I Challenged Connor to Fighting Games. It didn't go well. - lightslingergame.com

I Challenged Connor to Fighting Games. It didn’t go well.

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  1. The joy of beating each other up digitally over a beer and banter all night…great days/nights
    DoA, Tekken, SF, MK
    Unfortunately had to play Guilty Gear and BlazBlue alone

  2. kinda of a unfair fight. cdawg obviously had more experience playing fighters.

  3. looks like garnt playing it with one hand

  4. Evo Japan is right around the corner. You know what to do

  5. Wait, THAT'S Guilty Gear?! I think Imma play some fighting games, bois

  6. the idiotic zooms how do we even watch the gameplay….

  7. Whoever edited this, PLZ STOP ZOOMING IN ON EVERYTHING!!! I can’t tell why they’re getting hype about since all you’re focusing on is their face!!!

  8. parts of this were fun but this was so over edited… it was literally so zoomed in and cut to death that I couldn't tell what was happening in the fights… This much editing felt like the 40 cuts in the iron fist fight sometimes less is more y'all

  9. I watched this live and really think Garnt could've won the Bo7 if they unlocked JackO before hand… She's so hot I wish they played her more.

  10. There was something so pure about this. Here’s to fighting games!

  11. Ah Potemkin 6h, the more things change the more they stay the same.

    My beloved knowledge check since Guilty Gear XX….

  12. I would love if you made a series of this and just worked your way through a bunch of different fighting games

  13. I hope one of the my friends challenges me like this. I'll make him cry so hard.

  14. @5:56
    "It's like Dio"
    Little did Garnt know, Zato-1 is VA'ed by Takehito Koyasu, the same VA for Dio, lol

  15. Who edited this? There's barely any gameplay

  16. bro this videos is more camera zooming than actual gameplay lol

  17. Should have played the Jojo fighting game 🙄

  18. Ok, Strive. I guess I'm watching the boys again.

  19. way too many edits in this vid i caould not tell what i was looking at

  20. I can't wait for the episode where Conor discovers 6P

  21. Tf is up with the editing, let me see more than 10 seconds of fighting in a 15 min fightingvideo lmao

  22. I didn't think I'd ever see entire matches without anyone blocking even once

  23. Y'all should have done Arcana Heart, it's anime as heck.

  24. 11:55 So THAT’S why I kept seeing that pose everywhere for like a year.

  25. Was waiting for the smash to come in and it never did…

  26. I wanted to enjoy this, but I stopped watching halfway through because of the editing.
    The constant zooming in on face cams was so frequent that I couldn't even see game play long enough to know what we were reacting to.

  27. You guys should play BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle next time. It has Persona characters and it's much easier to pick up than strive

  28. I like how somebody asked if Bridge is a guy. Lol

  29. Big fan, but this video is so bad. I can barely see the gameplay. Why do you have to edit out the actual fighting game and show the reactions and faces every 5 seconds. I don't understand what's happening in the game at all.

    Not everyone watched the stream or vod. I for one wanted to watch highlights of this stream but this video just didn't deliver.

    Just some criticism no hate.

  30. I love how connor suck at every game he plays

  31. Oh yeah, what's the next trash taste after this? I wanna know what take he picked xD

  32. Holy shit the editing made this impossible to watch can't even see the game play half the time

  33. So… May's Totsugeki is the modern equivalent of Chun Li's Sparrow Kick or Raiden's torpedo?

  34. So Potemkin wears a Kaiser Helmet, a Nazi Uniform and is named after a Soviet propaganda film. Is this the ultimate extremist?

  35. typical genshin player
    using the power of being a whale and and a dolphine

  36. Who’s going to tell Garnt there’s a Fate Stay Night fighting game?

  37. Bruh I thought you guys were gonna play a Blazblue game. Most anime fighting game ever.

  38. You should have played xrd for that extra difficulty, lol.

  39. I ironically get a fate go ad when I started playing the video..

  40. I felt offended when the editor corrected Garnt when he said "I got a football!" Garnt, you are correct. That is a football and not a soccer ball.

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