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I wish Fighting Games were more POPULAR

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I just felt like making a video where I just talk rather than a full on edited video. I talk about Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty gear and KOF and how they are on Youtube in 2022. Waiting for Mortal KOmbat 12, Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, Project L etc.



  1. It’s not the game it You Bro I’ll watch you play and enjoy your way of content keep it up

  2. for me the lolhounds is a mk channel because I loved watching all those nerf and buff videos so for me I'd just like to see alot of mk on the channel again don't matter which one😌

  3. the best editing in ur videos taht make me laught so much is when u edit ur scream like '' REALLY?'' ''HOW I CAN BEAT IT UP'' ''I CANT MOVEEEEEE'' bcuz i say the same but editing ur own rage is really fun, not so much youtuber do that!

  4. Try for honor bro it’s getting use it buts it’s a nice game

  5. i kinda lost your channel for a bit but i came back recently and im enjoying all the videos youve been releasing. I think i can kinda say for everyone that we would love to see you play anything. Really we watch for the personality and stuff i think not just the game yk. Play or do what you want and we will be there to watch it 🙂

  6. you should play bloodborne and call it nerf bloodborne id watch it.

  7. I love you vids. regardless what game you play im here for it. Your jokes and style carry the videos! Your amazing keep it up!

  8. SF5 stream mb? realy like to see this game, prob. as someone

  9. YoLoL I always wanted to fight you on MK but since youre on SF now on PC maybe I can get a shot at the cheese master

  10. Id be intrested with sf5 the state that its in
    Elden ring is probably still a good call
    Personally Id have no interest in valorant or overwatch 1.2, those are both trash

  11. I think every member of the FGC would love seeing the community grow and the games getting more mainstream attention, but like you said, they're kinda stressful, specially compared with more arcade games. Nowadays most casual gamers just want to turn off their brains and relax with a mindless shooter, and that's ok, but its the exact opposite of fighting games where you're always making decisions and a couple of bad ones can snowball into losing a match. There's also the bad reputation the community has in general: the salt, the gatekeeping, the elitism, etc which turns down a lot of people.
    FGs are a niche genre and probably will stay like that, but if you enjoy them and enjoy making content from them I say just go for it, myself and a lot of other people will continue watching your videos just because we like your style, cheers mate!

  12. You really think Guilty Gear Strive is unpopular 😂

  13. It takes 2 minutes to find a Game on MKX. Have you even tried??

  14. It’s just the sad truth ma boi, hopefully project L will change that

  15. I’m so glad you made this video, I feel the exact same way and I’m glad someone else understands

  16. how about considering blazblue:cross tag battle

  17. I love your videos man. Just keep being your hilarious self with god tier memes and you'll be good. That being said I love kof and strive, big fan of fighting games since I was a kid. Maximilian dood is a good example of those being popular games, just commit to whatever you do fully 👌

  18. I'm pretty sure everyone's fine with you trying out different games. It's the editing and your commentary that makes the video hilarious. You can try overprime(still under beta) but its been a lot of fun lately. Trying out different builds. I think you'll enjoy it. But end of the day, anything you play or do would just be entertaining to watch. haha. keep up the good work.

  19. You should play Skullgirls some sick combo's there and the game is on the rise

  20. Just wait until steeet fighter 6 bro lmao & mk12 tekken basically said just wait on it we’ll release when we feel lik lol for honor is a nice fighting game to try & dip in if u haven’t alr

  21. I just discovered your channel and I have felt the same exact way about fg's and not being motivated to play due to the lack of a playerbase and popularity, I see your channel name is LoLHounds and you say you've played league in the past. What made you switch off league to fg's? Just curious since I feel like it would be easier to make content on League due to the massive playerbase, consistent updates, and massive amount of content.

  22. You gotta go the Maximilian route and diversify it seems. Fighting games alone won't really carry a channel like it use to

  23. You should always try big games when they come out. Your Elden rings, your red dead redemptions, your god of wars. People watch your videos for you. The initial click may be for the game, but you are what makes it entertaining.

  24. im waiting for project l to come out

  25. Bro speaking facts..Legit we need a new popular fighting game like Mk12

  26. i absolutely disagree with the point that many fighting games are dead so there's no reason to try learning them, just because you can't find a game by sitting in matchmaking for a few minutes doesn't make a game dead, there are often discord servers with hundreds of active players at all skill levels where you can ask for matches. Plus, even if finding matches is difficult, if you like the game enough you can still play it regardless, before blazblue got rollback i was decently active in the blazblue discord, playing against people in the US all the way from south america and having fun learning the game that way despite the atrocious input lag. Hell, even sonic smackdown, a fanmade sonic fighting game without online play, has a decently sized playerbase that plays exclusively through parsec.

  27. Since you are trying to explore, how about try some arena fighters? Demon Slayer is the recent one with a healthy playerbase.

  28. That's why its better to just play whatever you feel like and not be tied to a specific genre. I like your videos because of the memes and humor not only because of the fighting games being played.

  29. DBZ Budokai Tenkaiichci 3 best DBZ fighting game

  30. I think better marketing can help fighting games like sponsored tournaments with famous non-FGC streamers that are new to the genre where they compete for a prize like de at&t SFV tournament.

  31. I cannot speak for everyone, but when I look for videos in YouTube, there's a couple of specific things I look for:

    1. The streamer/content creator: An entertaining presenter can make even the dumbest, most boring games very intertaining to watch. (Ex: Selen Tatsuki played a Peppa Pig game and it was hilarious the whole way through. I keep rewatching that video over and over.)

    2. A title alluding to something interesting and/or entertaining happening: There needs to be something worthwhile for me to watch a video, when I could be watched a dozen other videos instead. Whether it's a hype comeback in a fighting game, some hilarious banter in a party game or very interesting facts being presented in a documentary, all I want is to feel more enriched compared to before I opened the video.

    3. An eye-catching thumbnail: As small as it seems, if the thumbnail isn't interesting, there's a good chance I won't even notice the video in my sidebar.

    4. Great editing that highlights the best moments and cuts out the boring parts: I really dislike long videos that have sections where very little is happening. IMO, it's better to have a 6 minute video that is fantastic start-to-finish than a 15 minute video with plenty of boring bits.


    Taking all of this into consideration, I do think successful fighting game content CAN be made, regardless of how recent or good a game is.

    Just look at the DBFZ videos made by Lythero, DotoDoya, Rhymestyle and SeeReax as an example. They get hundreds of thousands of views. Sometimes they even reach a million!

    I believe a large part of their success comes down to very entertaining presenters, some of the best editing in YouTube, somewhat concise video length (you see less views in longer videos), good titles and very appealing thumbnails.

    I'm sure you can implement some of those things to boost your views. It's unlikely you'll get hundreds of thousands of views on each new video, but it's not unreasonable to expect you'd break 100k views consistently.

    Also, I'd recommend making highlights instead of showing full matches, unless you can maintain very entertaining dialogue throughout them.

    Wish you the best of luck.

  32. Hey can you go back to playing tekken tag tournament 2 please

  33. All you have to do is promote Raid Shadow Legends my guy

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