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Hellish Quart Gameplay Demo (Realistic Sword Fighting Game 2021)

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Hellish Quart Gameplay Demo (Realistic Sword Fighting Game 2021)

Heliish Quart is a fighting game about sword dueling, in which the blades really clash using physics, and the characters use motion captured fencing techniques. Play as one of many 17th century warriors and use sabers, rapiers, broadswords and many other blades in single player campaign, arcade, or local multiplayer with friends.

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  1. Mortal Kombat: We fight with broken bones
    Hellish Quart: After the round, arms and head grow back

  2. Казаки таки огребли от турков

  3. Uuugh NO …thanks! 👎
    Worst mechanics EVER …

  4. Казаки конечно сейчас не лучшую репутацию имеют… Но реализация интересная

  5. Ha Ha, im from Ukraine and this is funny =)

  6. Looks awesome! that guy with the weird hair and mustache look nasty tho as if he hasn't bath in a week. the shiny greasy hair disturbs me.

  7. Everybody gangsta until some adventurer pulls up a gun.

  8. this is nice but why am i watching this at 3am

  9. the sound of their swords hit looks like they fight with spoons

  10. 2:12 why did red one drop his sword? think this game gonna be Sword punk 1577

  11. star wars mods gonna look awesome in this game

  12. is this a Steam Game ? and about how much ? and does it Require Controllers ?

  13. Kinda interesting, but would become very boring VERY fast as it really has no content or variety etc sadly.

  14. This soundtrack reminding me of witcher 3

  15. Czekam na wersję na Xbox 🙂 biorę w ciemno 🙂

  16. 2:16 You cut his hand off and he started new round with a new brand hand 🙂 Who is he? An axolotl?

  17. With nore work itd be a better version of mortal combat

  18. The animations and reactions to wounds are superb!! I love the flinches and body movement in the fights, always loved gears of war for adding a flinch animation when bullets whizz by. I’m glad that mechanic is in a fighting game (of sorts).

  19. Imagine Guile's theme from Street fighter 2 during gameplay.

  20. This game is utter shit, pretending to be realistic?! If they ever consulted anyone about longsword fencing, than that person sucks. This is full bugs

  21. Bushido Blade 2021, getting very nostalgic. Looks really good too

  22. This is some real next gen shit right here!

  23. I like that there are different stances. That should make this interesting.

  24. This guy can definitely do better with the budget to hire more people. If he worked on the Witcher 3 he knows his shit and just needs to grow this project. Buying the game rn lol

  25. This is exactly how a sword fighting game should be: hyper realistic and uncomplicated. 10/10

  26. I love how they feel it exactly where it hits!
    Can`t wait for the Obi Wan DLC!

  27. 3:30 Groping his nipples stunned him. Which I don't blame him for.

  28. Looks amazing, I wish you would join sucker punch for ghost of Tsushima 2, a pvp duel mode like this would be insane

  29. 2:30
    i see, he knows the secret technique of phasing his arm through his body


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