How One Glitch Changed Fighting Games Forever - Rise Of The Combo -

How One Glitch Changed Fighting Games Forever – Rise Of The Combo

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Combos and fighting games go hand in hand, but what if we told you that their origins can be traced back to a glitch that would go on to change gaming forever?

This is the story of how one glitch influenced the way for how we play fighting games today.

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  1. Footnote on melee:
    1. L Canceling is apparently intentional, alongside meteor cancels (and supposedly also phantom hits? Don’t quote me on that though)
    2. Wavedashing was not a glitch, actually. The earliest documented posts on the Japanese smash forum actually contains Masihiro motherfucking Sakurai explaining why it happens, and that it was already known in development (also stating that they left it in the game on purpose). Asum Saus already made a great video explaining it, it’s a pretty funny story thinking about it.

  2. Karate CHamp was so wonderful. it blew your mind when you saw it

  3. Amazing story, I didn´t imagine that it originated as a glitch, combos changed fighting games forever.

  4. Btw I know all 3 street fighter 2 champion edition bonus stage glitches
    Where you finish it but you jump constantly back and forth

  5. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”

  6. This is a rumor that has been debunked many times. Nishitani has been asked it many times.
    "Nishitani: It originated with a system designed to make executing specials easier: 'If players press the button too fast, the move won't activate.'

    After implementing that leniency, we discovered a side effect: It became possible to execute specials after hitting with normals.

    We thought this was quite interesting, and it didn't seem to cause any bugs, so we decided it could be a feature to expand the gameplay.

    It wasn't something we anticipated, but since we decided to incorporate it into the game during development, I wouldn't call it a bug."

  7. Honestly, I personally think combos, while exciting and an essential way of raising the skill ceiling, did have a major negative impact on fighting games, by taking the "fighting" aspect out of the equation. 5:25 to 5:38 illustrates my point: players don't fight each other any more, they hop back and forward poking at each other, looking for a single opening that will allow them to strip away 40% of their opponent's life bar without letting them do anything to stop it. It was something I noticed back when I started playing King of Fighters '98 at uni: my opponents never used anti-air moves for, y'know, anti-air- they spent the entire fight hopping and rolling back and forward trying to land a short jumping light kick that they would chain into a combo which ended with either a move or a super, over and over again. Since I didn't know the combos and wasn't practiced enough to perform them properly, I used the "old school" style of fighting, actually trying to FIGHT my opponent. I usually lost, badly, but there were notable times where I was able to catch my opponent off guard by simply countering their hopping approaches- they'd jump in on my Terry to try and start a combo, and would eat a Rising Tackle. Didn't do much damage, but it threw them off. Sometimes I'd even counter with Power Geyser, which DID do a lot of damage, but being a super nobody else ever used it except as the finisher to a combo. In my heretical opnion, combos, while people find them exciting, reduced fighting games to a sequence of button matching challenges, where you just learn the combos and wait for the perfect time to execute them. It's why I've never had any respect for Tekken, which is just a juggling simulator (it's notable that they demonstrated Tekken with a clip of Leroy, a character commonly KNOWN to be brutally overpowered and too easy to use when he was released until he had to be nerfed, beating up some poor schmuck).

  8. This video sums up why I will never understand the hate Jump Force gets.

  9. People watch old video called ode to two hit combo. You are welcome !

  10. Actually, both wavedashing and L cancelling were intended. They aren't glitches, they're exploits.

  11. Combos are such a good addition to fighting games

  12. I could 4 hit combo opponents to death on sf2 with guile

  13. its like having a poo and a wee at the same time, good combo!

  14. The producers were correct, most people do not figure out combos. Most people button bash.

  15. Sorry to be that guy but wavedashing was intended

  16. Lol, the combo system was a glitch? hahaha, my older brother was the one who taught me how to combo when he brought home street fighter 2. This knowledge was well known and it allowed for skill expression. It made the difference between noobs and pros. You can see an extension of it in games like LOL. It's called animation canceling. Where you simultaneously use multiple moves under the guise of just one.

  17. The standing flash kick combo at 5:36 was always my favourite to pull off on challengers but if you did it wrong you could black out the game.

  18. Now why the hell did you totally skip the truth? You even brought up streetfighter 89/final fight. Capcom first displayed the combo system in final fight. You could break the CPUs guard with the first hit and then link up a series of punches to grab to a couple of strikes to a slam slash through. And let's not blow off the combo system in double Dragon either. All in which took place several years before Street fighter two. I am a huge streetfighter Capcom fan boy but let's not blur history…

  19. This is definitely a streetfighter two fan video. I thought this was going to be focused on combos. Just my opinion

  20. GTO's Vice-Principal car gets wrecked again I see.

  21. I wake up to Steam Gardens every morning so the beginning of the video had me scrambling to turn my alarm off at work.

  22. Who gives the reviews though?….I just knew the narrator might just be a hired

  23. Perhaps that happened to me before I'm sure … I died and somehow I rose up and kept fighting as if nothing happened and I was unkillable

  24. Lexus eh?! The logo looks like the old mazda logo!

  25. I remember playing Street Fighter II with my bros after school.. ah the good ol days

  26. Don't forget about fighting streets the original game. It can be seen in the movie colors with tupac

  27. It's crazy how street fighter is still number one besides mortal snk was ok

  28. so all this to say it is not a glitch it is a feature

  29. Street fighter 2 wad my favorite arcade game when i was 10. Then mortal kombat came out a few years later.

  30. If this happened in modern gaming, the devs would miss it (combos) entirely before releasing the game, release the game as, remove it post release release with a patch, and then ban anyone who took advantage of it.

  31. You can also hit your opponent multiple times with one shiyruken

  32. OMG. What is the music at the beginning from?! It's driving me nuts!

  33. great content but a 3 mins intro isn't necessary, I'd prefer you to treat 2 subjects in a single video than having the whole fighting gamology in intro.

  34. 2:23 So is that not a 2 hit combo? Then SF wasn’t the first to create combos from glitches.

  35. Wave dashing was actually intentionally kept in the game during development according to sakurai, and therefore it can't be considered a glitch.

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