How One Glitch Changed Fighting Games Forever - Rise Of The Combo -

How One Glitch Changed Fighting Games Forever – Rise Of The Combo

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Combos and fighting games go hand in hand, but what if we told you that their origins can be traced back to a glitch that would go on to change gaming forever?

This is the story of how one glitch influenced the way for how we play fighting games today.

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  1. Just FYI L-cancel is actually intentional in Melee. It was a bug in 64 that they made into a feature. The original removed all landing frames entirely while Melee merely cuts the landing animation in half.

  2. What about guiles hidden techniques? Golden stance, invisible throw and machine reset(yes machine reset) and if you screwed up golden stance the game became locked and needed a hard reset(on-off)

  3. The Daigo vs Justin EVO 2004 won't be possible without this.

  4. I'm fairly certain wavedashing was entirely intended and talked about by the lead dev of the game. Kinda get that part wrong

  5. thank you algorithm for bringing me to this channel. this was awesome. and the Amazon studios one too. nice work!

  6. Im sure any 9-12 year old gamer without internet and limited games back then glitched the fucked out some games because of how we mastered that single game is.

  7. I love cool glitches. I used to be pretty damn good at rocket jumping in skate 3. Got quite a few #1 ranked own the spots on ps3 (even though the leaderboards were ALL rocketjumpers lol).

  8. Combo's was carried over to RPGS and MMORPGs in the years to come.

    L canceling was definitely an intended mechanic and also existed in smash 64

  10. Wavedashing and l canceling are not glitches

  11. was glad it was a glitch and not something that they could've copyrighted and restrict others from using it

  12. Its unfair to say that if Capcom didn't do it, no one would. Combos comes naturally to fighting games, I think. Someone would've think about that eventually.
    My first exposure to a fighting game was Art of Fighting, didn't even knew Street Fighter. My first thought when playing it was doing a special move after a normal, but you couldn't do it. I was disappointed as why something so simple couldn't be done.

    If me, a dumbass, thought about it, some other dev surely would too.

  13. Ahh so the reason why I started hating competitive Tekken is the reason why I never liked street fighter…I hate the juggling feature. I agree it creates for more excitement/tension tho

  14. killer instinct is the best fighting combo game ever no other fighting game can compete with that

  15. I had no idea final fight was originally a street fighter sequel.

  16. Honestly that’s fuckin legendary.

  17. l cancelling and wavedashing arent glitches

  18. I hated when I wasn’t even able to move other than block. Damn combos.

  19. The real glitch on SF2 was Guido ‘s “ shadow throw” you get thrown while ur laying on the floor

  20. Button pressing clickity click clickity click click click

  21. TIL two things.
    Combos were an unintended glitch.
    Street fighter 2 has more installments of itself alone than most other games.

  22. Karate Champ, the game used in the movie BloodSport

  23. Wow like the 1000th video about this.
    Smash mechanics were intended even in 64 why lie about something you dont understand

  24. Small correction, L cancelling in smash was absolutely intended. The Japanese manual for 64 mentions it and it's just not something you code in by accident unlike wavedashing which is a quirk of how directional air dodges work

  25. And then Tekken took combos about 10 steps too far….

  26. I'm confused as to whether 'combos' (the ability to string moves together before the enemy recovered from hitstun) or 'special cancelling' (the ability to instantly follow up a normal with a special, ignoring the end-lag of the normal as to enable a combo) is the 'glitch' being described here.

  27. The wave dashing isn't exactly a glitch tho……… It looks more like tech like Tekken with KBD (Korean Back Dash)

  28. I still remember working part-time in a store selling videogames and unpacking our fist copies of SF2 for snes. was my first year at university. nobody really thought it could be done. until that day. then after a while some kids came in who'd discovered the combo glitch. took a few minutes to get the timing straight with kids in the store watching.

    it was the time of super castlevania, super contra, mystical ninja, final fantasy, super mario world. and then there was of course the megadrive. this truly was the golden age of gaming. good times.

  29. Mario Odyssey Music over Red Dead Redemption footage at the beginning of a Street Fighter video.

  30. Surprised Lexus payed to have their product get destroyed

  31. Click bait. The glitch wasn't combos, but special cancelling.

  32. I would go beyond your intital argument of this being the most important glitch in fighting game history (which is undoubtedly true) but the discovery and subsequent invention of the combo is arguably one of the most important inventions in gaming history period given just how many games use combos in some form or another today.

  33. Wow. That explains why Lexus are so expensive!

  34. I jus realized i met nari like 3 years ago at a arcade place that was before i knew he was some what famous i got massacred in street fighter 3

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