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I Waited 10 Years For This Game…

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BLTV Extra takes a look at the new next-gen boxing video game ‘Undisputed’


  1. A lot of potential here, guess we'll see how it turns out soon enough 🤷

  2. EA Sports need to drop another boxing game bc this shyt weak asl 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. So clear that your American, that point eas embarrassing to watch.

  4. This looks robotic, clunky and spastic.. just play fight night..

  5. I like fight night 2 or 3. The guys would actually age during career mode. My guy retired in his 50's and was fat

  6. And the knockout needs to be explosive and exaggerated!!!

  7. I’ve been a fan of boxing games from all the fight nights. We use to bet REAL money & Pokémon cards on this game Lolz! This was a game me and all my friends were addicted to. After watching this review I agree with 100% of the things this game needs to become even more iconic than it already is! I hope this game releases on PS5 soon, if they took most of the advice from this video, I’m sure this will be one of the biggest games of the year it releases! I’m too hyped🥳!!! In the meantime I’m going to hook up my ps3 and play Fight Night🎮😁!!!

  8. Is this as good as fight night was , what are the controls on ps5 , I like the old joystick way

  9. Fightnight champion will be the GOAT till the end of time

  10. You waited 10 years for this ……. And ANOTHER 10 years to go !! So 2033 sounds right !! Another 5years for the beta and another 5 years for all the licenses females and male boxers to be all on board. Definitely in the right direction!!!!! Can,t wait 😂

  11. Tht Shit look wack plz just bring back fight night! Just remaster it if u have to

  12. broooo this video is dooooope… and your in depth analysis and recommendations is on point.. … DEVS listen to this man hire him WE ALLLLL agree!!!!! do these things .. market these improvements (after you call me) and take our money!!!! gladly id pay month on month to access a new (recently added i mean)
    fighters journey!!!!!!!!!!! lets get it.. you can even find a way to have fans and enthusiasts help with development WE WOULD LOVE TO!!!!!!!!!!

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