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I Made a Ragdoll Fighting Game | Devlog 1

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I’ve been working with active ragdolls for awhile and decided to try out a fighting game with a scaling power system where you start off really weak. Let me know what else I should add in the next devlog!

I’m currently working on a lot of small games and remakes with the goal of picking one to turn into a full game. Subscribe if that sounds interesting to you!


Music: Evan King -Virtually Impossible

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  1. If you had like a twirl function that could be useful. Rolling with punches, swinging people, and if you add kicks you could do a spinning back kick.

  2. you should add something like flying enemies and ropes you can swing with

  3. Awesome!!!!!. I love everything about this game

  4. This looks like so much fun, im excited for the final product. I would recommend environmental hazards like water, ice, acid, wind, etc.

  5. What do I need to know for the scripting and 'programming' stuff for something like this? Start learning C++? Or is it simpler than that?

  6. this is the best ragdoll fighting game that i ever seen

  7. 3:57 Insert Donald Trump quote here Now that is how you assert dominance in a fight.

  8. this looks super fun!! i think adding tools/weapons that you can only lift and use at certain strength levels would be a great addition, like using a hammer to smash open a door or knock out a giant enemy

  9. Looks amazing!
    Will you post another video about this game?
    Also, is there a way I can play this?

  10. Could you make it so that when you through a rock at a tree, it falls over?

  11. what is a good way to learn unity because i am looking to learn how to code

  12. You should add diffrent skins,parkours and a new map with difffrent enemies with nesr 12x more mass than the starting enemys

    To kbitdev

  13. I CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS!! since i am so tired of playing alone gang beasts, or since i dont have pc i can only play human fall flat, but that game doesnt have enemies, this game is the perfect god of war fall flat!!

  14. You should be able to fight dragons too, and the only way to defeat them is by throwing weaker dummies towards them on towers, either the wings, tail, torso, or head. Those four things are gonna be how you take down a dragon.

  15. Bro had 1 video in his entire channel and he got 10k subs

  16. you should do something like if you reach 100% strength you get a power rush for a short period of time which makes you way more powerful

  17. I wish I could release this game as a free multiplayer

  18. İ HAVE AN İDEA! make a upgrading place to buy weapons and upgrade our strenght bar. another idea levels. but you shouldve already started doing it i think

  19. This game looks like it would need:
    -a shop
    -an amount of knockouts to kill an enemy, or at least make that enemy stop giving you exp so you can’t farm enemies forever
    -if you kill or knock someone off you get coins and a streak meter that gives you a exp and coin boost/multiplyer
    For the shop:
    -swords and throwing knifes
    -healing items
    -upgrades like health upgrades and starting strength upgrades, and jump height and exp boost and rebirthing if you wanna.
    -Flyer, it flies high in the air but not too high where you can’t jump at it, also throw and shoot items at it, but it shoots liquids that do damage and knock you out.
    Tank, it charges at you at decent to high speeds depending on how tough it is, the tougher the slower, but stronger
    The rock, or otherwise known as the stoner, may throw rocks at different sizes depending on tougher, the tougher the bigger the rock.
    Multiplayer if possible:
    -wave mode where they spawn from the sky

    If you add any of these pls mention me btw -toast

  20. I love how you released this video 2 months ago and it's been radio silence since then. Would like to see more because the concept is really interesting.

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