How Infinite Combos Ruin Fighting Games (While Still Being Awesome) -

How Infinite Combos Ruin Fighting Games (While Still Being Awesome)

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They go on forever and ever, but usually, that’s not great for fighting games. In this video, I take a look at infinite combos, their place in fighting games, and a few examples of the communities who had to deal with them head-on.


  1. i dont mind infinites as long as they are hard to do. The possibility of the combo dropping due to a 1f link or a variety of fucked up tight inputs. The combo realistically might drop

  2. If you can nail a 1 frame input every loop you deserve the infinite. No one can nail a 1 frame input 100% consistently, and that's what makes it hype to pull off.

  3. Not really an infinite but my favorite right now is Vanessa's 40 second long combo. it's so satisfying to land in a real match lol

  4. I will not stand for wobbling and any type of infinite combo support

  5. By the way I see as you were talking about glitches you showed off wavedashing wave dashing isn't a glitch in fact Sakurai was the person you discovered and named it

  6. Lmao I remember some flash based dragon ball fighter where practically every character could easily do several infinites, it basically boiled down to who got the first hit

  7. My favorite infinite is the Smash 4 Pac-Man footstool key z-drop/grab infinite

  8. people who defend cheap shit and actively use typically find themselves confused with no one to play with – act like a bitch, get treated like a bitch

  9. God I love melee, and seeing mewtwoking get wobbled is the funniest shit to me.

  10. I can't play skullgirls online even with the lobby equally skilled feature because of all the fuckers doing 70 move combos on me that I can't get out of because it's not repeating a single combo over and over.

  11. And little did this content creator know arcs systems would say “fuck it” and drop super sayain 4 gogeta who has a literal move that instakills because… fuck it x.p

  12. Oh also I might add minus smash bros marvel vs capcom 2 was the big one that I actually strived to learn I wasn’t tournament level or anything but I actually learned which moves did what and I learned to start the match by doing a level 1 Jin gun super 😂OK I MAY HAVE TELAGRAPHED THAT but I loved using Jin and sansan and psylock I learned those characters and practiced them for months perfecting so many moves and button inputs

  13. So you're basically saying that infinites are a flaw the helps mitigate another flaw: unballanced rosters.

    That doesnt make me like infinites any better.

  14. my favorite infinite is the iron man infinite from marvel 2 mainly because of that tutorial video

    we all know the one?

  15. Wobbling is boring and low skill, grinding gameplay to a halt, so smart people who actually enjoy fun ban wobbling so the smart non degenerate people can actually have fun.

  16. “Infinites are usually an oversight.”

    BBCF Hakumen with the TOD in his combo challenges:

  17. [Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts]
    [Darkest hour]
    [Doomed Traveler]
    [Blood Artist]
    [Phyrexian altar]

  18. Marvel 2 and UMVC3 are those games where yea infinites are bullshit, but thats the fun because a good chunk of the cast in each game is bullshit by other games' standards. Its big dumb fun and those games are better for it

  19. I had no idea about slamball but I want to do it now

  20. I want to get a GameCube and melee so I can wobble my younger sibling to 999%

  21. What psycho shaves diagonally? Do you wanna get cuts and ingrown hair?

  22. Okay fellow game devs, here is how to fix infinites. If a combo reaches a certain amount (let's say 25 hits as a random number), then give the person being hit one or more escape options via a button press. Perhaps a dodge and counter options. This also helps lower skilled players that get comboed, and while that runs the risk of lowering the skill sealing, you could find ways to balance it in a way so that higher skill players wanna figure out how to work around it.

  23. I love Fate Unlimited Code's stupid ass infinites

  24. So endearing seeing you all hyped at the EVOs

  25. Where did you come from
    Where did you go
    Where did you come from
    Endless combo

  26. I remember playing Justice League Task Force on the Sega Genesis as a kid.
    Every character in the game had a low kick that caused the opponent to trip in place, and could hit them while they were tripping to cause them to start tripping again.
    Except Superman. He had an uppercut.

  27. I really like KIs approach to infinites, give the opponent some engagement, like with Combo Breakers, allowing a skill check, and giving both players more choices, even during combos. Along with mechanics like counter breaker, and cooldowns from a missed combo breaker, creates a combo system with 2 players, and not just one

  28. Yea I avoid games that thrive off infinites. I’m not having fun when I perform infinites (like Mila from DOA5 infinite before the patch) and I’m certainly not having fun when I get hit by one.

  29. Ryeden?!? You kidding me right? Everything you say after that is in question.

  30. A Hokuto no Ken game where every character is completely broken and the fight is decided when a player successfully hits another seems perfectly on brand for the series.

  31. As I been saying, these so called pro gamers that spam these infinite combos are the same ones that cry about games being trash and that the games are too slow when finally patched. I don't get these so called types since they also whine that the games are too easy as well, so what does it matter so much to combo the shit out of your opponent to quickly rank up? Oh yeah, must be the bragging rights of considering yourselves a gaming god. LMFAO!! But seriously these so called or wannabe competitors are destroying plenty of games out since the existence of the gaming community. I figured it was going to be trouble from the beginning. I've been playing games since the early 90's so I know what I'm talking about. It was always going to be easy for people to spam infinite combos in the past as most retro classics were quite simple considering the early development of mechanics. Now that many games are becoming more esporting tournaments and had to be know it alls in the art of fighting and considering the evolution of mechanics, you all got what you wished for. Now you all were lucky for Tekken but doesn't mean every game is going to play like Tekken and besides it would get very boring for every fighter game to cartwheel and ballerina kicking combo your way to every win! Lol

  32. Infinites remove character depth but add meta depth.

  33. I think the ToD combos in DBFZ make the game interesting. They’re difficult to pull off and make the games already flashy combos look even cooler. I can’t even be mad when they happen to me.

  34. The most fun i had on a fighting game was in Def Jam Fight for New York. There were combos but they weren't a whacky string of ten controls or more to pull out, all the cool stuff you could do was accessible.

  35. A bit of a late comment, but Mila's infinite in Dead or Alive 5 was really funny looking

  36. Some are infinite some ain’t infinite in these games

  37. Infinites are gay and people who support it are even gayer.

  38. Infinites don't ruin fighting games, whoever says that aren't heavily invested in fighters

  39. Wobbling is like making a 3 point using a layup shot

  40. About your UMVC3 section, I'm confused if you're talking about TAC's (which would have been better to talk about in that section because they're the most common infinite I'm that game) or just TOD's that abuse knockdowns. Because as far as I'm concerned: Zero Lighting loops isn't an infinite, it's just (really fucking annoying) a TOD combo

  41. Infinite combos are ok as long as there not easy to perform

  42. Don't know why I find it so funny that you're holding a 2DS in the opening skit.

  43. 2:31 you show dragon ball fighterz with "Developers try to prevent infinites" is the funniest shit. 4:37 People making decisions for themselves? What year is this? With the advent of the internet people just google zero to death combos, and play Simon until they literally fry it into the neurons and just enter tourneys as the same 2-4 characters. Fighting games are fucking dead because of it.

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