Input tips and tricks for fighting games. -

Input tips and tricks for fighting games.

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Some tricks you can use to input moves better in fighting games!

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  1. Dude you are so clutch with these videos:) I was looking for this and you manifested

  2. I built the blocking habit from playing charge characters. Funny enough, I'm actually trying to break the habit and be more conscious about it. In the context of May, sometimes I want a 6H or walk up cS but accidentally shoot a dolphin out.

  3. The holding back to block lessons is especially good for anyone playing charge characters.

  4. That first part is so natural as a charge character player

  5. tk DP just does not compute. The last tip i didn't know. The other I knew but need to use more. Thanks

  6. Why are motion inputs still used by the genre? Is the genre scared of change? Motion inputs hinder the genre not help it.

  7. The empty buffering is definitely very helpful. I picked it up from Street Fighter where it's used all the time. You'll see people use it buffer their anti-air DP or to help with tight hit confirm windows. It's not quite as prevalent in Strive but still very helpful at times.

  8. What's the advantage of TK DP? I know so little for how many fighting games I've played XD

  9. yo thanks for the tips! makes sense too 👍🏾

  10. What do you do for pianoing buttons in Melty Blood? I have been getting auto combo a lot when my muscle memory kicks in for pianoing.

  11. It's wild how the buffering block into inputs is already part of may's charge package with both dolphin blocks buffering block

  12. Dash 4k, jeez why didn't I think of that. My DS4 controller is a bit old and so am I so I definitely have had the occasional 6k when going for a dash 5k. I play Ky, the startup for his 6k is like a million frames, so I have definitely been boned by that mistake. I can't get used to dash macro on the ground, dunno why, maybe I just need to grind it into my brain. Air dash macro, fine, easy.

  13. For the half circle trick, be careful 4136 does not work for most half circle inputs. You need to have the 2 in there.

  14. I kind of thought the piano technique was for games like Street Fighter where multiple buttons do similar things, like "I need one of the three shoryukens RIGHT NOW". I didn't think of using it on the same button.

  15. LK expecting players to block? That's very funny

  16. Me using the double tap technique in the new MB 😂😂😂

  17. I thought it was normal to buffer block with everything.. Guess I was wrong…and I guess I had a good teacher lol

  18. Does that Tiger Knee trick work for Axl's bomber loop combo?

  19. 236236 always was an issue for me on DS4, so instead I practiced 23636, much easier to perform and the game gives it to me the same.

  20. 𝑪𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔 𝒊𝒏 𝒁𝒂𝒕𝒐

  21. Lord knight : “Put block into everything”
    Me : * Cries in Goldlewis

  22. Teaching us to fish so we can always eat. Hard not be a better overall player after absorbing this good ass content. LK a real one, thank you.

  23. In the same sense as the TK tip, there's also the DP into double qcf trick which Ryu e.g. needs. Instead of doing a full DP motion and then doing the double qcf, you are doing one qcf where you press the button a bit earlier to get the DP, and then you only need to make another normal qcf and the input buffer will make it so you get a DP cancelled into the super.

  24. I don't think the 360 motion works with Sol's low to the ground HS Volcanic Viper, unless I'm doing it wrong. I just get Tyrant Rave instead.

    Anyone able to get it to work? It'd be a nice shortcut to do clean hit instant air VV's

  25. Haha I was definitely one of those people that thought you were teabagging. Definitely makes way more sense to me now and that's super useful! Definitely going to try and use that more in my gameplan with Ram's reversal. I find myself trying to do the command as the opponent's move is coming out and I end up flubbing the input from trying to do it too quick and get 236S instead of 236236S, and then getting counterhit for 1/3 of my health bar. Having the right prediction but messing up the execution sucks so that's definitely going to help slow me down and not input S too early!

  26. I do not understand how to piano input or the usefulness of it at all, outside of a SF video I can't find anything else on it either

  27. Funilly enough, I thought that "buffering block" is like, the most basic thing. Even when I could barely do a DP, I had this instinct that I should be blocking at all times. Everything else I learned as the time went on (even though I still don't really buffer moves in neutral as much as I should), but that TK DP was crazy. A whole-ass 360? It makes sense, but damn, I ain't ever seen that in my life before. I always tried to end the input with 9, but this is probably a better way of doing it, right?

  28. I generally find that fighting games actually punish me for piano-ing
    Or maybe I'm too mashy ans suck at this lmao
    Great tips either way

  29. The TK DP tip blew my mind. I've been doing tk yozansen the "hard way" with Baiken for years lmao

  30. that TK dp input felt like a dam just broke in my head

  31. I've been playing fighting games for 2 years now and I still got schooled, thanks man.

  32. I know that axl bomber is air only so it makes sense to learn TK dp for him, but would TK DP have any use for other characters?

  33. play leo long enough or fight axl enough times and you'll naturally learn to always hold down back at every opportunity
    always ready to flashkick
    for that last tip, leo and ky players always ready to catch you full screen airdashing with a reaction super

  34. Huh…buffering block. I should try that…

  35. I assumed the Millia teabag was a bait lol.

  36. Thumbnail made me click


    TBH when I learned 10strings Training in Tekken, it sounded like a rhythmic game in the hardest stage!


  37. By far you and Sajam are the big sources for information, like GOOD information that i have these days, thank you SOO MUCH for these tutorials, maybe is basic stuff idk but for me make total sense and help me understand better why i struggle sometimes with simple things, again, thank you and keep the awesome work bro o/

  38. Doing the rtl input on keyboard is so hard for me I don't know why

  39. Just a small note but similar to TK inputs you can also buffer dashing specials with inputs like 2366C/H, etc..

  40. O wow i was buffering even in figherz and svf i guess i was already doing some good stuff

  41. LordKnight, This video has been pinned in the Learning Hub Chat of GGST Community Discord server.

  42. I can't get the 360 trick to come as a tk dp even once, not sure what I'm doing wrong. Is there something else I need to know about this, like the speed of the input? I just get a jump back attack when I try this. I assume the input is 321478963(yes I know you don't have to input all of those directions)

  43. im just trash and can't do anything lmao 99% of the time i just fail at doing the impute and does nothing but the basic attack always overdoing it like a do a full semi circle then along the top rathering the botem rought to right or left then back of forward . new to fighting games using a xbox consoler for it

  44. Playing on keyboard and controller, I never piano lol but I feel like it would make learning new games so much better because I don't have to learn the timing on everything like I have been

  45. every Hakumen player ever has done the "haku shuffle" of 236236 in neutral just waiting to hit D to yukikaze you.. the bodies Hakumen players have buried doing that has taught that lesson to many scrubs

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