How Hard Fighting Game Combos used to be -

How Hard Fighting Game Combos used to be

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Man has anybody noticed fighting game combos are basic as hell ! Like they used to be so complex and now they just so damn simple this is what we think happened 🤣🤣 Like,Comment And Tag 3 FRiends!

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  1. Dragonball budukai on the gamecube was tough

  2. How fighting games like storm 4 were made

  3. for those of you who think he's over exaggerating. try to do a super in the old fatal fury games. he's not that far off. also, this is funny as hell, lol.

  4. Akuma's Raging Demon comes to mind, took me a few weeks to make it second nature.

  5. I once accidentally caused Yushimitsu to fly using his sword like a helicopter in – I believe it was Tekken 2 – and to this day I have no clue what I did, or how I did it.

  6. "man cmon no one can do this shit" literally me in dbz extreme budoten when last 2-3 missions of adventure trynna s rank em but have to fight broly

  7. this is why current generation is almost broken thanks.. dumb ass, thank god we still have Tekken 7

  8. That's how it feel going from mortal kombat to wwe

  9. Great to see people repeat what happened in the video, I'm glad you guys have still more than 5 brain cells.

  10. Man some of those Street Fighter combos and specials are complicated. But i think we can all agree. Regardless of how frustrating it is. Their is nothing more satisfying than nailing an opponent with a Raging Demon and getting a K.O. when they had a ton if health left. 😛


  12. Dbz budokai had helllla combos and tenkaichi

  13. This is how Scorpion was designed.

  14. Can anyone tell me if you experienced this while playing Tekken 2 using Yoshimitsu or King's combo moves?

  15. Thats why i stopped playing fighting games. Everything is a sweat now💯

  16. This is basically me when I be playing mortal kombat

  17. As a Tekken lover I felt him, Paul Phoenix combo flashbacks LoL

  18. Totally accurate. I used to do that with the original Mortal Kombat games. 🤣

  19. Combo: to be continued*

    EA: "It's free real estate…"

  20. I wonder if something like this might not have actually been a factor.

  21. Combo 1: X, Y, B, X, Y, Juggle the controller three times with your feet, Y, B, X, Y, Y, Y, B, B

    Combo 2: Y, X, RB, LT B, B, Throw the controller in the air, Y, Y

    Combo 3: X, RT, RT, LT, LT Break the analog stick & fix it, Y, Y, LT

    Super: Y, B, RB, LB, Y, Y, B, LT, LB, LB, Y

    I'll just settle for the super combo…

  22. So we just gonna ignore that one of the combos had “Destroy the Analog Stick”?

  23. KOF 13 trial combos are seriously like this though…..lp, lk, d,u, sacrifice a live chicken, hpxxqcfhk, stir the koolaid, j.lp,, j.hp, land, qcf,hcb, 360, pp, wait for doordash to show up, kkxqcf hp, into pretzel motion(like if you know what the pretzel motion is =) ).

  24. This is why I stuck with need for speed, sims, and GTA. The fighting games were too much 😩

  25. As a fighting game player those combos look easier than some real combos

  26. yo guys I think this is where Melty Blood Type Lumina got their inspiration for rapid beat combos

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