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Hard Reads: How to Make Time for Fighting Games

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The first episode of the new series “Hard Reads” featuring Patrick Miller. Video starts at 0:40.

Twitter: @pattheflip

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  1. just caught this video, and I just want to say that I will hold this close to my heart. I feel like you made this for me hahaha. Im very much in a stage of my life (mid 30's) where Im focused on being a "responsible adult", which I feel I have done to some degree of success. Have a career, wife, outdoor activities, social circles (outside my local FGC). However no matter how much adulting I try to do, there's always this sense of excitement when I see a fighting game match. Somehow its good to see/hear some affirmation that its okay to not always have as much time for your local FGC coz "Life Happens", and that I shouldn't have to quit being a fighting game fan, just coz i dont get to play or be at the local events as much as I used to when I was younger.
    Thank you and great work 🙂

  2. I’m just bothered about the time thing. The person had 5 hours but used 6, then 5 hours again as the video concluded they’ll use 5 to spare one 1 hour. But then the visual shows the person using 6 hours again.

  3. I actually enjoyed the editing. Good job to the editor.

  4. Nice little plan, but life doesn't work like that buddy. Your forgetting travel time (to and from) locations, as well as time to making your meals (unless your mom does it for you, which IF you're an adult I doubt it) eat-time, clean your shit up (unless your a disgusting ass POS), shit-time (always variable), shower (aka Washing your Nasty Ass up, again unless you're fucking disgusting) and any other daily must do's (take care of pets, your house/home (again unless you're Fucking lazy, Nasty and a big POS) etc.
    I just love how people make these stupidass plans as of life just magical makes all the necessities disappear. Ok time for work PUFF, I'm at work, now time for the gym Puff I'm at the Gym. Oh yeah now I'm hungry PUFF wow look a meal. Man I stink, Fucking PUFF you smell and look SPECTACULAR!
    And if every day is the fucking same as if more shit just doesn't happen to you. Come the FICK ON with this BS!

  5. dude I dont even know where to find my locals

  6. Why does the list of adult priorities include so many tasks involving Ariana Grande?

  7. Eating pizza? thats reasonable goal i can set

  8. The last part about combining your passions was very inspirational. Hope to see more videos from this guy. He has very interesting prospectives.

  9. like the content gerald 10/10 keep it up xD

  10. What if I wanna play fighting games with Ariana Grande? Surely that's #1 on the list.

  11. Is for honored considered a fighting game? 🤔

  12. 2:04 That's litarly me! Except replace work time with school time cuz I'm 14, and make it 0 hours of life cuz I don't have one.

  13. I should be playing figthing games!!!

  14. Uhhh… thanks for the description of my life, and the life advice. But about the question on how to make more time for fighting games… was that a question you planned to answer…?


  16. Yo, Patrick how bout when you have a full time job, a baby, another on the way, a wife wife hormones all over the place and having to have to do all the household chores EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on your own with absolutely 0 help?

    Cause the only solution I can think of is to wait like 10 years when they can handle themselves 🤣😂😗.

  17. it's nice to feel supported by the community, even when you feel bad T_T

  18. What's the deal with "locals"? Don't they realize that locals aren't a thing for most people?

  19. I have no friends that will play/train with me

  20. You call out an example of what makes for a bad goal, but this video essay fails to provide an example of what makes a good goal. Goal-making is a more general skill, certainly, but it would help to give perspective on what a useful long-term goal looks like in the context of fighting games

  21. Never thought that subscribing to a fighting games channel would suddenly help with my irl problems

  22. Streamers are a pay to play service my friend..

  23. jeez all of this is too structered for a timmy like me tbh

  24. I don't even play fighting games; I play rhythm games. But this video is still helpful.

  25. 2:03 oh my god the person described is literally me if you replace the guitar with a piano

  26. It is not safe to jog and play handheld video games at the same time

  27. I literally just bought a planner. yt recommendations is stalking me

  28. if you think it takes 3 hrs per day to get a career in art, you are fucking idiot

  29. Its pretty sad, there are literaly no locals in the entirety of poland

  30. it's a beautiful message of hope for me at times when I feel like the most crappy player on earth, thank you. We need to stick together.

  31. I'd say this advice extends well beyond just games, but also feels more 'absorbable' (for lack of a better term) than a fair amount of the motivational/mindset videos people try to recommend me.

  32. Man, walking 3 hours to and from the arcade to spend bus fair on tokens sounds like a story my grandpa would tell me.
    "I used to walk to locals uphill both ways in the snow!"

  33. if someone could ACTUALLY invent a hyperbolic chamber

  34. he may be a real game designer, but you have better presentation

  35. What about having school homework and studying?

  36. People complaining that theres too much editing and effort lmao

  37. All the locals In my area closed down 🙁

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