GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Trailer#8 - Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable#2 -

GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Trailer#8 – Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable#2

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-GUILTY GEAR : the next entry to the series-

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HEAVEN OR HELL! LET’S ROCK! Having recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, the revolutionary fighting game series GUILTY GEAR returns in 2021 with a breathtaking new game!

2018年にシリーズ20周年を迎えた2D対戦格闘ゲーム「GUILTY GEAR」シリーズ。



  1. i thought it was robo kyle for a moment like WHAT….

  2. I-NO’s new outfit looks like it was made for Smash bro ultimate
    But you didn’t here it from me ok hush hush 🤫

  3. this is the best damn trailer any mortal man could ever do.

  4. So, finally she knows how to use a bra after all these years….

  5. My heart belongs to Accent Core +R but I seriously teared up at 0:57. I mean, the song is so beautiful onwards and speaks to me on a cosmic level.

    Looking forward to buy the OST

  6. Dear developers, please make and choose a font in the game with support for the Russian language. Although the game will not be localized in Russian, but it is always nice to translate it yourself, so it was in the first part of GGXrd SIGN.

  7. This is just my brain talking and honestly I don't think it will happen but, what if a new character was added to strive like Aria under a code name mixing her name and justice, and maybe have some sort of install gimmick like ky and nago where she could have some sort of half justice form

  8. If you can't change the future, might as well fuck with it's past.

  9. What Happens When Bayonetta and Nine The Phantom Do the Fusion Dance

  10. Very nice! Gorgeous animation and "choreography" of fights. BUT! Was it cold when you made this game? All heroes have a lot of clothes on. As if they all live in Siberia. Apparently SJW won in Japan as well. All the girls are in casual closed-toe clothing. Yes, she is beautifully animated, but we loved GG precisely for the beautiful and sexy girls.(except ramlethal valentine. She's wearing shorts. and this is good). I understand that now sexuality is unacceptable. What's next??? Millia Rage plus size ?! My beloved arcsystemworks is so sad. Why don't you love us so much? My universe GG is painted in dark colors. I'm going to play XRD REV2 :((

  11. Ok but, It would be great if strive got a tag team vs mode like in AC+R, but more in a style of vs capcom games

  12. God I can’t wait for this game and it’s soundtrack

  13. I like old hat with original and special design. New hat looks like generic mage hat.

  14. Are we gonna get Jam she was amazing 😢🥰

  15. Man I'm so disappointed the sickass song in this reveal trailer turned out to have vocals. Would have felt cool if the guitar wielding character had the only instrumental.

  16. Please bring back Kliff. The game looks great.

  17. Man I'm kinda sad she wears a bra now lmao. I loved her older design but this one ain't too bad too.

  18. Noticing how they didn’t played the lyrics for her theme in this trailer
    Either they weren't done or they didn’t wanted us to guess shit was gonna get depressing

  19. This trailer is even better after watching Story Mode. Nice job, ASW.

  20. man my ex girlfriend really be ruinin i-no for me wtf

  21. can't get over how she BLOCKS a COMMAND GRAB like????? WHAT

  22. Damn you used to be able to block sol’s dragon install super.

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