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There’s an art to fighting games! I get a lot of messages from you guys about how to get better at fighting games and I decided it would be a good time to finally make a video of what I personally think you need to do to level up! Let me know if you guys liked this video and I can make some more.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Execution
8:18 Neutral
15:00 Mind Games
19:39 Pressure
23:33 Patience
26:21 Nerves

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  1. Just started playing SF6 and your video was super helpful… Sensei…!! Thank you <3

  2. I'm not even three minutes into this video and I've already found something I can do to improve my game! Thanks!

  3. I Spent $112.20 On Street Fighter 6…
    This Video Plus SonicFox Video On Footsies Definitely Has Me Feeling Like I Can Practice Competently Enough To Be The FaceBook Group Trolls…

  4. Solid video with great advice. I'd love to see more teaching content like this.

  5. i mash because i don't have the timing. fighting game combo timings are awkward. if i press the button too early, the move wont come out and i drop the entire combo. if i mash at least there is a chance that i wont drop it.

  6. A bit late, but what would be a good starting game, preferably an older game like SF2 or Killer Instinct?

  7. neutral and patience is definitely the 2 I need to improve on the most, there were days where I lost every game in SF6 simply because I wasn't focusing on the basics, and I was rushing to do some sick combos I learned. So next few days I changed my approach to more slow and learn what my opponent can do, I went from 1000LP to 1700LP in one night, with most of my wins coming from simply hit confirm to specials, plus a few AA and zoning here and there

    thanks Justin, learned a lot from this video

  8. Just got street fighter 6. Now teach me my lord.

  9. Thank you for making this video, so much information on fundamentals. I have not played fighting games since ps2 era. I recently got Street Fighter 6 and have been searching for a video that lays out how to get started and what to practice.

  10. Hello J Wong, I really hope you’re able to see this post and give some guidance. In the first part you mentioned why players mash buttons to get their moves to come out.

    One of the things I struggle with as a player is getting my buttons to be frame tight. Idk if it’s because I’m new to fighting games or what but it feels like if I don’t mash, I can’t get special moves to cancel my normals or certain buttons to link to others.

    Is there something I can do to improve this and stop mashing. In love fights every button/combo I try is late and my opponent can either block or out mash me with abaré.

  11. My man Justin has that anime main protagonist mind set a true legend 👊🏻

  12. Challenge and fight the elite. There will always be better than the best and worse than the worst.

  13. 1. find a character that suits your play style.
    2. practice
    3. practice
    4. practice

  14. This has been super helpful. I'm new to fighting games and I started playing SF6. I noticed I'm jumping way too much and spamming buttons. The ranked grind has been super fun though I think the game is great.

  15. When i pick up a character, i do some trials to get a feel for what might work as far as what cancels into what just so i can press buttons. But past that just learn 1 full combo at the beginning of a session and use that session to start baking that into muscle memory. Going through the whole combo trial list in one shot isnt gonna help you if you are taking in so much information that you arent even retaining any of it in the first place.

  16. I'm a notorious button masher but I also tend to panic. 😅

  17. Aw man thank you for making this. There's a lot of improvement for me to chase.

  18. What it's the name of the mind games song??? I can't remember

  19. Such a great video for me as someone just getting into fighting games but wanting to know more about the journey ahead. thanks for the fantastic content!!

  20. Solid tips. Jumping back into SF for the first time in 30 years

  21. Combos to me seemed way easier in MVC2 than SF6. I guess I need to use practice tool more

  22. 1:34 on keyboard it s just down forward punch for hadouken and the opposite for Tatsumaki , well some moves actually need to push forward down back or the other way around ! Actually on keyboard it s much easier to perform special moves well I ve ben playing fighting games on pc since 27 years ago , I play with joystick as well and I can tell you joypad in fighting games sucks

  23. 3:00 actually it takes less than one second to perform it perfectly! I visualized my crouching medium kick fireball and I do it almost at the same time of course not at he same time but the speed makes it as Justin said one process execution

  24. I wonder why I m watching this video my friend ! I already know how to play and cancel etc… but hey it s educational for beginners! Thanks 🙏🏻

  25. I just think fighting games are only for specific players you can try but in the end of the day you notice you not making any type of improvement. So guys that wanna try take this advice play RPGs, adventure games games that you know you gonna enjoy

  26. i died at the Hugo trying to parry chun li's super everybody trying to recreate evo moment 37 on wong himself 💀💀💀💀

  27. this video reassures me like crazy after my 30 loss 1 win in sf6 battle hub🥲

  28. "Neutral" concept makes me remind about "opposition" concept in chess. It's very similar!

  29. I have to get a fight stick to learn. I wore out my controller trying to learn. Good thing it was still in warranty.

  30. Hey Justin! Thanks so much for this video. It’s literally amazing…BUT I feel like the one thing no FGC content creators do is SHOW YOUR HANDS. When you say “stop button mashing” you need to understand that it’d be 1000% more helpful if you showed us what that ACTUALLY looks like. Show us how you interrupt combos, show us how you cancel special moves into supers…man it’d be sooo helpful and set you apart from 99% of all other FGC content creators. 😊

  31. I have trouble with mashing but also directionals. I find it near impossible to down light/medium then return to neutral and go down again in time for the cancel. Cammys intermediate 8 or 9 in SF6. I can get the entire combo and get a spiral arrow, but I cannot for the life of me get spin drive smasher. I cant do the second down f in time even if I mash

  32. I really appreciate you making this video because I recently got into actually playing fighting games with SF6. I'm ever so slowly doing what I can to improve so this really helps maps out some goals to achieve

  33. thanks for the video. i believe we can apply these principles to how we live life too.

  34. Confused about how you say a combo would take 70% health and there would be 40% health left… do you start with 110% health?

  35. Just like any sport, esports practice begins with mastering the fundamentals.

  36. 70% and 40%… so my opponents have 110% health?! That explains a lot

  37. I'm really inexperienced with fighting games, and thus, pretty bad. One of my friends loves fighting games, though, and has recently gotten into SF6, and I'm trying to put in as much time as I can to get better so he can have fun, and so far he's happy to have friends to play with. I'm going to try to focus on the things you've talked about (stuff he's tried to teach me, as well), and hopefully I can put up a good fight for my friend lol.
    That said, I just have an xbox controller and am not used to the joystick, and let me tell you, my thumb HURTS on that dpad after several hours.

  38. My main problem is actively thinking while in the heat of the match. I ALWAYS go into autopilot no matter what fighting game im playing.

  39. Im downloading sf5, mk11, and tekken 7 and ive never played a fighting game before but for some reason i really want to play sf6 and tekken 8 so i need to find out which serious speaks to me the loudest. Looking for a miay thai fighter. I know tekken has fahkurama but idk who else does muay thai.

  40. The dark souls series taught me the basics of combat enough to apply to so many types of games, fighting games as well. Spacing, timing, and countering basically. I feel like having that basic theory helps you quickly learn new games, because the patterns are the same.

  41. My best advice to you guys as a Bronze player is to jump straight to rank match 😊

  42. play and play. thats it. watch replay and try to think what should you have that in that situation. mind setting is the key. when your brain knows what to do. you will instinctively do it

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