How to get started with Fighting Games and have a Nice Time -

How to get started with Fighting Games and have a Nice Time

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Fighting games are really cool, but they can be an intimidating hobby to get into. You might look at the competitive world of Tekken or Street Fighter and think, “I probably suck! And don’t have the right gear! And I don’t understand these words!” BUT STOP. You CAN get into fighting games. And for Pat Gill, that journey has been really rewarding. Here’s how he embraced fighting games, and you can too.


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  1. Question, can I play several different characters at a time? I want to play Guilty Gear because I like Happy Chaos. But I also want to play other characters. So should I just stick to a main or can i try every other character for a bit while mostly playing Happy Chaos?

  2. never been a better time to start learning fighting games than RIGHT NOW! tons of new players on SF6, motion controls aren't necessary with the advent of modern controls, and the netcode is like butter. SF6 is the most accessible fighting game of all time.

  3. getting away and come back to fighting games that save ur rank and mmr forever is the worse decision i took in my life (im getting spanked by lv 5000 sol baduys)💀

  4. I actually took your advice and I actually got Guilty Gear Strive to play Happy Chaos! Is the character complex, yes very for someone who's new to fighting game! But I found that they were SUPER FUN and the motion inputs are easy for me to learn as I've never used them before, still learn how to work all the moves but I'll get there!
    Now I'm playing online even though I was really scared since I knew it was the real way to learn! But now I can gladly say I've got 4 wins on my belt now! I can already see me improving and it's been only been a few weeks! Thanks for all the amazing help!! <3

  5. This video got me fully into strive and i never regretted it (I've also recently gotten into fightcade vsav) ty silly internet man ! :3

  6. Yeah but fighting tekken online costs money

  7. As someone whos been playing rythmn games for years now and trying to get into fighting games its weird how many of these apply to rythmn games as well

  8. Great video! Keep doing such amazing work. 🙂

  9. I would love that this video worked to me, unfortunately i only own my PS3 and the servers of the games i like are closed

  10. My personal pet peeve in the world of fighting games is the mechanic of using MOTION CONTROL BUTTONS (Dpad movements or Left stick, or WASD) as part of an attack, like mortal kombat down down blank combos, i hate it so much, why must I crouch in order to TELEPORT

  11. just bought Steet Fughter 6 and gonna play a fighting game for the first time, thank you for this video!. you changed my mind for the better in a few aspects and made me motivated, good jov

  12. This video coming back around on my feed right while CEO was happening is what got me to pick up SF6. I swallowed my fear of getting my ass beat and jumped straight into ranked with Zangief and I'm having the time of my life. Every time I hit an SPD I'm grinning from ear to ear and every time I whiff an SPD like a donkey I'm laughing from the depths of my soul. And every week I look at how I'm playing now compared to the week before and I'm astonished by how much I've learned, and how clearly I can tell that I'm improving. And I too, love busting. Thanks Pat.

  13. Watching this before Project L from riot drops!

  14. I'm trying, but until now all I get was: anxiety, pain, defeats, humiliations and uncontrollable rage.

  15. This video sparked my interest in fighting games. I recently grabbed Strive and am having more fun gaming than probably ever before.

  16. Still cant even get pass the basic training after 6 month of playing i guess fg isnt for me

  17. The thing I like the most about these games is how the pressure in ranked feels. I picked up Street Fighter 6 as my first fighting game ever (Unless you count For Honor, but imo it plays way too different) and I am really just awful at it. But I can go into ranked with no reservations or fear whatsoever. In games like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, or even raids in Destiny 2, I feel a horrible invisible weight just from the fact that im going to be on a team and I NEED to play well or else I'm going to drag everybody down with me. Even when I do really well, one mistake will swirl around in my head for the rest of the match. I just cant shake the feeling of caring what others think about me when I do something dumb and it costs us the game. In fighting games I feel none of that at all and I can get my ass kicked without a care in the world.

  18. im starting to play tekken 7 on my ps4 slim (yes ps4 i dont have a ps5) and when tekken 8 comes out im planning to get a ps5, and it has to be the hardest thing ive ever did. ive gotten pretty good and i can do combos but all the combos i do have a assist move in them (done by pressing L1 then one of the attack buttons) and i dont know how to learn them, if anyone can help id appreciate it

  19. press square and only square. Spam random buttons gg ez.

  20. 3:51 I started with Street Fighter, but am jumping into Samurai Shodown, what an amazing game!

