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Every time we get access to Street Fighter 6 footage, we tend to collectively lose our minds at how COOL everything looks. Today, we reacted to TheoryFighter’s video, where they got to play Street Fighter 6 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. What do YOU think of the game so far?

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  1. Y’all are capcom shills. Unsubscribe. Jiyuna is the only real one….

  2. A perfect parry isn't a guess and that's why you are REWARDED with the slowdown for your own custom punish…….idk if punk knows what he is talking about.

  3. I see no reason why it can’t be and this is coming from an Alpha series fanboy. We’ve already got confirmation that the game play is fantastic from many that I’ve already played and challenging on tournament level and then the artwork and from what we hear from the music is really good now we just gotta see if the roster is going to be great and judging by the league it’s already phenomenal and this is without DLC so I’m thinking yes. World tour? Open world? Character customization where you’re actually a Street Fighter? I don’t see how it can’t and I think any street fighter fan should be rooting for it to be

  4. its kinda nuts that the held parry gives meter. i think it would make more sense if the perfect one would its like being rewarded for fd in gg lol

  5. Im loving everything about this game but parries, I highly hate it but overall the game looks solid.

  6. 4:06 , I don't want to laugh because you can hear his anguish, but at the same time I will for the exact same reason!

  7. ROFL justin has a picture of moment 37 framed in the back..for real how many ppl have you told your the Ken

  8. In my opinion, you get to fight like you're in Third Strike, or SF4, or SF5. You cam literally not use parrys and still be able to beat opponents and the way I see it, the perfect parry will be harder to achieve since it slows down time for you to enter a combo. The fact that the game is this amazing and got 9 months to release, this might be the best SF or at least up there with one of the best

  9. Parries are a great mechanic to stop people from literally using the same block string over and over and over again with a character. Like if their block string is just OD because their top tier and positive ona lot of it, it feels like you literally just can't play the whole cast. I play Nash, he's trash, I beat people because they don't know the matchup and I play him like a crazy person, but if I had parry to stop players and throw them off balance. Nash would be more viable.

    I think parry levels the field for all characters to be visible. Look at tournament, how many characters you see in them from the whole cast. Not the cast, because some character are just built better and there's no way around it.

    Idk, my 2 cents. Thanks for the excellent content regardless!

  10. Sf6 package looks really good as a game, finally! But honestly it doesn’t seems fun, looks …again…way to restrictive and slow.

  11. drive gauge goes down as you block? is this metal revolution?

  12. A turd of a game.
    Spend your cash on a DLC player only to get it nerfed to the ground. FU SF Capcom.

  13. Hey punk and Justin. I don’t care if you guys are legends, I’m gonna body the both of you hahahahahahaha

  14. LMAO @ Punk pronouncing Theory as "therry" and then instead of saying Thoughts he says "thorts" ahahahaha im dying

  15. I'm starting to think that English is Punk's third language. Either that or he just slurs heavy.

  16. Y'all need to watch Max video where his explanation is much much thorough.

  17. I feel like they would’ve gotten way more info on Max Doods stream when he showed off practically the entire game lol. But none the less i can’t wait till they see more!

  18. Man I can’t wait for Sonicfox to play SF6, lose one tournament and then drop the game immediately

  19. SF characters be WIDE. Calm down capcom.

  20. Which SF6 character needs to be revealed NEXT? 👀

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