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I’m gonna get cancelled for this one… My Fighting Game Tier List!

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Today we’re making a Fighting Game tier list! I’m gonna include all the fighting games that I feel like I have enough experience with to have an informed opinion on. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, but keep it civil! Just because we have a differing opinion doesn’t make anyone wrong! Enjoy the ranking guys, and let me know what other kind of fighting game content you want to see on the channel!

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  1. I hope capcom sees this. It reflects the FGC views. They need to make SF6 top tier. Make an Alpha! Do something right! SFV was 🗑

  2. lol, description says super smash bros ultimate. the game isn't even in the list

  3. Lol, literally just started the vid, seems like a fun tier list… But I'm surprised you survived assassination for a year no matter the result 😂

  4. 4:20 "You get hit, you get knocked down, and then here comes this ridiculous oki". Yeah that doesn't sound anything like a popular fighting game that you love to play…

  5. I'd love to teach you Melee if you're up for it. It's got amazing rollback nowadays and has more depth than most of the fighters on this list if you're down for a challenge.

  6. Yea marvel 3 has no place in top 3 tiers that game is a busted disaster

  7. You've never played Injustice 2?
    Bruh, you missed out on such a phenomenal game! 💕💞

  8. people really don't understand that this is his opinion, huh?

  9. You never played a dead or alive game!?
    Your sooo lucky lol
    It’s like Rock Paper Scissors … it paper never beat rock lol

  10. YES! Third Strike is S Tier on ANY FG Tier list, Fight me in real life if you disagree! Lol

  11. like what the f ? why do people act like doa don't exist?

  12. I don't play the modern SC games but going off gameplay alone ,I think it's A tier. it's one of the most fair fighting games although I don't really play at all .

  13. Damn I hate every single character you said was cool and unique in UMVC3. But I do love that game that’s for sure haha

  14. killer instinct s tier? naw trash game, DOA is S tier for a reason

  15. Yes! MvC2 is undoubtedly S tier. This guy knows his shit. KI is awesome and so is MVC2.

  16. Does JM not know that you can hit confirm strings in NRS games?

  17. I stopped watching when he put capcom vs snk 2 on A tier and not on S tier.

  18. Arms is a masta piece in character design it failed because you only had like 3 moves in total

  19. In my tier list tier list, this goes into poop tier

  20. as much as i loved 3rd strike, Ultra is a much better game, 3s has a top tier problem(chun, yun, yang, ken, urien, dudley) as where sf4U only has elena as a problem, also its a perfect example of easy to learn hard to master.

  21. I can only disagree with one thing.
    KI in S tier.
    Tusk looks like his face was carbed from a potato, and Kim Wu looks like she was pulled from the worst 1 asset flip game ever.
    It's still S tier, but just barely with those issues.

  22. Bruh, when you put Fantasy Strike at A tier.
    I was like, "I'm done"

  23. Why SFV is so hated but all play it

  24. IIIrd strike is garbage at best. USFIV is easily the best in the series, it literally created the FGC, so having the game ranked so low doesn't make sense. The best fighting game ever created is Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown.

  25. GGX2AC+R was what got me into YouTube FGC.

    Digital Watches skipped their first round and swept from lovers bracket with the most aggressive whiff molestation I had seen before or since. Half of the matches looked like a training Sim, it was that messed up

  26. No disrespect intended. Do you often film things three or more times? What's your average? (I make stuff, and I don't normally film and re-film. I admire your dedication!)

  27. You really shouldn't diss a game for It's netcode.

  28. As long as cross tekken is next to sfv, I am not complaining

  29. somehow I'm watching this a full year later. Good news about TFH. In the past year, they added a character and rebalanced to favor single hits and shorter combos. So the game actually feels a lot better now than it did on release.

  30. Dude you gotta do Rival Schools and World Heroes. World heroes is the greatest Street fighter rippoff

  31. I loved this video, very interesting!
    In regards to fighting games that you should play, I really want to see what you think about OMF (One Must Fall: 2097).

  32. All streetfighter games belong at F and G for f&@king garbage.

  33. Better than Leffen's Dead fighting Game tier list

  34. Street fighter 4 arcade edition/ the editions that had lots of characters was what got me into the FGC. I cant believe you ranked it so low. I thought the combos and animations were amazing every character looked fun to play. Besides watching someone loose to sagot fireballs it was exciting …seeing ppl win on a pixel was so entertaining since you could get chipped out. …i also might just hate sfv because the animations for are most characters are awful. I thought falke seemed like a sweet character but that super is the worst least hype thing in the game. A golf swing into a down swing…she has psycho powers but gets a 3 hit ult with a terrible animation. Miss seeing combos and ultimates where I could feel the damage being down through the animations

  35. CVS2: “if it came out today everyone would think it was boring, slow, and matches takes 10 minutes…”

    That’s literally what everyone said back then. 😂

  36. Personally I miss the old fighting games. I hate these new fighting games where you have one button to do regular attacks and then you go different directions.
    Or having a special button

    The legit fighting games is the low-med-high KICK&PUNCH buttons and then you have to do different combinations. Example. MVC2 fighting style compared to DBZ Fighters. That simplicity in fighting made me hate fighting games today.

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