  21. talks to beginners about the games, Proceeds to talk about rollback wich I have no idea what it is and proceeds to not explain ut

  22. my first fighting game is smash bro ultimate but I still struggle with playing competitive since almost all of my matches ended up with me getting destroyed (hardcore users I need some practice partner not bots)

  23. I still love this video. Lots of great info and perspective.

    There's one thing I disagree with though. I think Ky Kiske is Guilty Gear's Ryu. Sol Badguy is more like Guilty Gear's Terry Bogard.

  24. My plan is to choose the largest character I can

  25. One of the biggest things I've learned about being competitive is to be….less competitive. Or rather, don't take losses so hard. Cheer for your opponents when they do cool stuff and win out over you too. Losing races for a while nearly brought me out of swimming, but learning to accept that I'm not the fastest and giving my winning opponent a celebratory hug for their achievements really helped me to learn to not take it so personally, and motivated myself to keep pushing. You build comradery even amongst your rivals, and you quickly gain a reputation as someone that is fun to compete against. People celebrate you too when you win. It's really helped me to find a place and create longevity within competitive spheres, and fighting games are no exception.

  26. Awesome video bro! I’ve always loved fighting games but I’ve never truly taken the time to master one. I will really invest time into T8 though!

  27. I've been trying to get into Melty blood (my first fighting game) because I absolutely love tsukihime and the general playstyle of the game, and I thought I wasn't making much progress since all of my combos were pretty basic, short combos that didn't do much dmg, but the "Learn how to play" part and the part about picking the character you want to play really helps motivate me more. I feel like my small combos that I have learned are actual progress now and weren't just a waste of time, so thank you!

  28. I started with jjbaasbr. Mainly bc i love jojo's, and also the combo-game looks insane. But the online connection is like three weeks old dogwater

  29. a lot of these tips apply for learning literally any new skill. i’m just starting to work on my fighting game skills now, and one of the things that has helped me the most is applying the mindset that i’ve used for making music, learning art, studying a language, or all sorts of other things that require you to build new instincts and make new connections.
    learning the balance between being vulnerable and being resilient, or between working hard and taking breaks, or so many of the other concepts in this video, can help you learn a new fighting game character, but it can also help you learn a new sport, exercise technique, or writing style.
    regardless of what you do i think it’s really good to know how to find passion in things that are challenging. it’s really healthy for your mental ability and emotional wellbeing to try new things and keep this stuff in mind when you do.

  30. 3:28 I had to watch that 4 times because i was not prepared for it

  31. Mk1 storyline is pointless. Liu Kan is a God who somehow wasn't aware that Shang tsung is his counterpart in an opposite timeline after mk11. Shang tsung knew of this, n decided to invite Liu Kang timeline to get defeated once again. So my point is this, Shang tsung out smart Liu Kang, but isn't smart enough to defeat him again in combat? N so how is this storyline "new" or different from the previous 1? N scorpion, hanzo is now gone, n subzero, the new scorpion is betrayed again by the original subzero? How is this timeline different to come up with the same ending? This is pointless n stupid… mk1, I'm done with trying to like the storyline…

  32. this was a great video, I am definitely in this camp. Learning melee currently and anytime I'm down on myself, I just pull up some hype tournament sets and it gets me motivated again!

  33. I always button mash and hope it does something sustainable

  34. I can never follow what's happening in a fight iv been doing boxing for a few years but I was stop doing it for ages than doing it again but I can never follow what people is doing wall there fighting unless someone tells me what's happening

  35. I ended up following this videos instruction because it resonated pretty well with me.

    Picked up MK1, chose Kenshi because I like Samurai's. (Yes I realize technically he's a Yakuza/Ninja or whatever. He reminds of Zatoichi so just roll with me)

    I have to say, grinding practice mode and seeing my efforts bear fruit in Kombat League. It feels so good dude. Even when I lose. I'm starting to love the genre I think. Can't wait to test out other fighting games.

  36. What fighting game is that at 8:11? I’ve been trying to find it for a while and forgot the name. I coincidentally came across it in this video

  37. Seeing his fighting logs against a bridget player named "t-girl Tom Hanks" SENT ME ong

  38. If you want to have a 'nice time' playing fighting games, you shouldnt be playing fighting games lmao. Fighting games are for competetive people who want to beat your ass.. virtually

  39. What would it take to get you into fighting games?

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