How Gender is Represented in Fighting Games -

How Gender is Represented in Fighting Games

Rad Chad
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This guy speaks facts but also logic

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0:00 Introductioning
1:53 What is a Gender?
2:49 MEN
4:56 Women
7:00 BIG characters
9:25 Intermission
10:02 Feminine Men: Ash Crimson
11:15 Masculine Women: Baiken
13:25 LGBTQ+ Part 1: Poison
14:55 LGBTQ+ Part 2: Brisket
16:42 LGBTQ+ Part 3: Testament
18:08 G-END-ER

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  1. We need more femboys in the fighting games!

  2. Bridget is probably one of my favorite fighting game characters but STRIVE has caused me to feel conflicted. I personally prefer Bridget as a male character, and that shouldn't really matter, but everyone just argues about her, even though it's worth arguing over. It really doesn't matter whether you want to call Bridget a "he" or a "she", she's a fictional character who won't get offended. The problem is that if you prefer the female Bridget, you get bombarded with transphobic comments, and if you prefer the male Bridget, you get bombarded with comments calling you a bigot. There's no way to win and I just want it to stop.

    Edit: This is just a sleep deprivation-fueled vent.

  3. Oh heavens no, why would you add mental illnesses to a fighting game, I get it they want to get more money and they get that by giving the woke "people" what they want but in the process they destroy everything we love, is it really worth it in the long run tho

  4. Absolutely deranged video essay of a person desperately wanting to beat up more LGBT+ and gender non-conforming people in video games.

  5. No we need strong men and strong women. BUFF EVERYWHERE I LIKE BUFF ALL TIME

  6. The part with johnny joestar and dio over heaven had me laughing

  7. When you were talking about buff men in fighting games, i was reminded why i love Bob from Tekken so much. Hes literally just a blonde fat dude. I love him.

  8. In short: fighting games need more women that look like men, because the Rad Chad wants to be crushed by a man dressed as a woman.

  9. 0:25

  10. Poison was designed as a NewHalf from the start. A trans or man in drag. It had nothing to do with American localization. Roxy on the other hand was a cis woman. This info is widely known.Bridgett also stated that he was always a boy,and was confused by other characters misgendering him as a girl. Changing all of this is silly. Testament is a gear,and was a bishonen desgin. They just made him a waifu so they could sell DLC. They even explained why he dressed as a woman in GGX and GGX2. All of these changes are simply story retcons, to further sales or to modernize the designs n story.or not to upset people. It's rather silly. If they really cared they would make brand new trans characters that are dope. But,whatever. SF6 is out.

  11. Poison really be transition goals holy heck shes hot.

  12. I first saw Ash Crimson and legit thought he was a woman.

  13. This video is so awesome, thank you for this really

  14. When you asked for a freaky lady, Street Fighter 6 delivered with A.K.I. Juri’s sadism is because of trauma and as a way of coping, A.K.I’s sadism is just because she’s a complete psycho. As Maximilian Dood described her, “she’s unfixable”.

  15. Ermac: I identify as they/them not because I'm non-binary but because I'm literally multiple souls

  16. Sakura (SF) is crying in a corner as a Tomboy.

  17. Bloody Roar be like [Does a boar lady in the first gane who's fat but doesn't bring her back in the following games as a playable character… At least Sheena is cool]

    I do dig Kum as bassicly a kind of Korean Noriko/Gunbuster.

    ABA is the freakiest lady in all of Guilty Gear, and I love it… Would be glad if Arc-sys brought her in Strive with the human form of her key as bassicly the ghost dancers from Castlevania (the charge imputs imitating impulses you make when you do valse or something like that).

    Masculine Women (as in tomboys), my beloved.

  18. Idk I'm okay with how things are now, not that I'm against Lqbtq+, I just like how it is.

  19. Incorrect. Sorry bro but I don’t believe in gender 🗿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    I’m a God believe’n Bible read’n AMERICAN and all your scientificly incorrect bull won’t change that. (: if you want to know why I believe Christianity is true I recommend mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis it’s a great book

  20. It all depends on each game's concept.
    By the way, Cammy, Sakura, Karin, freaking R. Mika… all of them have shown to have big abs and rather muscular arms in official artwork and the models of SF4, SF5, etc.

  21. Such a good video, more representation in fighting games please

  22. I don't care what gender they are as long as they can throw hands.

  23. Weird that havent brought up the most based Tekken character: Leo.

    They give such little fuck about gender classifications that they just state "Leo is Leo".

    I fucking love Leo.

  24. Guilty Gear does have "freaky" girl characters – namely Justice and A.B.B.A, but Justice is more of a boss than a playable character, and A.B.B.A hasn't been in any of the newer titles.

    I think Skullgirls as a game does a decent job of filling in some of the gap in regards to "Freaky" girl/ women characters.

    You have the standard girl/woman with an abnormality – Ms. Valentine or Annie. You have more abnormal girls like Squigly and Fillia, and then you have body horror monsters and eldritch horrors like Painwheel and Double

  25. 9:17 Hisako from killer instinct is a good example of freaky monster lady

  26. This man said Queen and LaDiva fukken teleported into the middle of the video


  27. I don't think I've ever seen a video essay where the speaker goes "you know what you know this already you dum dum" and then drops a concept

    I love it

  28. This ended up being longer than I thought. The only thing I never thought made sense about Testament, particularly new one, was that the whole explanation for androgyny was because he, when he was human, was forcibly turned into a gear, and became a they. While yes this makes sense in concept, it doesn’t given the rest of the cast in context. With one of the biggest examples being Sol himself. He had a similar fate and retained his male identity. Hell, Aria who became Judgment, Testaments master, went SOO far more Gear than he did and transcended humanity to a significantly greater degree, yet she still identifies as female. A female in giant robot armor but female nonetheless, especially when you look at her mental projections of herself and what she is beneath the armor. So why is Testament the exception when seemingly every other character who has similar circumstances doesn’t become like him? I get the design choice, it’s Marylin Manson inspired, but from a story perspective, I don’t get it.

  29. I love Ladiva cause she’s the first character to ever make me sexually confused it took me a month to find out she was a girl and took me another month to say she without confusing myself

  30. Believe it or not but gay men or women can throw hands like in real life also monsters can throw hands

  31. 18:08 i honestly cant tell if this is a joke or if the creator is serious

  32. Noel was mentioned, my day has been made

  33. I'm pretty sure there's way more freaky ladies in Skullgirl than just Double. Filia already is pretty weird and don't let me even get started on Peacock

  34. I don't care, I still loving Bridget and Testament

  35. I think the west should not have any input or influence in any type of design. Since we're shit at it and feel the need to validate people that need help.

  36. I was waiting for Leo from Tekken to show up.

  37. HEY, Makoto has muscle definition! She also has her tits falling out of her top because Makoto The Tiddy Squirrel(she is cute)

    Ladiva meanwhile IS Queen shit, the benefits of drawing from a gacha roster is that you can pluck a lot of weirder concepts out of thin air because the design doesn't Start in the Fighting Game Design Space, Ladiva was never meant to be an FG character(despite the clear wrestler aesthetics etc) and that has an effect, she's also one of the oldest characters in GBF's roster, since by my recall she released in launch year, which was over 9 fucking years ago

    Why the fuck did you not link Marci's twitter?

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