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I wish Fighting Games were more POPULAR

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I just felt like making a video where I just talk rather than a full on edited video. I talk about Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty gear and KOF and how they are on Youtube in 2022. Waiting for Mortal KOmbat 12, Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, Project L etc.



  1. I always watch your videos and I love them I really do, if the elden ring videos worked and you want to keep playing it (if you want to play it or not that's what matters in the end) just do more videos of elden ring or may be another souls like Bloodborne or sekiro.
    (Btw I'm a Spanish speaker so if I wrote something wrong that's normal Xd)

  2. Check MythyMoo's channel maybe you can go that way. I bet you will like the idea.

  3. Go Retro! Play Bloody Roar or Def Jam Fight for NY! PS2/Gamecube/OGXBox era. They had some mechanics and interesting things that make me wanna pick them up again today. Bloody Roar is Tekken, but the characters transform into animals and Def Jam is not completely like a wrestling game with rappers everyone knows and loves now. Found out there's a small competitive scene for Def Jam too, recently. Blew my mind.

  4. I think fighting games struggle because they provide nothing for the casual player. especially street fighter as its just so hard to even get how the conbos work. Mortal combat does the best I think in this area but more needs to be done for casual players if fighting games are gonna make a comeback

  5. nothing beats zone4 fighting game, every other fighting games is absolute dogshit

  6. Like lots of people already commented, no matter what you play the videos are really entertaining. What I would really like and really enjoy is more elden ring content-specifically challenge runs. I believe both you and the viewer’s would have fun with those kind of videos

  7. You could upload yourself eating a ham sandwich and id watch it

  8. I don't care which games you do videos on but I will suggest any of the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, or even Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. All made from the same company that made Elden Ring.

  9. i have being here all over the years and its not only just because of your accents and 2015s memes. You have a unique way of making videos, and even an Elden Ring couldnt get you off. keep it up.
    Desde Mendoza, Argentina. Abrazo capoooooo

  10. i know my advice (not something you didn't already know) goes against your msg of fighting games being dead overall, but you could stream every once in a while!

  11. Surely guilty gear, looking to see some high tier games

  12. I hope you find a game you enjoy making videos on. I enjoy the content you create!

  13. My Man, You should play some sifu, you're gonna have a blast

  14. Dude, I just like how you edit and play games. I'd watch whatever you put out. I love the "please nerff" series, showing hard or broken characters or strats. Do what you enjoy and express it and we will follow you.

  15. If you like the game, i would like some skullgirls for pc content

  16. Yea FGs should have more guides/tutorials so new ppl can get into it and developers should put more effort into the actual game instead of focusing on DLC I agree with the FPS games being more laid back hopefully FGs can make a comeback 💯💯💯

  17. Make videos when you feel inspired to, playing whatever you enjoy. Your content is always entertaining especially when you yourself are entertained

  18. IMO, they should go back to 2D animation style for Street fighter. 3D seems to have been a phase that’s outdated now. Guilty Gear, DBz, KOF are some newer and more popular examples.

  19. I loved the videos of you comparing kharacters throughout the past three nrs mk games, or watching you play mkx, which is just a blast to play

  20. I recommend you to try out Roblox fighting games even though it's the same thing at least try something new and show something new at least here are the games I recommend "Black Magic ll" "Souls Combat" "Souls Shatter" most of the games are easy to do combos in. But I didn't like souls shatter combo system and some people like it

  21. Why don’t you play adventure games like do walk throughs for the below games maybe:
    Star Wars Jedi fallen order
    Ghost of Tsushima
    God of war
    Spider man
    Ratchet & clank
    Guardians of the galaxy

  22. we are here bc we like you and your content, not because of the fighting games, do what yo feel to do
    an idea I had is maybe making a series like "playing random/worst/cheaper/oldest fighting games or sum like that if you want to stick to that genre

  23. Play what you want and what you like!
    I think you're entertaining to put out generally most any kind of content and make it interesting because of how you style them, in that "meme" fashion, but also because of your personality as well.
    When you played Elden ring I really enjoyed watching those videos.

    I know some content creators make a second channel sometimes so they can play games or create content that isn't the focus of their main channel, so do what you feels best Hounds.

  24. I ain't even play fighting games, I just watch your content for you, so do whatever, I think alot of us will still be around

  25. Your content is food no matter what game you play, but I do hope I see more Tekken or Soul Calibur.

    The 3D environment fighting games are my favorite, NRS needs to bring that back in the next Mortal Kombat game.

  26. You could try kofxv which is relatively new but I feel like you could probably stick with street fighter tbh it and gg strive are probably the only fighting games that have any content creators and your style would definitely fill a niche in that community they're also the only fgs not in a lull period. Street fighter did get its final patch but it's not reached the point like tekken and mk have where their communities are literally just waiting for the next title with no hope in sight.

  27. You don't have to play online to make videos of certain games. If you wanna make a video of an old fighting game, you can't play online cause no one plays them anymore. So play towers or whatever and have fun, your editing style is perfect for that

  28. I have just two words for you mate, B I N G CH I L L I N G

  29. Capcom vs SNK 2 believe me i know you'll enjoy this fighting game

  30. I personally disagree about fighting games being stressful. I feel its stressful for people because they worry too much about losing. If they play with their friends, I feel it would be a more enjoyable experience. I recently made some friends that I play and its a good time. I have an idea of a video you could make; playing fighting games on the PCSX2 emulator.

  31. Maybe you could so some collabs with other FGC content creators?

  32. For me subs and watching your videos is not about the game itself it's about how you deliver, editing and funny commentary in your video.
    So honestly i'm not really care about what game you playing as long as you still enjoying the game and getting the revenue that is what matter the most, it's a win-win for you as a content creator and me as a viewer.

  33. I wonder if it was a lack of rollback that has made fighting games more niche since the online experience for most of the best fighting games was rather basic at best. Fighting game communities were really taken seriously at tourneys due to the state of netcode. I wonder as more ip's implement rollback maybe more people will stick around. This genre is so good.

  34. Appreciate the Kage gameplay, I haven't played SF5 in a while but I always enjoy watching him

  35. Imo, the reason fighting games are not that popular online is because of the terrible online expierience. This makes its transition from the arcade era into the digital era very rough, resulting in the fight game genre missing the growth splurt during the digital boom. However, FGC has been getting more popular recently due to a lot of titles now starting to adapt to rollback netcode + a lot of recent fighting games titles now have better accessibility for newbies by lower the skill barrier required to play. Looking at guilty gear strive as an example where they revamp the entire combat and combo system to be easier. A big publisher like Riot games is also jumping into the fighting games market, so I think the FGC future is looking bright for sure.

  36. Maybe gave another souls games a shot till next fighting game came out, watch you play souls games is so much fun and enjoyable man, keep up the good work dude.

  37. I'm not really into fighter games I came here from your elden ring series but honestly I'd watch any game you chose to make I think most of us come here because of how funny you are more than anything so just do what you feel more comfortable with on the channel

  38. LolHounds you should play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and UFC! Theres some good options left that we’d definitely watch you play🤝🔥

  39. I think fighting games makes you have to think a little bit more kind of like chess.

  40. Whatever you decide to do as long as you put your personality in it I would keep watching

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