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I convinced Justin Wong, Knowkami, & Sajam to compete in Fighting Game Trivia!

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We’re back with the latest episode of JMpardy, the fighting game trivia show!! We’ve got lots of tricky questions for you guys, make sure to play along at home and let me know how you did down in the comments!

Thanks so much to our contestants Sajam, Justin Wong, and Knowkami! Make sure to follow them on twitch here:

Twitch (I stream every weekday from 5-8 EST):

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  1. The before and after category is so cool.

  2. I knew the Win Quote 500 one was Geese, am I cool now?

  3. As a Tekken boomer I guessed bound. Rage wasn’t broken til 7.

  4. Sorry for getting in on this so late, you look very sharp in that suit mister crofts. Great stuff as always.

  5. I guessed that ice cream dad question immediately. Just a gamble

  6. Daily doubles allow for 1000 to be bet even if you are negative

  7. i literally screamed "WHO IS HIT!!" Easily the best track in the game

  8. Can't believe Justin of all people whiffed Reppuken for $500.

  9. I've been watching your content for a min sorry I didn't sub earlier you got a gift my guy for all the vids you put out and versatile content.

  10. Leffen never told chillin to respect your elders btw. Chillin said it to leffen cause he's been around for longer, and even came out with a diss track for the match. leffen whooped him 5-0, was handed a mic and simply laughed the whole time, whereas with chillin, we got to hear his iconic "my b" to the crowd on mic.

    Really fun show though!

  11. Taunt is a completely different move from Bazooka Knee. Bryan stole the Bazooka Knee from Bruce, and lost it when Bruce came back in Tekken 5. Bryan's B4 is called Knee Break.

  12. I guessed Geese wrong several times and then got his actual one wrong too.

  13. This marks the first time that I was not annoyed by a sponsor message. This is actually pretty cool.

  14. wong should have gotten 500 points for the daily double, not 200

  15. With the complains early in the game…I must ask, is this delay base netcode?

  16. I literally stop working just to watch all the way! This was amazing. It didn't get any answer in time, but the flow and the energy between all of you was amazing

  17. This series is very entertaining to watch, I hope to see more episodes in the future.

  18. 13:58 I use the term tick throw so often but somehow I completely blanked on it during this question

  19. I got the BlazeBlue answer at the end of first round

  20. I know this is old and I'm sure people have said this by now, by the Daily Double in round 1 should be "Up to 1,000". If Justin missed he'd finish in the red going into double jmpardy. I love fighting games and jeopardy 😀 Also thank you for the content! These are so freaking good.

  21. Also Justin mentioned Chinatown Fair and my nostalgia peaked. I miss that place.

  22. You need to add Smash Melee, Killer Instinctinct, Mortal Kombat, World Heroes, Double Dragon, River City, etc.

  23. I'm suprised they all threw a blank on tick throw honestly!

  24. Man this is great so much potential for this to grow and gain a fanbase. Also informative but that's kinda the name of the game!

  25. the second I heard "pin-headed son of an ice cream maker" I just knew it was geese

  26. This is probably the first time i've said this about a youtube video, but that was just really fun to watch. it was interesting, and i was surprised that i knew as many answers as i did, as I'm not BIG into the FGC

    thanks for that

  27. Damn i said art of fighting also. Forgot it was Fatal Fury.

  28. All five winquotes were absurdly easy. Can't believe guys who live and breathe fighting games didn't know about the Akuma and Gesse ones.

  29. When Sajam said he was just a kid in the early 2000s I was confused. I googled him and that dude is still in his 20s. Like, what the fuck. How hard has his life been? He looks like he is in his late 30s. He's just a punk-ass kid. How did this boy get so haggard?

  30. For a guy that wants to be Japanese so bad. You couldn't even try to pronounce something as Iconic as "Hokuto No Ken" properly? "ha koo toe" Really?

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