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Hellish Quart: The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game Ever Made?

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Is Hellish Quart the Bushido Blade successor we’ve all been waiting for? The demo for this 17th Century realistic 3D sword fighting game is now out on Steam, with the lead developer being an ex-senior animator for The Witcher 3!

Hellish Quart releases on Steam Early Access on 16thy February 2021 and will feature 5 playable characters, 6 arenas and a story cinematic teaser.


  1. I don't like the aesthetics . Like this Mongolian, Prussian or whatever vibe these have. I would have preferred a more defined style like European medieval knights or Japanese feudal period with samurais.

  2. Why would you stretch from 4:3 letterboxed wide-screen to wide-screen to get black bars and hideously stretched video instead of just zooming to get full screen wide-screen with the correct aspect ratio? Literally doing nothing would have been slightly better than what you did.

  3. Gonna still wait forever for Bushido Blade sequel. This one could solve everything in o e round, but no… Yet, still interesting.

  4. Ngl ,this looks like a 2017 simulator game, but it's too early for me to start judging it😁

  5. I wud rather play bushido blade any day and alota people hav never even played bushido blade

  6. Love the concept but I don’t like the character models. I still wanna play this though!

  7. Imagine a game of Star Wars with a battle like this … 🥺

  8. This reminds me of samurai showdown when they mad it 3d 😆 more real life but. Definitely

  9. I dunno… Its crazy that Bushide Blade is still looks to have better gameplay than this IMO Gameplay has evolved so little its actually sad.

  10. In memory of man Bushido Brown-
    Oh, wrong video… Nevermind

  11. I hope this has a story mode or open world to it because on its own as it is it will be forgotten really fast.


  13. Looks like it would be a lot of fun with couch co-op

  14. Would be cool if it has dual hand longswords, shields, armor etc. Armor would deteriorate depending on quality of hits so you have to break through it or find vulnerable spots.

  15. This martial skill may be where the word "disarmed" comes from.

  16. Currently taking Sabre in fencing right now, and this looks really accurate! Also wanting to get into HEMA (actual sword fighting), and based on things I learned on my own, this looks even more accurate! Grappling, moving in a circle, (usually) one hit kills, looks like a really great game!

  17. It feels like an empty shell compared to bushido blade.

  18. For Honor is a better swordplay experience, IMO

  19. I hope there is a 1 round mode. Arms growing back for round 2 is weird.

  20. This reminds me of the game the deadliest warrior, pretty fun times!

  21. Looks pretty terrible to me actually 🤣 Not sure about this…

  22. If theres more weapon styles then I could see getting into this. Animation looks very physic-y….. But I love the concept of another Bushido Blade

  23. Bushido blade still plays and looks better change my mind

  24. It's a shame how cdpr's talent scattered during cyberpunk 2077 development

  25. Ever played deadliest warriors on PS3?

  26. I feel like the gameplay is stiff

    I hope they'd make it more smooth

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