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I Made a Ragdoll Fighting Game | Devlog 1

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I’ve been working with active ragdolls for awhile and decided to try out a fighting game with a scaling power system where you start off really weak. Let me know what else I should add in the next devlog!

I’m currently working on a lot of small games and remakes with the goal of picking one to turn into a full game. Subscribe if that sounds interesting to you!


Music: Evan King -Virtually Impossible

Music: Evan King – Everything is Okay

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  1. 44 secs in it shows like all my favorite games

  2. Kbit you inspired me im going to make my own game with cool ragdoll stuff i goy my guy all done i just need to figure out unity wish me luck

  3. Maybe as you get stronger, once you get to a certain size you could use trees or big logs as staff-like weapons to defeat bigger enemies

  4. Dude this game looks fun, can't wait to see you add more challenges, levels, campaigns, and even multiplayer.

  5. It looks fun can u make it so the enemy gets smarter, like maybe a normal enemy but insanely smart, like if u grab him he will somehow counter, like it can pick things up and throw towards us, so it doesn't get too ez

  6. Please tell me that when it's released it'll be free or cheap, the balance between graphics and gameplay is perfect

  7. Can you make this as android game it could be cool if you can!

  8. Id download this game if it ever finishes or release, you should add gadgets or powers. 6:00 made me think of a zipline type of gadget that would zip you to enemies, this can make some satisying momentum based punches

  9. I think it would be really cool if you improved the ai, and make Allies or some enemies fight other enemies.

  10. Did you follow a tutorial for that walk cycle? I'm in love with this type of project and working on my own. And I did get to where the character walks, it's just that he seems to keep facing a certain direction no matter how he moves.

  11. This is So a Good Game please let it be on pc and local Spilt Screen I cant wait

  12. Download pls this is my dream game ID PAY TO PLAY IT PLEASEEEEE

  13. Is this gonna be on mobile

    Cuz i wanna play this it looks cool 🙂

  14. whats the game going to be called?
    i may look into it soon.
    as for what you should add i would say proper weapons but i like the idea that its just them hands, soo i think we should go with a spawner if you havent already, or a respawn system

  15. Ngl when I look at my this😂😂😂😂 the sound effects are just so perfect

  16. if i get money i shall buy when it comes out

  17. if you relese it human fall flat and gang beast will suck 👍

  18. I watched your other video kbit on how you made this multiplayer and I think maybe you can have different maps on multiplayer or an event, I would appreciate seeing your great work and noticing my comment!

  19. I want to see weapons fr. Imagine the ragdoll struggling to swing around a greatsword/axe

  20. Names for the punches:
    Sendaway :
    Closer look:
    Skull breaker:

  21. Have you ever noticed almost all game making YouTubers are bad at making models?

  22. Is this a real game to play or is it not? I hope it is it looks fun.🎉

  23. Whats the game called? I love ragdoll/physics games!

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