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I convinced Justin Wong, Knowkami, & Sajam to compete in Fighting Game Trivia!

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We’re back with the latest episode of JMpardy, the fighting game trivia show!! We’ve got lots of tricky questions for you guys, make sure to play along at home and let me know how you did down in the comments!

Thanks so much to our contestants Sajam, Justin Wong, and Knowkami! Make sure to follow them on twitch here:

Twitch (I stream every weekday from 5-8 EST):

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  1. I just watched all 3 episodes straight. This series made my Sunday. Reminded me of the Excellent Adventure days.

  2. Something about how cheery he was during the sponsored section kept me smiling non stop lmao it felt so wholesome

  3. commenting because I want to see more of these

  4. bro you need to stop rewarding people from pressing the button and THEN thinking about the answer. take away twice the points or something.

  5. K. Krool cant wavedash…. He can however dash dance. Wave-dashing is exclusive to melee and Project M 28/03/2021

  6. Oh at 5:35ish you read it as 15-2 but it said 15-12. No big deal lol 😌

  7. To answer the segway questions:
    DBFZ Character Entry: Pikkon
    Forgotten FG: Rival Schools

  8. I can't believe none of them got the tick throw one. Like, it was so easy; I'm flabbergasted.

  9. the collective brain fart during the tick throw question

  10. This is really well done, I hope to see more! I wonder if Yipes or Maximilian can give the champ Sajam a run for his money.

  11. How the hell I missed this?! So great to see FG Jeopardy is back!

  12. Dang I saw the name mashup idea recently from the Valley folk with their Movie Movie game. Super cool to see it used with fighting games!

  13. I'm very surprised none of them got the "tick throw" clue. I knew the answer right away.

  14. 15:41 It still gets me that Justin should have gotten to $600 after the daily double (200 * 2 = + 400$) but jm was like "Nah take your winnings of even LESS than the regular answer my dawg"

  15. the 6p question was wrong, doesn't Leo have 1 hit it armor instead of invincibility?

  16. this was fun. thanks for putting it together!

  17. Knowkami was hilarious, hope to see him on here again lol.

  18. Theres only one man who can beat sajam and his name is majin obama. Pull him up

  19. I only knew it was Potemkin's theme because of the "SOCIETY" at the end of the clip lol

  20. Add Dabura to DBZF please need my Budokai 3 flow again

  21. "It might sound like you're laughing at your mother" got a spit take out of me.

  22. 8:05 LOLOLOL "I actually can't believe that's a win-quote" 😭😭

  23. What if some kind of fg mechanics were introduced to this game like dp your buzzer and this would mean you get to go first and if two or more press it at the same time then the dps get negated and everyone has only 2 dps per game?

  24. Quick correction Chillindude is the one who told Leffen to respect his elders. He still promptly got 5-0d lol.

  25. I am still waiting for Lunch (or Launch) to be on the DBZ fight roster.

  26. 9:57 – He was saying that to Terry. Geese was responsible for Terry's father's death.

  27. those old kof and fatal fury games had such funny win quotes, i was playing 98 the other day and was cracking up when i saw Joe call himself "the Satan of martial arts"

  28. The irony of the dbfz player not getting the tick throw question when he plays the master tick thrower LOL

  29. You mean you forced them? Not convice obviously.

    Just kidding

  30. Tapion has a Sword! He would be an amazing addition on Dragon Ball FighterZ!

  31. Petition that instead of a button mash, participants use a 360 or hadouken motion. Sajam's ping is too good. Theme songs are good, but some samples where too short.

  32. Sajam wasn't deducted 2000 from his daily double. JWong won.

  33. Damnnnnn I used to play Rumblefish 2 with Justin back in the day. He would always win against me in finals with that girl with a stick.

  34. they need to get better netcode for the buzzer

  35. 7:34 i saw the video you made about it a month ago it was godlike.

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