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Hellish Quart: The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game Ever Made?

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Is Hellish Quart the Bushido Blade successor we’ve all been waiting for? The demo for this 17th Century realistic 3D sword fighting game is now out on Steam, with the lead developer being an ex-senior animator for The Witcher 3!

Hellish Quart releases on Steam Early Access on 16thy February 2021 and will feature 5 playable characters, 6 arenas and a story cinematic teaser.


  1. The realism of this game is hard capped by the fact that there aren't two players competent enough at it to make it look like actual swordfighting.

  2. The music and the movements makes me wanna call it Prince of Persia.

  3. Slice rice & dice came to a whole new level

  4. Needs a little tweak on damage hits, but this combat system needs to be incorporated into all melee combats in other games.

  5. This is an awesome example of a game that seems easy to pick up, difficult to master, replay-able, simple, fun, and looks great. Glad to see developers going outside the parameters of FPS shooters and platformers.

  6. Witcher 3 + hades … The music is top class ❤️❤️

  7. That Witcher like background music.

  8. should be able to keep hitting them as they go down

  9. Reminds me of the first deadliest warrior game. I wish they'd bring it to pc

  10. This looks amazing. They need to get this on consoles ASAP.

  11. In the comments we cans see many professional swordsman giving thier opinion

  12. Buy four copies of this and you'll have a Hellish Gallon


  13. Hand and arm movements (or possibly animations) look really strange but thankfully it’s early development. Hopefully it turns out to be great and gets released on PS5

  14. I like the idea. But there's one problem: It's not set in Japan.

  15. Should do full plate armor with maces and stuff

  16. 1:26 …when you challenge your older bro but overestimated your skill as the middle bro cause fighting your youngest bro was easy dubs.

  17. That soundtrack sounds a lot like the witcher 3

  18. Bring realism back to games. Simulators can be fun.

  19. This game should be an interesting VR experience

  20. What platforms will it be released on ?

  21. I've been waiting years for a new Bushido Blade.

  22. Ahhh, an animator from Witcher 3… this also centers around Poland… it all comes together.

  23. How long until someone mods a lightsaber into it?

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