How fighting game updates worked BEFORE patches.... -

How fighting game updates worked BEFORE patches….

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With talks of season 2 of Guilty Gear Strive, the chat asked me about what fighting games were like before patches. Some people don’t like it, some do. How do you feel?

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  1. Learning just now that I spent more on BlazBlue than I did on DBFZ was kind of surreal lol. Never broke down the math myself before. Strangely it felt like the opposite, but when I think about it it makes sense. On one hand BlazBlue cost a lot, but the steep price is spread out over the course of a couple years whereas DBFZ I got in late so I bought everything up at the get go and paid full price sooner. With BlazBlue I never really worried or thought about how much the next version of the game/character would cost, so it just wasn't something I was thinking about.

  2. companies used to exploit you by selling you the same game seven times, now they do it through Season passes!
    Why else do you think they dont let you try out characters before buying them?

  3. Patches is better than what we used to have.

  4. The patch age is better than the old era for consumers for sure, but the nature of how updates are made has definitely changed. People are still expecting the old style of Sign to Rev or CT to CS level changes without having to pay for those changes. Just look at anyone thinking that Strive is gonna get new moves, FBs, huge sweeping changes etc etc

  5. Damn that thumbnail is heat 🔥🔥

  6. I can't express how great I felt when I was able to buy Rev2 as a downloadable update on PS3 and it just got free updates from there. I honestly hated my BlazBlue buying experience enough that it was part of the reason I was turned off from the series by its end. It was like they went from parodying how Street Fighter was released to just being it.

  7. Great video. On a side note, imma need a LK OST playlist at some point. My mans always has the best video music.

  8. 6:00 i mostly get physical copies for game preservation purposes and iirc some the older games have an option to play an older version

  9. the only cool thing about it was the cool names they got

  10. People talk about how the modern era of selling DLC is better than having to buy a brand new version of the game for full price when in reality they both add up to be the same price. Worst is that games like Skullgirls would have you buy the game ONCE, and each new edition that came out (SDE, Encore, Encore 2) would be free in addition to the fact that each new character would be FREE for the first 3 months.

    Stop being a slave to JP FG devs. They can't even put proper neutral in their games; what makes you think they can implement a proper consumer model?

  11. yeah tb to when there were hard versions of games and had to wait for non arcade releases

  12. Those BB DLC Characters we’re $8, not $5. That total price should be at least $400 lol

  13. Me as an actual Boomer who used to play KOF in the arcade days : Updates??? Patches???

    Hahahahahaha we just waited for the new one every year and then stick with 2002 and the modded versions until the arcades died

    Now if they decide to make a decent netcode i might try 15 for nostalgia reasons, they got my money on angel alone already

  14. The different names for different versions of the same game is so disorienting to new people too, especially when they're Japanese "made up nonsense thats supposed to sound cool" names with 2 or 3 addendums like Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 or Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R.

  15. I get what your sayin LK but where is the triangle strategy review?

  16. As a turbocasual at the time, the Blazblue buying experience definitely put me off. Knowing that there'd be another version just around the corner didn't sit right with me, so I focused on other games. Yes, I missed the 'in the moment' experience of X character being really good in this version, and another rising to prominence in another, but considering I was not competitive at all, that's probably a good thing. Its also why I stayed away from Xrd: sign and rev:1 because I thought they were just doing the same thing. I eventually bought into Rev2, and have been happy with it, but it felt like you still needed a spreadsheet to figure out what was in what version. Clearly they were in the transition period at that point, and I'm far happier with the model now.

  17. sf4 had edition select which allowed you to play sf4 vanilla, super, arcade, arcade update, and ultra 100% was amazing you could even play vs vanilla characters while being on the newer patches would be really cool to see something like that again

  18. Put my teeth in and wave my walkin stick DLC used to be called TIME RELEASED CHARACTERS BACK IN MY DAY. They actually used to patch 3d games in the arcade. Tekken 3 had like a dozen. MK 2 had a bunch. They sent out the kits and the maintenance dude came in and swapped out the boards every few months. Very first console update goes to vf2 or alpha2 on the Saturn i believe.

    But yeah for 2d games it was actually worse. They had an arcade release that ate your money up, then 6mo later a brand new game while the old game went to console port and making console exclusive versions that differed in quality and content.

