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There’s an art to fighting games! I get a lot of messages from you guys about how to get better at fighting games and I decided it would be a good time to finally make a video of what I personally think you need to do to level up! Let me know if you guys liked this video and I can make some more.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Execution
8:18 Neutral
15:00 Mind Games
19:39 Pressure
23:33 Patience
26:21 Nerves

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  1. You shouldn't unless you're made of time, a masochist, or a degenerate.

  2. INJECT THIS INTO MY VEINS (I’m trash) lmao

  3. Watched it his video then got perfected (made the comeback though.)

  4. Nice talk dude! One other thing I'd add – "try to be ok or even happy with losing" – the people you're playing are ultimately trying to do the same thing you are. If someone outguesses you or doesn't fall for your tricks, enjoy the chance to figure out a way around theirs 🙂 It's like the coolest puzzle. Getting into a long back and forth set with a buddy is like the best gaming times.

  5. I was thinking about playing as every character except my Main against CPUS just to get a feel for all of them. and only fighting my Main as a training exercise what do you think ?

  6. day one dragon ball fighterZ on sale 10mins in thumbs hurt i cry

  7. JW made me bust out the paper and pad and take notes! 😂

    No seriously…

  8. Justin i wish you were apart of our community (smash) dude you are enlightened.

  9. I wanna get good at fighting games but dont wanna wind up looking like this guy 💀

  10. I am on the verge of crying, no matter how much I play I just cannot win and it's not like I don't know what I'm doing, it sucks to be so bad at a thing you love so much

  11. I like this video but I need to watch the video before this one lol. What is "with punish", "range of normals"?

  12. I play zoning characters a lot and a very patient player. The higher I go up in ranks, the more anxiety I get and start to turn away from playing as much. I notice myself feeling cornered or out of options 24/7 when going against pro rushdown players that are somewhat better than me, no matter how many mind games I try to pull on them.

  13. Hey Justin this video made me 10 x better at fighting games salute 🫡

  14. This video is phenomenal. Corner stone for understanding fighting games in their essence!

  15. I’m going to need a arcade stick controller

  16. How does one counteract cheap players when you are trying everything you learned from cross up’s cancel into specials yet cheap players will always prevail which I’m stumped 😂

  17. Lol omg when the dude put his face in his hands and Justin noticed then looked at the camera and nodded was hilarious, Justins like "it's game" lol

  18. WB the reality of the situation you learn a good combo everyone is so damn good you get perfected everytime? And this seems to be the cycle. . .

  19. I've never been into fighting games. I've been Sim Racing for the last 15+ years.
    I recently built an emulation arcade for my grandkids and we were looking up some special moves for Street Fighter. Thanks to UTube I've now discovered Justin and EVO and all kinds of fighting stuff that I never even knew existed. Only time I ever really tried at fighting games was back in the original Mortal Kombat days. A cousin of mine had the nes or maybe the Super nes and we spent one whole summer trying to beat the game. We finally did it but it was very hard. I think we learned maybe 5 or 6 specials between the two of us.
    Fast forward to today and I see all these videos and learn about this community and I wanna get into all this. I just don't know where I should start. Should I jump straight into the lastest Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat or should I explore the classics first. Are they even relevant to the games today? Is there a better place to start or should I even bother. Are these fighting games to dependent on high-twitch reactions for someone over 50 to get good at? I do have a copy of SF4 a racing buddy bought me as a gift several years back. I think steam says I have 7 hrs in it… so I must have tried it out at some point. Is that a good starting point? What about controllers? Should I learn on a stick or go with the PS4 controllers I keep reading about?

  20. I'm always torn between fighting with joystick or the directional pad. Sometimes the results vary, but I think certain characters work well with either option. I'm a proud button masher, though every now and then I'll make an attempt to figure out a few moves and combos. I recently got back into fighting games, as the graphics and gameplay are more appealing than before. I'm now able to enjoy the game play, since removing my anger from losing all time. Much obliged for insight 👍🏾🤛🏾

  21. Those are actually good noob friendly advice. My friend is just starting fight games and this is one of few videos that actually help understand the real basic.

  22. Number one rule, be a tricky asshole 😂

  23. i’m really happy i found this video because sometimes i find it hard for me to improve on certain fighting games so i know for sure this video is gonna help me with just that so i will 100 percent check out more of your videos

  24. I haven’t watched yet, but if it just says practice for 30 minutes imma be pissed

  25. Learned a lot from this! Especially when it comes to the headspace i don't feel like its talked about a lot. All i would usually hear is "dont be nervous."

  26. just used this video as a reference in a college essay loll

  27. It is frustrating when you are playing a fighting game which demands a high level of dedication and skill to pull off strong combos. SF4 being a good example. The shoryuken focus cancel into ultra for Ryu in SF4 is difficult enough of a combo that most people, even through steady practice, will not be able to pull off it consistently. There are other games, such as the Mortal Kombat series, that has a combo system that is easy enough so that most players will be able to pull of some of the best combos as long as they are willing to take the time to practice them.

  28. The end of this video alone is worth watching from the beginning lol

  29. When learning a new game, looking at your input data in training mode can be VERY useful indeed, you will see many unnecessary inputs. Of course, the goal is to get rid off them! That's one of the most important things in FTGs imo.

  30. Random comment but i have noticed that i play a tad better if i just DON'T use my special attacks, it seems like i just don't know how to use them

  31. Bro when I'm fighting Johnny cage in MK1 and we are both 2-2 on the final match point I am SWEATIN I'm dropping combos and forgetting to call in my kameos and everything

  32. Whiff punishing into a full combo is one of the most satisfying feelings 👌

  33. Bro thank you sooooo much for explaining execution. I just had my 40th Bd and felt the pull to go back and relearn SF2ST. And holy shit that game is so hard to do a combo. I have such a hard time just doing a fire ball. I still can't get a DP out regularly. The idea of cancelling is still hard to understand But really appreciate you explaining the concept.

  34. Thanks for this, I’m absolutely loving Mortal Kombat 1 and I’m spending way too much time as my main character Liu Kang learning the game specifics and not the general fundamentals that will carry me through all fighting games I want to play and not just MK1 so thanks for this video.

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