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I Made A Fighting Game In 24 Hours

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I challenged myself to make a fighting game in 24 hours because it sounded like a fun idea, how could it possibly go wrong?

Download Sooper Fighterz:

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Music Used:
Moon Men – Jake Chudnow
Orange Dreamsicle – ORU
Dr. Wily Stage 1 – Mega Man 2
Sunset City Samba – ORU
Metal Man Stage – Mega Man 2
Nocturnal – PolarChips

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  1. Hahaha my last name is also wolfgang🤣

  2. Your face has been caught in 4k your microphone gave it away

  3. I like how as he's modeling the characters get progressively simpler

  4. Now that you mention Wind Waker when are the dungeon start was never implemented due to time constrain was stovepipe Ireland entorse would have been similar to death mountain from breath of the wild I don't want you to try to remake that Ireland and see what they would have been like and maybe a jabu jabu dungeon Cosmo's unlikely he was the second Dungeon that wasn't implemented

  5. an pc with an rtx 3090 and intel core i9 10900k can't handle drawing bean man in full hd.

  6. i know the struggle i just started with unity and it kind of hard honestly

  7. 3:12 Bill and the others be dancing. and to the beat of the music too

  8. While he was animating the characters in the left side It looked like the characters were dancing to the music

  9. J҉a҉y҉1҉4҉G҉a҉m҉e҉r҉D҉e҉v҉ says:

    Wow, that was really cool!

  10. hey i want to make a video game and what did u use to make that

  11. Idk why but I had an extreme TheOdd1sOut and Dani vibe from this video

  12. I think Shaggy's got a worthy opponent: Bill

  13. 0.8 speed = Morris if he'd drunk coffee

  14. “I wanted characters that were quick and easy to work with, so I ended up with google pixel 5a with 5g”

    Top tier add placement

  15. This is a bootleg Smash Bros.

  16. just downloaded the game. i can't wait to play!!

    god bless my soul

  17. I love this game cause I know what to expect.

  18. "but who are the characters I came up with. I ended up with"

    Code monkey ad appears

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