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If warhammer 40k had a fighting game

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This is what happens when a warhammer 40k fan is also a street fighter fan and makes videos.
Music is the character select screen theme of Street Fighter X Tekken.


  1. All things considered.. I'll take Cultist-Chan.
    Good stat spread.

  2. Use the Konami Code and you will unlock the Man Emperor of mankind XD

  3. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Start, Select
    Yay. Unlocked Kharn, Typhus, Ahriman & Lucius.

  4. Close captions replaced Cyrus's line with "Due to the incompetence of injuring L'Oreal"

  5. subtitles next time plz, cant understand a fucking thing you are saying when you use that "in helm" voice

  6. Report: Matt Ward is too OP. Nerf Now!

  7. The spanish inquisitor made me lol cos im spanish and know quite a bit of our history xD

  8. "Show me what passes for HAIR among your misbegotten kind!!" Simply amazing.

  9. I did not expect the Spanish Inquisition to be here…

  10. Who else is making 40k characters in Soul Calibur 6.

  11. Id pick Cultist Chan…for the lols.

  12. It makes sense why the tau are not here.

  13. I have mixed feelings about heretic Chan

  14. how the fuck do you fight the swarmlord

  15. Goregutz confirm quote:
    "Dis is gonna be fun!"

  16. Still waiting for Canto Sicarius in the next DLC.

  17. ho fuck you even put Kultist Chan (with Juri voice) i choose her.

  18. Secret charachters the guardsman with a working lazgun
    Sly marblo
    The h e a v y flamer

  19. Not bad but it could be better if it had all twenty primarches and the emperor

  20. Super Warhammer fighter 3 was better. They let you play as grimskull ands he's best warboss and I'm sick of everyone thinking he isn't

  21. This sounds like a fucking banger fighting game. Can't wait for it to drop in EVO 2021

  22. I’d play Araghast.
    Or the Spanish Inquisition…

  23. Cant even make out most of what your trying to say here, shit is illegible as fuck.

  24. Secret CHaracters include gamza and buttermilk bob

  25. Let me point out, this meme is ancient, and yet, for all the WH40k crap that came out over the years, we still don't have a fighting game.

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