How to Improve at Execution in Fighting Games -

How to Improve at Execution in Fighting Games

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New players often to say that execution is the biggest hurdle when getting into fighting games, but I think most people just tend to think about it wrong.


  1. which fighter has does trainig game mods you are talking about?

  2. The hardest part is coming back to try again after failing at something. Goes for everything, not just fighting games.
    There's no shame in falling down a bike, as long as you learn how to ride one eventually. Shame is in falling down and giving up.

  3. been trying to cancel a shinryuken into a shinku hadouken for the last 3 hours. succeeded in every variation but. and i only get anything close by violently mashing quarter circle motions. i'm honestly starting to worry i'm gonna damage my brand new sanwa stick.. it really does seem like luck, how people do this with any consistency i'll never understand.just to be clear, i can throw an unlimited amount of quarter circle motions, z motions and pretty much anything else easily. it's mixing them together and buffering i just can't seem to get.

  4. i think ultimately fighting games take too long to get good enough at , even me i don’t want to learn new characters because i just can’t justify sinking the time

  5. bruh we know we can do it but practicing is borin

  6. Mortal Kombat and Injustice are not this hard but SF KOF and many others are terrible!

  7. you put into words something I couldn't express…. I've been getting back into fighting games after… MANY times just quitting, and a few friends are joining me on this journey but are finding motion inputs a bigger roadblock than I have been, thank you for this video!

  8. My biggest issue is hit confirms. I just can't do them. I have practiced so much. But without hit confirms I only ever get the easiest punishes.

  9. In fighting games I usually just press inputs too fast

  10. Loved that Sakuya reference, among many fighting game Soku has been my fav for very long time due to air dash combo, grazing and bullet mechanics. I just started SF3 and dreaded on my frame perfect execution.

  11. I'm fine with learning an input, it's just the fact that it's "Great! you've mastered that ONE combo after taking half you life to do so, want to move on to 2 out of 100,000,000,000,000?"

  12. I have that same problem but I still play lol

  13. the best video about this subject i'v seen so far, thanks

  14. I'm uniquely bad at fighting games and crouching punching or one frame attacks to DP is too damn hard for me.

  15. the typing analogy was super helpful for me, thank you!

  16. Most of my issues are arrow key executions before thinking about combos that are really bugging me how they works like most classic 2d fighting games where I should create a Z shape on the analog stick or create circle then do a quarter circle shape then attack button for example, I ended up making the characters jump around because my finger are mostly slipped and difficult to stop the shape direction that required to trigger the special moves but if I play 3d fighting game like tekken that kind of execution is limited and mostly comfortable to memorize attack button combinations and a few basic direction keys but man I also want to be flexible at 2d games like blazblue or guilty gear but still mostly stuck with the arrow key executions

  17. I've been training Balrog by doing simple "combos" like hard punch into low/high straight. But in the middle of matches I would get lost in so many other mechanics like V-Triggers, predicting and blocking, punish frames and so on, and so when I see an opportunity to use the simple combo I just learned, I whiff like a complete noob..

  18. It is not always the players I learned. Sometimes it is the playability, like in Super SF 2 Turbo shoryukans do not come out consecutively despite doing the input flawlessly. I went to any later SF games doing the same inputs and they all come out properly doing the same input.

  19. I’m currently practicing Blanka in sf2 now. Perfect timing lol

  20. My problem is that I can practice a combo but then as soon as I hop on a match I literally forget about everything I’ve practiced and I get clapped lol

  21. Does someone knows the soundtracks used in this video? Or at least the first track.

  22. Consistency > length of practice. So crucial. Much more than about 45 minutes to an hour of learning a new skill and you get quickly diminishing returns on your practice.

  23. This was very helpful, thank you……I'm going to try slowly doing the combo instead of trying to do it fast.

  24. Thank you. This is probably the mindset i need to practice with


  26. You can talk all day about how combos don't matter, but at any day when I play anyone I'm getting comboed immediately…

  27. For doing it slower first, would it be a good idea to practice it without actually having a game running? (Say, you just take your inactive controller aside for a few minutes and directly look at what your fingers are doing). With the game on I could see it getting distracting if your character is doing something different due to you not doing the input at full speed.

  28. I don't think that i can learn Raging Storm and Guile's kick hypermove no matter how i practice it… 😞😞😔 All i want to know now is how can i edit fighting games command inputs on their game files…

  29. This is actually my biggest barrier, like I can get mechanics and understand the combo structure fast, but at the time of doing complex stuff I get nothing. I want to improve a bit before KOF XV hits, so this came at the right time to me

  30. Thank you for this I needed to hear and understand this !!! Thank you again

  31. I'm trying to do special cancel in the tutorial in KOF 15 man that shit is so freaking hard 😰

  32. I'm trying to do special cancel in the tutorial in KOF 15 man that shit is so freaking hard 😰

  33. Mentally I knew these things but it was nice to hear someone say it. Great Video!

  34. The sakuya from Hisoutensoku spritee!!! Somebody actually acknowledged Touhou indirectly lol

  35. Thank you! Im gonna try and apply this to guitar also lol.

  36. Truth, in DOA I just stun my opponent to death and that seems to piss them off more than the juggle.

  37. were those the KoF14 combo trials in the background?

  38. I feel like a lot of my problem with execution is because i am moving too fast. Generally when i slow my hands down a bit then i'd land the combo

  39. Well said 👏👏👏👏👏 GG 🎮🕹️

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