  19. Idk why but LK enthusiastically pointing out that the calculator on screen as "THIS IS A CALCULATOR" made me laugh more than it had any right to.

  20. Remember when fighting games used to release with stupid shit before patches and the entire community would just have to deal with it? good times.

  21. u dropped the ball so hard not making the acronym for BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, BBCSEX

  22. I remember paying sixty bucks for BBCS2 for two characters just to play the game online (granted I ended up maining Relius). So nice that you don't have to have all the characters just to go online nowadays.

  23. 3:33 bold of you to assume valk didn't also make me think I was a furry

    I mean look at that astral

  24. Old days where games dont get update pathes that's not that long ago it's still PS3 and 360 Blazblue continuum shift got released 3 times they could do patches but you could just buy the game again another $60 It just makes fighting game scary specially anime fighting games spending money on a game thats alive for 2 months and then pay again a year later

  25. God it wasn't that long ago that even highly anticipated games from japan you had to wait like 6 months for it to get localized. I'm so glad global releases are the standard now.

  26. I used to import all the new Guilty Gears on PS2. Needed an import PS2 or had to mod your console in a weird way. Import prices were always a premium and no/worthless online so rarely had people who were playing it. Just had to hope you were good enough when you hit the major tournament.

  27. Those late Blazblue releases in the west (and shitty online) killed my drive to play FGs and sent me to the FFXIV retirement home. Arcsys's rollback crusade starting with Strive and +R finally got me to come back.

  28. I think the fact people think "dlc is bullshit" is such a hilarious thing. How is MORE CONTENT bullshit? Do you not want our genre to compete and be relevant in the market? We need content, metas need to stay fresh, games need to regularly bring player counts up. DLC accomplishes all the important goals we need. Quit being upset that you're not willing to spend money to get a DLC character, and then be upset if they come out good or smtn. Just support the damn game, if we want our genre to stay around, we should put out money where our mouths are. I personally just always get all the content because i want more fighting games lol

  29. Thumbnail is what GGS rerelease would be like


  30. this topic's been a long time coming! 😲
    thank you for the lesson, LK-sensei 🙇‍♂️

  31. folks in the comment section are discussing 🗣 the market effects of the different update sales…
    it wasn't really the point of the video, but i swear free updates & humbler DLC prices mostly 😌 benefit the community.

    a lot of ideas are floating around, people making comparisons of new & old cultures and pricing schemes…
    but we all need to draw the line when companies charge us $5 for frame data & tell us it's fair. 🚫
    don't forget that businesses have business 🕴 interests & corporations would sell out the whole FGC if they could.

  32. I'm surprised he didn't include BBtag, lol…

  33. It’s definitely a lesser evil for sure, you can always play the game with new updates. People be like “rip off” mean while back than and free to play people be spending thousands but people don’t realize it because it’s slow overtime. Or back in the day 60 brand new for content and like 2 new chars. Way better now for sure.

  34. The comparison between BB and DBFZ is kinda cap though since you're comparing a series that started in 2008 to a 2018 single game. Being a third as much after existing for 10 years less is pretty woah

  35. P4A was a good release for the time… unless you were EU which released almost a year after JP release

  36. strive [xrd faust 41236K]install


  37. Guilty Gear -STRIVE FWRD-
    Guilty Gear -STRIVE FWRD: Re(loaded)-
    Guilty Gear -STRIVE FWRD: Re(BURST)-
    Guilty Gear -STRIVE FWRD: Re(BURST)- Definitive Edition

  38. A lot of these issues aren't necessarily linked. Season passes and patches being a thing isn't why we get game globally at the same time now. We could still get games released globally without patches. And with BB, with the exception of the Extend versions, each update was a major overhaul to the game. Going from BBCT to BBCF is like going from SFA1 to SFA3. Would it have been better if they just updated SFA1 to SFA3? Would they have made the major changes to BB if they did it as patches rather than full versions, or would we be playing as Jubei with guard libra and earning burst stocks after a losing round? You also undervalued the DLC prices, My man.

  39. BB DLC was $8 a character. I remember ppl being od tight about that.

  40. Off topic from the convo, but I like you having other players' match footage going on in the bg if you really dont have anything relevant to show. its fun filler. maybe lower the game volume, but not entirely necessary

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