Is Street Fighter 6 better than Gollum? -

Is Street Fighter 6 better than Gollum?

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  1. Looks really fun — however . . . it was sacrilege to me, when they switched from animations to computer graphics years back (4?)…. I cried a bunch, then I probably never seriously played another one again…

  2. I mean 16 straight hours of Tetris is better than gollum

  3. 2:34 This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

  4. But can you ride in on a horse? Cause that's an idea I just haven't seen in video games before.

  5. Another GREAT 👍 video dunk once again explains why Ubisoft sucks as a company

  6. Bro did not care that he punched a grandma

  7. World Tour is fckin amazing dunno what dunkey was cooking here tbh 😅😅

  8. "Is SF6 better than Gollum" is a wrong question. Because SF6 is Gollum.

  9. The Balanification of Dunkey is my favourite game

  10. This comparison is like the comparison of Call of duty (FPS) with Tekken (Arcade)

  11. The only thing I have to say about world tour is that it’s a brilliant attempt to to lower the floor to get even more people into fighting games. You learn your moves one at a time so by the time you’re comfortable with one you learn another. Match up times are instant with the CPU’s and if you want a real challenge you can pick a fight with a character above your level.

  12. Can you make Gollum in the street fighter 6 though?

  13. I come back to this one for the Balan outro

  14. I laughed to hard at him being named frank smogus

  15. Holy… Ending looked something like from Aphex Twin music video…..

  16. I think Dunkey actually likes Balon Wonderworld.

  17. As a noob to fighting games I really liked the world tour mode

  18. Omfg bro how many hours of laughter did you have to get through to be able to talk calmly about this game with those custom characters?! 🤣💀

  19. You know what i expect from modern fightan gayme? 3d. Why is this game and MK still 2d??? Tekken > all.

  20. If you told me Dunkey was the sole creative designer for this game, I would 100% believe you.

  21. there is no way dunkey used the balan wonderingland music in this video

  22. I haven't enjoyed SF2 since '99 back at the bowling alley with the new woke champions. DeeJay was awesome, but he hated Trump.

  23. Your avatar makes me uncomfortable. Like it looks like existing would be painful for them

  24. Dunkey out here looking like an Elden Ring boss.

  25. Not the balan wonderworld music dawg 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️☠️💀💀

  26. 5:02 I always have to come back every once and while to to watch the balan outro.

  27. Dunkey’s character alone had me dying the whole video

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