How Fighting Games' greatest villain met his match in an unlikely rival. -

How Fighting Games’ greatest villain met his match in an unlikely rival.

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Thumbnail photo provided by Robert Paul, make sure to check out his twitter for more great esports photos!!

We’re back with another episode of Great Moments in Fighting Game History!! Today we’re covering a match in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (UMvC3) between the 2012 Evo winner Filipino Champ and the 2015 Evo champ KaneBlueRiver (KBR). There’s a lot of ups and downs throughout this first to 15 money match, so I hope you enjoy the video!

Video sources:
fchamp interview on Daily Dot:
fchamp interview with Yipes:
fchamp vs Unknown:
Evo grand finals 2012:
Evo grand finals 2015:
winter brawl ft15 grudge match:
winter brawl grand finals:

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  1. Fchamp's response of "Waaaaaaaaaooooow" was so funny back in the day my friends and I made it our own little goofy inside meme

  2. I didn't even knew we Chileans had an EVO champ, happy to know about it

  3. Everyone hates it when the trashtalker is talented so it is natural for everyone to. find this satisfying.

  4. Mis repetos para al chileno.. CBR el gano.. y me gusta ver como FC desespera.. asta el Yipes lo save..🤗

  5. Bruh as a filipino that F champ is really good but… The attitude is ugh

  6. The classic: A massive ego paired with the absolute most meta slave team possible and extremely readable playstyle. Glad to see KBR was able to push through, get the download, and adapt. Who has the better mental and versatility is abundantly clear after seeing these two matches.

  7. Is he a Filipino? Or just a username?? Coz that Is not a characteristic of a typical Filipino, we are usually humble in defeat or in win, not thrashtalking the opponent!!

  8. Thank you for explaining everything so well. Really enjoy it

  9. When the commentator stopped being neutral and start rooting for you … you know you did something right.

  10. I like how he does fight commentary on top of their fight commentary. At least mute theirs knucklehead

  11. Yeah! Put that arrogant ass in his place!! 💪

  12. Im jus gunna say it this dude got to the top players in the world by playing like a bitch with the most meta characters 🤣

  13. That Pilipino dude needs someone to rearrange his dental work.

  14. God DAMmmmmMMmMm wheeeere hulk at !!!
    Gamma crunch

  15. For someone who fights smart ppl and boasts his intelligence he talks like a fuckin 3rd grader lol. Cant stand trolls man shit talkin is fine but this draggin it out shit is crazy

  16. Idk, at some point I feel like you gotta be banned for bad sportsmanship.

  17. Saludos desde chile, que grande el kbr

  18. How can I play this game at home? What console and setup? Are they using an arcade emulato

  19. Yipes made this match even more hype. My favorite fighting game pro and commentator

  20. KBR was the hero we all needed during this time lol

  21. Congratulations BlueRiver!!! So proud of you!! from Philippines

  22. I miss this era. Had the Xbox 360. It was either UMVC3 / SFIV / MVC2 and Third strike had a nice online at the time / also the fighting games from other companies KOFXIII / Soul caliber 5 / SFVsT which was not that good lol/

  23. The fact that everyone always wanted FChamp to lose was hype back then, the trash talk got people together 🤣 We need more of these in FGC

  24. I don’t play this game, but Jesus this was very fun to watch, amazing comeback

  25. >uses dark Phoenix cheese supreme
    >talks mad shit
    How to spot a garbage player

  26. KBR reminds me of this quote: "Show weakness when you are in position of strength."

  27. the end was so wholesome when everyone ran up to hug and congratulate him, there was even a dude crying lmao

  28. Fchamp isn't dumb, he knew that blueriver was downloading his gameplay in the ft15 session, that is why he felt disrespected and taunted him

  29. That was crazy bro this world is big enough to have talents all over some people don’t get the privilege to join these tournaments wow

  30. This wouldve been funnier if someone shoved FChamp off the stage before everyone rushed the stage.

  31. To be honest idgaf about MvC3 but it's always nice to see a big mouthed idiot gettin owned

  32. and KBR still shakes his hands showing respect. This, folks, is class in its finest against f champ's childish lazy immaturity. like the announcer said, justice👍🤣

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