How To Play Fighting Games | Fundamentals -

How To Play Fighting Games | Fundamentals

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Yo! Ryan here, I’ve been wanting to make a fundamentals video for a long time now so here it is! In this video i briefly breakdown what fundamentals are and how to implement them. I’ll most likely turn this into a series and go into some more depth at a later date but for now, for those people looking to get into fighters but they’re not sure what to do, here you go!


  1. No space is not a fundamental , that’s just a given so no it’s not a fundamental . Space falls under every category of fighting game fundamentals so that’s just silly saying “ Space “ . Space falls under footies and pokes which are fundamentals

  2. It's unlikely you'll respond to this or remember where it came from but if anybody does or yourself knows the name of this song I would really appreciate that also this video was very informative as I'm trying to consume as much contact i can about fundamentals.

  3. I love this video, its not that average 5 hour video about fundamentals and what to do in certain situations, but a 3 minute video that anyone with 2 braincells (like me) can understand

  4. Less of that meme stuff will make this a decent introduction to the basics.

  5. Yo, Ryan and Jake here. Noticed some dislikes but few pointers in the comments. If you didn't like the video be sure to let us know why in the comments so we can improve future videos! Thanks for watching.

  6. Nice! I'll show this to my friends who are struggling to get into fighting games.

  7. This is one of the REALLY few Fighting Game videos that helps to get into the genre. That said, it's great. I also liked the memey stuff.

  8. Next time can you use a background music without vocals? It can be rather confusing, especially for those who are not native english speakers.

  9. This dude sounds Like ImStillDaDaddy LOL !!

  10. Fighting games genre is the most punishing for new players

  11. I always sucked ass at fighting games but I always just tried memorizing the move list and spamming and blocking until I win. Gonna give it another swing with mk11 dropping soon

  12. Thank you, I recently got Darkstalkers and thought to myself, "I really wanna stop playing fighting games like I'm 10 years old. And start doing it proper."

  13. I'm actually trying to get better at For Honor, but I'm stuck with fighting game videos.

    They help, but there's quite a few concepts I have to try to translate.

  14. Turn down the retard music when teaching anyone anything

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