How To Get Better At Fighting Games -

How To Get Better At Fighting Games

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  1. I neeeeeeeeeeed the ram borgar drawing.

  2. 5:06 it's weird that i only see Potemkin from this point and after like 30 seconds

  3. Gekko: fail, take notes, and improve through figuring out solutions

    Me: knows exactly what to do, but brain slow and no press button right

  4. Hey gecko, what do you do to learn against dlc that you haven't bought?

  5. Hey, what’s your outro music?

  6. Drinking game: marathon GekkoSquirell's videos, take a shot every time Ordinary Days plays.

  7. Guess me and Proxi gotta drop Pot then DAMN

  8. In a nutshell: Just pick Vergil, he's broken anyway.

  9. I wish I had this when I first learned FighterZ and got into the FGC.

  10. "I don't care if he has weaknesses"
    I swear Dustloop doesn't actually have anything there for Sol. Or do I need to grab my glasses?

  11. Awesome video! And you sound a lot like TheoryFighter, but a lot more funny 😉

  12. I drew the little ramburger in the thumbnail, thats wicked

  13. Yo honestly this is good information that can be applied to any competitive play (or life in general)! I needed to hear this

  14. eugh, that entire video is so cliche, never having talked to a normal person

  15. Center yourself, got it… except I can center myself only about as well as a monkey with a pencil, on a sheet of paper with no lines, with a hole in the middle of the paper…

    Poorly, is what I’m trying to say.

  16. But what if you can’t lab characters because you don’t own them?

  17. One of the ways i think would help in getting better would be to make a character chart. You don't really count wins but you should count how many times you win a round with a character and team composition. Look at which character you win the most rounds with and look at the ones below that and so on. You should lean on the characters you have the most success with and understand why that happens. Edit: Also the same should be done with team comps.

  18. Just found you buddy, your in my list of FGC essayists. Good content my bro

  19. What about memorizing combos? I keep trying stuff out but I keep forgetting the moveset . I always just end up mashing. For someone new it feels scary cus it's too much info to retain. I don't even know where to start! I've played fighting games for most my life, but in a very casual way. You know, just playing the arcade mode and against friends. So I've never learned anything too complex.

  20. My take on this is study religiously hit boxes frames and damage per hit

  21. The kind of awesome trick i'll never use
    I'll instead fight this character until i get a good trick
    But in real matches

  22. ‘kay but how do I get worse? Perhaps I want to relearn my facourite fighting game.

  23. The notepad trick is actually gigantic brain though. Not just the writing notes, but starting the mind games before the match has even started.

  24. Lol at that revenge part man. But thats the plan 😎 nice video 💯

  25. gekko : the options of the training that you need are, (show the options)
    me a smash player : well yeah i have that but only for items and a litle bit of actual trainig mode.

    gekko : every modern fighter as a record option.
    me a smash player :

  26. practice? practice
    take notes? take notes
    learn from your mistakes? blame everything else and post on social media

  27. Your videos are legit awesome man! I love how you just go bat-shit crazy!!! Awesome content. Keep it up!

  28. "Ram is a bad match up for Gio"

  29. I just play the game as much as I can. Seems to work for me. I also try to play better players and bad match ups for my character.

  30. you cant get good while playing broken games like guilty gear it is a well known fact that shills dont tell other people

  31. i'd recognise those 4 notes of hades ost anywhere

  32. I wish you'd use any other fighting game as an example. Guilty Gear Strive is an embarrassment to both Guilty Gear and fighting games as a whole.

  33. Something i feel is under stressed with getting good at fighting games can be summarized into one word…
    An ungodly amount of repetition.

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