How To Play Project L -

How To Play Project L

Riot Games
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Executive producer Tom Cannon and game designer Caroline “Riot Shyvana” Montano walk through everything you’ll want to know before jumping into the Project L Demo at EVO 2023.

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Featured music:
MOCHI – bear bear and friends from Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah
Pulse – Dilip from Sessions: Diana
Sentinel – A.L.I.S.O.N from Sessions: Diana
Chasing Rainbows – Barry Whittaker, Gilbey
Airpusher – Even Sarucco, Nicholas Sillitoe

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  1. yall stole koji from brawlhalla and put it in project L

  2. I don't want some tag team thingy, is there will be a 1vs1 matchups like in Tekken 8 and SF6??

  3. Yet another game in which you'll get time for a tea after you're launched because it'll take ages before you get on your feet again xd

  4. reminding me of guilty gear strive. this is a good thing.

  5. ooo they are rocking the Ekko with dreads instead of the mohawk, I like this version more acctually.

  6. гарною ідеєю було б додати до гри чемпіонів з лінійки soul fighter а також їхні скіни, ще було б круто зробити ніби вони зустрічаються на арені як в міні грі в клієнті ліги, тільки можна скіни які є в лізі перенесуться туди? XD шкода втрачати soul fighter samira

  7. 😮 Can you please make this for android and mobile devices

  8. seems fun. the only thing im seriously disliking right now is how much the aesthetics is very much catered to asian influence in league. you dont know how tired i am seeing these skins. for example, the latest Immortal Journey, Shan Hai, Snow Moon, Inkshadow, Lunar lines. Like bro, i get that riot was bought out by a chinese company. just wish it wasnt so like this after playing this since season 2, i can see the change. sorry if its rude or watever but still man im tired of that honestly. ill still play but ye just me. i know back then they were owned by them but everything had a different feel and aesthetic forreal.

  9. everyone make this the most like and I would like to say add trading in Riot keep on the work and reach for 1m

  10. How to play a fight game? Serious Riot? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You live in another planet, is not possible!

  11. Ekko's last call better be him ulting back onto the screen.

  12. This game should just have MVC2 or DBFZ button layout.

  13. oyun yapacagınza toxicleri banlayın amuakoyum

  14. parrying shouldnt cost anything, it rlly slows down the combat, good gapclosers would help too

  15. nice depth to the combatsystem otherwise tho

  16. ** Hello, I have questions about TFT :

    Are pool increasing time by time or differing time by time , phase by phase? Or are they all ones since just all games start ? **

  17. Why you guys can't make the basics of an online game work?



  18. I love fighting games but I'm physically disabled and it's always been hard for me to do combos and specials but I haven't given up on games I'm glad you made something accessible 😊

  19. Si si, pero no arreglan los bugs del LoL, la gente hace lo que le da la gana y solo les restringen el chat malamente. Muy mala administración y pésimo servicio.

  20. Pls fix bugs in valorent I can't join tdm or dm it sticks on the loading screen and sometimes it freezes

  21. I'm so excited that I'm looking forward to them releasing an open beta for the public to be able to experience the gameplay and the characters. I hope that in the not too distant future this Sett will be in Project L and that it will have a spectacular design and good gameplay, just like the others. I have a good I have faith that it will be very popular for fighting game people.

  22. Fact that Samira isn't nerfed means all your games must suck. Learn to balance games… how many years have you been devs?

  23. i am very hype for this game, i Discover it by Kayane.

  24. What's the point of posting gameplay videos of a game if you have to wait another year for its release?

  25. you are in decline, they are embarrassing riot

  26. If you guys punish me for leaving a bad connection game again I swear I'm going to walk into your head quarters and poop in the lobby

  27. Gwen totally needs to be in this game's roster.

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