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The King of Fighters XV is finally here! …But is this my kind of game? I play some online matches and try out some of the characters to get a vibe for this game and see whether or not I may continue to play this in the future!

Also special surprise guest appearance from Smug

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The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) is the latest entry in The King of Fighters fighting game series developed by SNK, available on Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Steam). Starring iconic fighting game characters like Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, and Mai Shiranui, it also introduces new faces like Isla, Dolores, and Krohnen McDougall. The game focuses on a tag team system pitting teams of 3 against each other, with other mechanics such as Rush, Destructoid, and Shatter Strike. The game is also the first in its series to support rollback netcode.

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  1. Punk has been listening to 'family ties' brother

  2. Punk always finds the cheap stuff and runs with it 😜

  3. Do we play KoF on PC or PS4/5? I assume pc is the better version?

  4. "look I'm not saying the game is trash, but the game is trash"

  5. Funny how good sf players are obsessive about not jumping-in and then get confused when they play KOF where there are three different types of jumps that create different types of situations and counters.

  6. This was a cool vid and the smug cameo was classic. Punks reaction was so nutual. Love it

  7. All those DP's with K' without the kick follow up. 😡

  8. I can’t believe Punk switched up on Chris like that. The betrayal arc was real. I would’ve thought Chris and Athena would be a good combo.

  9. A real shame you didn't like it that much. Maybe (hopefully) it'll grow on you and if it doesn't, it was cool that you gave it a try.

  10. Frame data is secondary or even tertiary in KOF, so not that important. It's more about, spacing, getting a good hit in and then doing cheesy oki shit while trying to counter their movements since jumping and short hopping is a big part of the offense in this game. I've learned this the hard way in '98, and it's pretty much the same, and in '98 it's just populated with vets that know their shit.

  11. Yo Punk, u just need to learn how to play and I think u will hella enjoy the game. U approaching this like SF, but the neutch is different. Its definitely not jump, jump, jump all day. You just playing terrible players and have not established that these bots not allowed to just do shit. A bit of lab time and u will do work as usual my guy.

  12. Punk, KOF is more about mobility than holding position. A character suggestion for you: Isla. She has some dope tricks and mind games, plus excellent range on her normals. She can convert pokes into very high damage combos.

  13. I love KOF but some of the mechanics are strange. But I enjoy battling people online

  14. I'm WAITING for the day me and Punk overlap in games. Never a huge SF fan, but super into GGST, he dropped it low-key, went to DBFZ which I played BEFORE Strive. But now? Maybe KoF the one. That being said, he was kinda spitting about hurting fingers and I'm thinking it's finally time for me to pick up the stick I been meaning to learn to use.

  15. Seing a street pro player saying Whip is Poison really hurts. I mean the last time KOF copied Capcom was in the 90's like every game who actually was a reap off of the cast of SF2. BUT SINCE THEN SNK WAS BETTER AND CAPCOM HAD TO COPY THE FRANCHISE.
    Just to say sfv Poison is a based on Whip in many ways

  16. Spamming ball and dragon punch this is why Street fighter pro won't go far in KOF world.
    The guy's who thought of kof wanted to be emancipated from this bullshit from sf2 Ryu and Ken

  17. Man I hope we get more kof content, this game is sick. First kof ever its freaking awesome.

  18. Love this game…..give it a little more time. It'll grow on u.

  19. Tbh, I play KOF just for the female characters. They looking nice.

  20. Punk needs to pick the right characters. Stick with Athena but he should check out Joe or Robert. They got familiar game plans and good meterless combos

  21. nobody got the battle rap reference at the beginning? Punk you legendary

  22. This game slap harder than my momma when I got arrested

  23. Bruh you’re going to pick top tier; win a few tournies then get bodied by real KOF players. This isn’t easy mode Strive or sleepfighter

  24. 😢🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Smug out here looking like a black Paul from tekken 👀👀

  26. Bruh you watch battle rap too ? That's wussup lol

  27. Yo Smug with the cameo LOL. 2 of some of my top favorite FGC content creators, always really cool to see them interact with each other

  28. Most people quit this game because we can't hop attack. We need 1buttom hop not roll. This game is not for D-pad player.

  29. I really tried to let the pro players including Maximilian to make me like this game and get into KOF but I just can't. I don't know what it is but KOF just doesn't do it for me.

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