Guilty Gear Strive Reviewed By A Fighting Game Noob (Review/Video Essay) -

Guilty Gear Strive Reviewed By A Fighting Game Noob (Review/Video Essay)

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Guilty Gear Strive is a very popular fighting game and me being a fighting game noob, I wanted to see how well it helps newer players to get into the game.

0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Basic Controls
4:47 – Missions
6:54 – Characters (Sol)
9:40 – Characters (May)
12:21 – Characters(Giovanna)
14:47 – Aggression
17:44 – Matchmaking
20:27 – Singleplayer
22:26 – Ost
23:28 – Outro


  1. 21:18 And I guess that's me. Realistically guilty gear at the time of release was too niche for an anime to be profitable. An anthology series would work, however it would end up being unimportant for the plot of this game. However if we ignore budget.The closest to an anthology you could get is probably the story of the first and second guilty gear games.For the first game "missing link" have each episode show the backstory of each character and what lead them to take place in the tournament and what their wish would be if they won. Example: may's episode would show her alone in the ruins of war until she's adopted by Johnny and finds a new family in the jelly fish pirates. Ending with Johnny being captured and May entering the tournament so she can win and ask him to be let free. The semi finally can show the characters they have gotten the audience to care about fight each other. Then the finally can be sol badguy fighting the real big bad then showing how the rest of the characters stories wrap up.The next 2 games "guilty gear x" and "guilty gear xx" have like 3 alternate routes for each character. So you can basically replace it with an anthology anime with each episode being the canon route and nothing of importance would change. The only connective tissue of it would be a 3 episode series following Dizzy. First showing her growing up, pushed out of the village, and finds testament, 2nd with Ky reflecting on if gears are truly evil which ends with him being told about a dangerous new gear who is obviously Dizzy, 3rd with Sol hunting down Dizzy until he's stopped by Ky.Once you reach "guilty gear 2"(a single player moba) we've reached a point where it can't be an anthology. This would need a 12 episode season with sol badguy as the protagonist and a tie in OVA to show how Sin got to hang out with Sol. With every game after this being another season or a movie.If we wanted to do an anthology during the strive era then this is how it would go. It would have to take place before the story mode of strive.Sol: sol hunts down a bounty of a person trying to recreate gears. as we get flashbacks to his pastKy: oddly a political drama as Ky fights for gear civil rights ending with him revealing Dizzy as his wife.Axl: slice of life as he vaguely asks a stranger a "hypothetical" situation which in reality is just his actual dilemma where he can swap time periods with his girlfriend to reunite with her for a brief moment.Faust: honestly anything pls, why was he with chronus in the credits? Alternatively a group of 3 stories as people talk about the scary but kind dr Faust who cured their incurable disease.Ramlethal: Show her picking out her elite team from the B story and how she came to that decision.Jack-O: slice of life where she take sol on a shopping spree.Millia/Zato: them disbanding the assassins guild and establishing the new Post war administration bureauAnji Mito/Baiken/Bedman?: their story is covered in the B story perfectly fine so just turn that into an OVA.Giovanna: literally anything we know nothing about her.Gold lewis: literally anything we know nothing about him. Show how he met the alien in his coffin. Or have a bunch of soldiers tell stories about what they think is in the coffin.Potemkin: honestly. I have no clue. His story arc has basically ended.May/Johnny: have them do a stupid heist.Chipp: idk he tries to find a chef so his kingdom can have authentic Japanese cuisine.Nago/I-no/Happy chaos: they're too important to the plot they have to be saved for the strive movie.

  2. Damn, what a great video.👏👏👏Tbh, the reason I began playing GGST was because the ost went so f*cking hard that after a full month of hyperfixation, with the Christmas steam sales of last december I bought everything (full games + dlcs) because even if up until that point I never played any fighting game, I wanted to try it out… Luckily I had a friend who sherpa-ed me through the basics and almost 5 months later and 90h in I'm loving every second.Also, I should add that I'm a really good Souls player (to the point of trying a SEKIRO inmortal no-hit run and getting close to make it, like pb 2) and when my friend was teaching me he was surprised of how easy I could do red roman cancels and dodging ult etc wich motivated me to keep learning even more + I usually go around GGST servers to play against high level players because I think of them as boss fights and beating them even if it's just one round give me the same feels as beating Ishin inmortal from sekiro or Malenia from ER.Currently maining Ky (I know it's a 5 star character but it's the one that I began with and feels sooooo good to play, at least for me) on floor 6 and I'm just gonna say that buying this game was a right choice (buying the full + dlcs I'm not sure jejejeje) cuz of all the great moments this game gave me not only with friends but with random guys at 5a.m. on discord calls around the world are unreplacable.…Sorry for lotta text but reallly loved the video.😎🤙

  3. 19:20
    OH I can actually tell you how promotion and demotion is determined.

    The game separates your matches into groups of 6, if you win 5/6 then you get promoted, if you lose 5/6 then you get demoted.

    These group of 6 games carry between sessions. So if last session ended with you winning 4 times in a row, then you can win 1 game and be promoted.

    This carry over makes it very hard to keep track of if you're in a new group of 6. You could win 6 games in a row but they could be split between 2 different groups so you won't be promoted example (L L L W W W) (W W W) this will not get you promoted because the most recent group of only has 3 win and 0 loses, you would need to win 2 more and can only lose once. THe amount of wins you need to get in a row to guarantee a promotion is 9 wins. Example: (L L W W W W)(W W W W W) this will get you promoted because you won 5 times in the newest group.

    Now once you change floor you are guaranteed to begin a brand new group of 6. So this is the best time to start keeping track. I have been able to correctly predict when I'll get promoted or demoted using this knowledge so it should be mostly accurate.

    Note: the 5 wins in the group do not have to be in a row it can look like this ( W W L W W W) and you will still be promoted.

    Because the game lets you rematch 3 times you can fight a minimum of 2 people on a group of 6. This also helps to make keeping track easier since most people do the max number of rematches.

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