How Neutral Works in Fighting Games #guiltygearstrive #streetfighter -

How Neutral Works in Fighting Games #guiltygearstrive #streetfighter

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Song is from Guilty Gear X2 OST- “The Midnight Carnival”

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  1. Pretty important stuff from machabo thanks for spreading it but I mean maybe credit machabo for the gospel? Pretty much all dialogue stemming from the neutral triangle comes from his one doc

  2. BEST NEUTRAL VIDEO EVER!! Simple and quick no overcomplication! Also note: adaptation = conditioning, and adaptation relies on frequency of a pattern / neutral style. There is also yomi which is basically layers of reads

  3. Anji mains can make neutral look goofy with spin threat and baiting and that's beautiful

  4. Why do you look like Arin from Game Grumps? Lol

  5. Or what i like to do dp on neutral negative and positive

  6. I love playing neutral. I'm not good at it but I still love it

  7. …So, what you're saying is… It really is just shimmying back and forth until one of you gets a hit, but its random on what kind of hit you go for?

  8. Very happy to see someone explain this in such detail while keeping it simple too, keep it up!

  9. Soooo I’ve been playing footies this whole time

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