Hulk & Spider-Man vs Venom & Ryu (Hardest AI) - Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite -

Hulk & Spider-Man vs Venom & Ryu (Hardest AI) – Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

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  1. For me the stones completely ruined it. Ultimate marvel vs Capcom three was the shit. Not this game

  2. the frame is not that much smooth.
    It is very important for this kind of game.
    eventually, It will be timing and a hitbox fight.

  3. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was way better

  4. Push Marvel and Capcom to create a movie OUT OF THIS!!!

  5. It's soooo retarded they taken out all the x-man….but edited the character like venom and mega man which supposedly be in the came in the first place…..and yea…..this game sucks…all the old ones make this one look like utterly trash 👎🗑️…..just pretty fancy color graphics that's all 👎…..😒🍵

  6. Why tf they can't just copy and paste the venom voice off the old marvel vs Capcom game…which he sounds wayyy better…..this venom voice sound more like carnage…..😒🍵

  7. Venom's voice in the original MvsC was so much better 🧐

  8. Can't believe i still have not played this game.

  9. I am surprised that Hulk call Spiderman by his name. It's cool to see him so close to someone.

  10. Imagined if they had Bully Maguire in this one

  11. Maximum Spider 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 I love it

  12. ryu sen çok başkasın be olum. arkadan gelen müzik hala eskisi ve en iyisi

  13. You Would Make Consuiousness Into Venom He Can See Why You Would It's The Yellow Guy Shernise

  14. This looks too complicated to play… like street fighter on crack

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