Human Killing Machine - The Worst Fighting Game -

Human Killing Machine – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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  1. best Amiga and Atari ST game has to be International Karate + what a game!

  2. I don;t think picking up brutus in a roster would have changed this game for better lol

  3. The "US Gold" logo superimposed over the "Why are you closed?!?!" guy's head killed me, had to replay that little bit a few times.

  4. there are a lot of really pretty amiga games and it makes me sad how shit this game looks

  5. There's zero animation in this game. Each attack comes out in just one frame, and there's no walking or jumping animations or anything. It looks like an 80s version of South Park.

  6. Sagat…..Sagan…. They weren't even trying lol

  7. This video was done multiple times and you take on it is the worst one. Here is one on this game from 7 years ago … You're not funny or interesting or even original.

  8. So we're adding Helga to the list of poor representation of trans characters in gaming history then?

  9. Wow, they really only gave these characters two frames.
    In total, each.

  10. those messed-up sprites remind me of an very old Apple game i had…if i remember, it was called "swashbuckler".
    your character stands in the middle of a ship and fights various enemies on both sides. (at the same time)
    one pose of the main character was glitched.

  11. According to Human Killing Machine , In the Netherlands, you don't have sex with prostitutes, you beat them up. OOF!

  12. "Ah. The path not taken"

    Should have played the M Bison scene saying that.

  13. Helga isn’t even a Dutch name. Once again Germany is confused with The Netherlands.

  14. 4:30 – Considering the original arcade/Genesis Strider is my favorite video game of all time, no Matt, I have not forgotten about the existence of Journey Into Darkness. I truly wish I COULD forget it though.

    long disgusted sigh

  15. I'm almost willing to believe they removed scrolling so they could save time and money on the backgrounds.

    Though it's probably that engine quirk that also limits the characters' sprite sheet to a single screen worth of pixel real estate.

  16. Beepers didn't get popular till the 90s lol. If you had a beeper in the 80s you were a doctor or drug dealer

  17. Matt definitely was watching OSW while making this video 😅 a winner is you Matt!

  18. ¿jojo reference? ¿science buddy? ¿Shepski footage? truly best (worst) button basher.

  19. Sounds like Tommy talorico was part of US Gold

  20. Imagine IF HKM is remade as an actual good game.

  21. Props for redoing "Ren's these hands". From Ren and Stimpy

  22. Lol flash fighting games had more effort

  23. This game makes it clear, never program a fighting game while drunk.

  24. Now I want a fighting game with a GIGANTIC roster consisting of characters from The Room and Breen's films.

  25. I think it's worth noting that the Amiga is as powerful as the Sega Genesis, granted both have a "blast processing" 7 MHz Motorola 68000 CPU inside them, and the Amiga was released in 1985! Human Killing Machine is just a bad game in general that it makes the computer look weak in almost all of the departments possible, the graphics, the sound, and even the gameplay.

  26. The Amsterdam Red Light District is well known for its matadors and their infamous bulls. A very Dutch tradition indeed.

    German hookers named Helga don't seem too far fetched though 😂

  27. It's important to remember that HKM's singular tune is actually plagiarised.

  28. guessing that the "baffling" (read that as "bad") music choices were either a cost cutting measure, or because they just borrowed the lowest common denominator (being the ZX Spectrum with it's lousy audio chip which requires you liteerally block the game loop to play the sounds). Most charitable view is the second, though, by the sound of this company, it was probably the first…

  29. I'd really love to see a Not-At-All-Faithful to the Source Material Film of this.

  30. this has to be the most goofiest roster there is it look like a fake games you se in a cartoon or comic book

  31. The spritework is so trash that I can’t tell if Helga is trans or just a buff woman

  32. Most fun thing with home ports especially for Amiga 500 was that if a game was made by taito the port was often really good as seen with Rainbow island, new zeeland story and such. Games from capcom and sega was a real gamble tough with odds stacked against the player.

  33. I can't help but imagine that working at this company was like some kind of stoner comedy.

  34. Im expecting cat fight for windows, that would dethrone expect no mercy

  35. Tiertex output really sucks. Their Disney's Hercules game for Game Boy is so bad that could easily be some lost ZX Spectrum game. And it's nothing like the movie. It doesn't even try to be like the movie.

  36. The box art is supposed to be the final boss. I don't know why people don't get it, but it's another failure on Tiertex's part

  37. Never did I think there would be a fighting game that makes Street Fighter 1 look good…

  38. The fact that they advertised this as a followup to a first installment that was already lame to begin with is just insulting. (2:39)

  39. Kwon's static, constantly sideways facial expression gives me serious Werewolf Jones vibes.

    Also while I'm here, please play Team17's ill-conceived fighting game Body Blows.

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