How They ACTUALLY Make Fighting Games Easier -

How They ACTUALLY Make Fighting Games Easier

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Many long time fighting game players complain about the genre getting “easier” for new people. This IS true, but most people overlook the things devs do to make the games eaasier. Let’s take a look at them!

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  1. This examination helps me see why Skullgirls always felt weird to me in terms of accessibility, in that on the one hand it's kinda easier (at least for 2011) because of several QoL situations around preventing unblockables, buffering inputs generously, and avoiding inputs besides quarter circle, DP, and the occasional 360 (which also had its own special QoL buffer system to prevent accidentally jumping), but it also has none of the simplifying features you mentioned, except maybe combos off everything. Neutral never gets reset to automatically, and resets mean that oki isn't really a thing, so you are basically constantly holding mix, even while getting hit, unless you can block and pushblock the right move; and damage is quite low, where optimal play is still in the 6-touch range (at least in total, it is split among the number of characters chosen). Not sure about anti-air strength, I don't recall it feeling particularly weak, so that likely also counts.

  2. I'm not sure how jump-ins being too good compared to anti-airs leads to a game being easier? I'd think it just makes offense scarier and harder to deal with using basic tools, which would make the game harder to grasp at a beginner level for the same reason forced resets to neutral are beginner-friendly.

  3. honestly a big fan of the wall in strive

  4. I've been thinking that probably the formula for team games (especially the DBFZ style) might become more popular in the future.
    The idea that individual characters are a lot simpler and easier, and part of the strategy is the team building might be something that has more widespread appeal for people that come from other competitive games. Here in the West especially, almost all forms of pvp games are team-based, MOBAs come to mind. There, characters are typically pretty easy to learn, but the strategy for correct team building supplies some of the missing difficulty.
    I could see more fighting games in the future trying to cater to that demographic.

  5. Good video however I think it should specify that the stuff mentioned makes the game easier to play at a mid to high level. I think real beginners and casuals are the ones who benefit from simple inputs and auto coos.

  6. Melty blood is one case where its an easier game but the dmg output is lower than the last version

  7. This is why I appreciate games like KoF. The game doesn't flat out give you everything.

  8. I recall some guy blasting you in the comments on the “what fighting games are hard” video because you said they’re all hard, but now you’re out here saying how games can be made easier
    That guy was fuckin right make a REAL fighting game difficulty tier list you coward

  9. Maybe I'm the odd one out but i actually dislike high damage games. I'm very much a fighting game noob and find that I the higher damage only makes it harder for me to learn and its less fun as I can get hit twice and die combine this with the speed of Strive (and that its best of 3), I'm not learning much. I think my best games are ones where rounds/matches last longer because I feel like I have time to actually learn what's going on inside of it. Soul Cal 6 and DBZ are good ones for me.

  10. Honestly dbfz has very low dmg for a verses game shit takes forever

  11. I’ve hated the wall the moment I saw it. As a Johnny player, it told me he’d never be like anything prior.

  12. Millia doesn't deal massive damage… Millia does not receive a combo after any hit… I'm telling you, she just feels out of sorts. This primitive game does not allow her to fly.
    Why all these complex setup, wakeup options, if the wall turn everything into neutral. Limited air movement. Character suffered more than others in strive and this is a fact (faust no comments). The damage has already been done. You have started the match, but you have already permanent suffered.
    This game is against you.

  13. Guilty gear will never be the same again. The current trend is to simplify fighting games as much as possible so that any stupid degenerate can get a combo conversion for almost any hit and deal 80% damage, and sometimes 100.

    This sad fashion is in stark contrast to old and flexible characters like Millia, who used to require delicate approach, skill and virtuosity. Now it's all depreciated against the backdrop of spam machines or gorillas. You see everything yourself.

  14. What was the ending theme song it sounds like it’s from melty but I need a name.

  15. High dmg is why I don't play strive, I never thought of it from this angle. I generally have zero issue with simple controls, or most of the other changes people seem scared of, but I don't love big damage at all.

    I always love when you talk about this topic because you will actually say that so much of what people say is bs lmao.

  16. They should quit. Accessibility is killing fighting games. SF6 has stylish mode for gods sake

  17. conversion abillity is huge, fighting games used to take more timing and patience to land a strike. now with ridiculous combos/damage and oki being a staple, you can literally get a single hard knockdown by guessing in neutral and convert it into a round win easily. it makes the game more accessible but it can also feel incredibly stupid and spammy when you lose to someone that has maxed out their mash pressure but has no idea how to block and lacks other fundamentals.

  18. If you connect a normal just show what buttons to press in order to keep the combo going. When you get a counter hit show what combos you can get.

    Converting a hit into a combo is the greatest gatekeeper from giving new players the satisfaction of being able too play.

    Giving full conversion of a hit makes it easier for a fighting game player from another franchise to learn the game but it doesn't help new players get into the game

  19. Great video! I'm pretty new to fighting games but all of these points rung through clear and I have a much better understanding of how they affect the games in contrast to older titles.

    Thanks for this lil talk LK 💜

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