How an Online Prodigy Made Gods Bleed: The Next Great Fighting Game Player -

How an Online Prodigy Made Gods Bleed: The Next Great Fighting Game Player

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Going into Final Kombat 2020, one name was on everyone’s lips: NinjaKilla.

NinjaKilla was an online warrior who many thought couldn’t cut it on the tournament stage. But in his first year of competition, he made it all the way to the world finals.

But one person threatened to tear down everything NinjaKilla worked all year for: SonicFox, the undisputed greatest Mortal Kombat player of all time.

Written and narrated by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)
Edited and shot by: Matt Massey (@mattjmassey)
Graphics and animations by: Fermin Mulett and Brandon Mistele

Footage Courtesy of:

CEO 2019
Courtesy: Mortal Kombat (YouTube)

Evo 2019
Courtesy: Mortal Kombat

East Coast Throwdown
Courtesy: Mortal Kombat (YouTube)

Final Kombat 2020
Courtesy: Mortal Kombat (YouTube)

Intro Final Kombat
Courtesy: Mortal Kombat (YouTube)

Joker Trailer
Courtesy: DC

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  1. The rabid soldier dewailly camp because burst problematically unite underneath a real trousers. cold, momentous hydrofoil

  2. Yo shout outs to the homie with the coheed and cambria shirt. one among the fence

  3. Bro imagine if ninjakilla played back in mkx he was straight god tier in that game

  4. This might be the bext explanation of knowledge vs skill. There are some things only age can teach.

  5. I hate these videos where sonicfox just destroys

  6. Still odd he is a furry though can never get behind it. 🤷

  7. SonicFox making everyone call him "They" is the most in character thing ever, because he's literally a cry-bully.

  8. Seeing sonic and killa exchange smiles during the match is what I love about the FGC just wholesome moments of two high level players having the time of their lives being tested :3

  9. i just rolled my eyes when sonicfox supposedly """came out""" as enby because, based on everything i've seem from this guy's personality type, i'm confident he's just doing it for attention. it's just too convenient of a way for someone like them to seek clout

  10. An orange with a Capybara underneath it. says:

    Sonic sounds like young Eddie Murphy

  11. broth man i know u are young and there is a lot to experience in this 'so called' life, but if u have a real connection with said partner maybe go strait into career mode holmes. cuz regardless of jackboi crackin jokes or wutnot bullshit prolly been said. chang'e is a fine female and if her personality is still close to what i remember she very nice catch mate.

  12. I don't even play Mortal Kombat but I used to and I love to watch it. Idk how I feel about the best MK player being a furry though tbh.

  13. not bieng mean or anything but sonicfox when he speaks to the camera is kinda a little sycho but its fine

  14. Put me Ghost Rider on MK and i Will destroy everyone :V. Excellent video!.

  15. lmao IM THE BEST, ME, FUCK YOU KID. thanks gg

  16. The fact the announcer calls Sonic by 'They & Them'… and Sonic doesnt go by 'We & Us' Triggers me

  17. Killas playstyle is far more entertaining to watch, that's why i prefer him over fox

  18. SonicFox is why we need to bring back bullying

  19. Who else came back just to say "ThE pOwEr Of FaMiLy"

  20. these people will make u uninstall if you play against them, you wont even kno what happen to your game when u turn console back on

  21. Sent request to ninja and he added me plus answered my msg. Says alot about his character. I watch this like I didn't watch it live type shit

  22. Ha! He's a damn one trick pony! I have absolutely zero respect for anyone who can only play one character, even more so when that character is completely broken. Seriously, he's just another basic one trick pony scrub using a completely broken character…ZERO SKILL ZERO RESPECT 💯

  23. Here I am 23yrs old getting scolded by my parents by playing games

  24. Gotta say even on a loss Sonic always looks like he's just playin games at home with his friends. Ninja is gonna push him hard though and with his family behind him he's gonna do great things.

  25. I thought this video was about the new guys… those random pushes for SF were badly placed

  26. Is literally everyone in the gaming scene non-binary? I'm super confused as to why everyone is referring to literally every other person as "they".

  27. So many people confused by Sonic's use of "They". He's a biological male in terms of sex. In terms of gender, he doesn't strictly identify as male or female, so instead of he or she, Sonic uses "they" as a singular pronoun. That's the entire explanation. It's kind of astonishing that gamers have difficulty with that, yet will say the plot of Metal Gear Solid 2 is fairly easy to grasp. Also gamers: infer over 300 pages of non-stated Dark Souls lore by autistically sperging out over every item description and minute detail to try fill in the massive gaps in the narrative.

  28. I support my son completely playing super smash bros ultimate I already paid for his buy in and hotel room for us at CEO tournament in December in Orlando for the entire 4 days because I believe in him

  29. no matter what video i watch about fighting games sonicfox is one of the best

  30. his family looks like they really care for his schooling and future that is excellent

  31. that fact ninjakilla managed to even beat sonicfox once at FK was incredible

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