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Since you guys REALLY liked my video on how to get better at fighting games, I decided to make another one on how to beat someone better than you. If this guide helps or if you guys like my “how to” videos and want more, please let me know on the comments below. Your feedback is much appreciated! Experience classic action: Play golden axe new game online today.

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  1. Question: How do you practice those fundamentals?

  2. What it took for me to get good: lab a lot. Stop mashing, learn combos, study frame data, know what's plus on block and practice counters of all sorts. To the same effect, play my main against EVERYONE ELSE in the roster to know how my moves fare against theirs; how else will I know if it's my turn or if it's a frame trap?
    Finally, having the nerves to take hits. It takes a lot of willpower to stay focused and read a situation without worrying about it too much.

  3. Thanks for the tips.

    I'm glad Bryan hasn't changed that much from past Tekken games. He has evolved a lot, yet not changed much (if you see what I mean)
    I feel like I've always known how to play him, even when a new game came out. Such a great feeling.

  4. As a martial artist and instructor, I can tell you that fundamentals apply the exact same way in actual combat. A strong foundation will always outshine flare.

    "I fear not the man who's practiced 1000 moves 1 time, but the man who's practiced 1 move 1000 times."

    – Bruce Lee

  5. Interesting always hearing a master talk about stuff like this!

  6. But what if the person better than me… also saw this video

  7. Shoto= Shotokan Karate= Ryu, Ken, Sean, Terry Bogard, Kyo, etc. Basically brawlers with fireballs

  8. My best friend has good fundamentals. My main is Ken and I know Ken way better than they do. However, their fundamentals is so much better than mine. So they are able to beat me with any character or picking up a new character.

  9. this applies any complex discipline mastery in general

  10. While technically correct this is sort of like saying "How do you beat someone who's better than you? Just have hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay experience in a variety of fighting games, ez." Like yeah that's easy for you to say but what if your opponent is better than you and has stronger fundamentals? You're just screwed right? Nothing wrong with that obviously, I'm just sayin.

  11. In fact "better than you can mean a lot of things"… one can be bette ron execution, another can read better the game and adapt etc…

    I play SFV at Super Diamond rank, and I think I'm at a point where pretty much everybody is better than me execution-wise (which isn't exactly hard lol), but I still win because I can read and adapt better than most.

    I've noticed that some players look godlike, but are totally lost if the fight doesn't go as they expected, they can pull that crazy 50% health hit confirm, but they're lost if you deny them what they want, many players seem to play like robots.

  12. So when you talk about the neutral game, does that mean using attacks without directional inputs at the same time?

  13. Thanks Justin just sent this to all my friends

  14. Hey dude, I really love these videos. I’m a long time fighting game player, but I only recently started to learn how to play, footsies frame data, etc. etc.. I play KI which is so goddamn hard but that’s why I like it and you’re one of the only people putting out Contant like this

  15. How I play fighting games is blocking, 3 hit combos and lot of patience

  16. I suck at Execution, and Can't Stand Sitting in Training mode. I am a Sets warrior though. I will play set after set after set no problem no matter how many times I lose I keep hitting rematch until I konw what my opponent is going to do before they do and Then I capatilize on their tendacies. I can Barely get 2 Plink dashes in succesion in UMVC3 but can Consistently beat a friend who has that Smovement and Infinites and Aggresive pressure all because I just sit back and block everything and capitalize on the little damage i can do.

  17. As a noobie in fighting games I do find blocking really helpful, but my biggest complaint with it is accidentally jumping when trying to block.

  18. Not gonna lie a little upset Bison not one of the starting characters in SF6

  19. Basically learn defense and observe your opponent so you can apply their strategies in the future

  20. Good advice, good vid…still..don't fret my brothers because devs have taken it upon themselves to make fighting games way easier these days to increase sales. So whoever you are, stay the course, keep your fingers on those buttons and you'll be a champ in no time

  21. "Everybody" is too much people for me to win 😅

  22. In SF6, I rematch with someone until I learn their patterns and tendencies and then proceed to beat them. Then I dip like I haven't lost the last 4 games. You can improve so much with the right mindset, doing this will make you so much better at adapting to a new opponent every match. Blocking their offense will teach you what they like to do and the fundamentals you need to use more to beat them in that specific match, whether its blocking lows or overheads, tech throwing or poking.

  23. legit thought the thumbnail only says HOW TO BEAT SOMEONE

  24. 23:12 sounds like being a good rapper in America, they don’t care at home but around the world you get love!
    This is literally the first video on my learning sf6 playlist

  25. These are great Justin, keep em coming!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing. You can´t imagine how much I´ve improved just by watching you play any fighting game.

  27. I’ve played Third Strike for years. But I had never played it online until a few days ago. For a fact I took some wins from players waaaaay better than me just because (I think, idk) I didn’t play like a typical Ken player and instead focused on footsies and punishing jumps 🤷🏻‍♂️ am I wrong? Fight Me! 😂

  28. If they're truly better, you won't beat them. This isn't Mario Party or Smash with items.

  29. pretty sure this should be titled "how to beat someone at their main game when you're better at fighting games than they are". Why wouldn't someone better than you have better neutral? Or better defense?

  30. Great content, Justin. Now do a video on how to beat someone worst than you. What I mean by that is, players whose decision making is just so imbecile, it throws you off. The classic "randoms". I do way better against good players than against the crazy ones.

  31. I learn the hardway for sure. Fightcade players are a different bread just my opinion of course I lost 32 games in a row in alpha 3😅. And we were the same rank D.

  32. I wish someone can train this poor soul like me in MK, street, mvc and fighter z

  33. Ever since I have focused on fundamentals i have won a lot more games. I don't even know how to do cool combos but i can still give thr othrr person a hard time. The one thing that i want to master first is to throw guard. Prople seem to love their throws especially when you start to frustrate them. 🙂

  34. I’m giving up tournament in always in 20 something placements sure their was one tournament I was one off to be top 16 but no. And today I received the worst beating from my first game eliminated and second game super eliminated

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