $20 plus time to drive to play a game I already bought for $60 plus dlc. Fighting game companies need to created better products, everyone else has functional online.

  7. Look at all those Virtua Fighter 3tb machines on the thumbnail.
    Online is ok but without offline tournaments games simply do not get the exposure they need, not to mention nothing beats local multiplayer.
    Things get even worse for those games that can only be played at arcades or old hardware with no online.

  8. MKX been fun for me I'm not playing any games with trash netcode I straight up refuse to be upset because the devs are lazy

  9. he overkilled online, online is NOT worthless at all and there is no denying that.

  10. Well since capcom vs snk 2 thetes no good games at all lol sf5 watta mess dlc micro trans ect wow it sucks

  11. I remember meeting so many people (& rivals) playing tekken, soulcalibur, & mvc back when there were a bunch of arcades around. Now there's only 1 arcade where I live (that's not Dave & Buster's nor Chuck e. Cheese) & it doesn't have fighters

  12. This is very true. Online will never be a legitimate replacement for offline no matter how good the connections are.

  13. the fact that online in tekken sucks and is done by monkeys really matters here

  14. I feel like that arguement could be vic vera. All those skins,stages,passes, and dlc go hand in hand with online play. I think you need both to coexist. One without the other spells disaster.

  15. only people that need tournaments are people that make money off the shit. it doesnt do shit for the vast majority of people that play. yea having a nice local scene(or better yet an actual arcade) enhances the experience, but when ur local is loaded with clicks and douche bags that smell like dry piss it doesnt stop me for enjoying the game online.

  16. NRS Bois are winning right now. Our game’s netcode is actually good, so there are tournaments and koth streams hosted weekly.

  17. I like that it ended with willy B
    also yeah, I only decided to start properly learning tekken because of lil majin

  18. I had just ranked up all 3 of my mains in Tekken7, and then decided to delete the game. I can go back in a month and I know nothing will have changed. And I blame the devs, why did they make a product that can only be enjoyed in one way? It doesn't even have tekken ball!

  19. Without Willy B none of this would be possible. Love you man!

  20. because there is no ingame lobby where people can see each other and talk to each other. If fortnite can do it, tekken can do it

  21. Fighting game devs need to transform their games to support offline communities in an age where arcades don't exist everywhere. They need to create an infrastructure using like a compatible mobile app or something which let's you upload your stats/costumes/button layout/things you can trade regardless of the machine you are on, so people can in some way bring their experience with them no matter where they are. Almost like an offline Animal Crossing where you get to "share your island" anywhere in the world. Help foster s community.

  22. Real talk sadly FGs are trash irl.devs need to step their shit up

  23. Speaking from experience:
    Just playing online is depressing af, you feel so damn lonely. Offline tho, hype af

  24. Unfortunately unless it gets to the state where COVID is considered considerably less of a threat than it is now it is highly unlikely we'll be seeing any tournaments happening until sometime next year when a vaccine is widely available

  25. FiGhTiNg GaMe BaD oNlIne.
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has left the chat
    i just have to laugh. nintendo online might be trash but that community is still having tournaments and much support.

  26. Mk has small tourny scene yet is best selling fighting game. You're argument is dog shit.

  27. Law mains with lag switchers will win evo 2020 online.

  28. For real, I miss good offline play and tournaments
    (For real devs use Rollback Netcode)

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