How To Get Better At Fighting Games -

How To Get Better At Fighting Games

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  1. if you're making a video like this you should probably explain the fighting game terms you use

  2. All fighting games suck, no matter how much I try to get better, I can’t. I loose to everyone, even the bots in tutorials. I don’t recommend you to play any fighting game, it’s just a waste of time.

  3. Honestly I just bought Yomi Hustle so I can spend 20 minutes a match and analyze every possible way that I goddamn suck. Finally started bursting though, that's progress.

  4. What do you do when you want to play fighting games but you can never imput directional inputs correctly no matter how hard you try. Gets me really frustrated when I think I am doing it correctly but the skill never activates.

  5. Your vergil impression is surprisingly good (Also nice video)

  6. can relate to tf2, got 600 hours of it, spent way too many hours practicing to get good and i still suck major horse balls, i don't know what it is, i'm jus fkn garbage at it still

  7. when Millia knocks you down?Hav you had I-no in your face!!? SHE DONT EVEN GOTTA KNOCK YOU DOWN!!!

  8. … One problem I can't do all the combos in order to take them in the lab and practice fighting against them 🤔

  9. I laughed more than I should when the Vergil quotes started coming in

  10. man really just dropped the Rivals of Aether theme mid video

  11. Dropped everything for new Gekko video.

  12. As a person who learns about my loses and learn my mistakes because they can become your greatest teacher to learn. Also great content as always man i learned something today 🙂 also I’m a small content creator as well

  13. But GeckoSquirrel, Smash Ultimate’s training mode sucks.

    Also that Vergil joke was amazing

  14. What about smash it’s training mode is dog water???

  15. 0:00 Lose….and then learn….and then Lose….and then learn don't get discouraged just understand every fight is a step.Really that's it

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