Greatest Video Game Fight Scenes Ever (1/2) -

Greatest Video Game Fight Scenes Ever (1/2)

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My favorite video game cinematic fights scenes of all time. Let me know what I missed in the comments and maybe ill make a part 2.

You can tell I’ve played a lot of blizzard games, World of Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft have great cinematics. Assassins creed is always good as well.

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  1. Never liked the Starkiller character or videos. Why would Vader leave a few storm troopers to execute him alone. And if Starkiller can vaporize that many storm troopers, why bother ever fighting with lightsabers in the first place? When someone is so OP, it undermines all their regular fighting.

  2. Absolutely no ranged attacks for hydralisks anymore, according to this video at least, hu? That sure is convenient.

  3. Most of Diablos cinematic are epic… I thought the fall of Havens gates cinematic was even more impressive.., then the one shown here.

  4. Elder Scrolls Online should have at least 1 cinematic on this list.

  5. Witcher 3 had a really sick promo video of geralt killing a vampire or something

  6. Fuck man if they just made Rey as cool as Starkiller I would not GIVE A SHIT about her being a Mary Sue. These games may have made the Force op and messed up a lot of continuity but IT'S SO COOL! That's all they had to do man, just make it cool! Failed on all fronts, so sad.

  7. You forgot Artanis vs. Zeratul. Probably should've replaced that WoW cinematic with it tbh. Seriously that is NOT WoW's best cinematic.

  8. it's a wonder why those stupid ass inventors in Star wars never made machine guns. All guns fire with the rate of a pistol.

  9. aren't assassins supposed to do sneak attack, swaggering in battle is for barbarians

  10. which wow expansion is that trailer/opening for

  11. 24:31 as someone that played kotor but never played old republic, it was intersting that they have used the kreias final boss theme song

  12. reject lust, embrace God

    remember kids, don't take the Lord's name in vain

    Also, we have evidence for biblical events, if anyone is interested

  13. Fidlestick lore so most best powerfull demon the game Fidlestik is scarecrow in the field.

  14. who is the guy that throws energy playing cards at the crows?

  15. that line from tyrael "you cannot judge me, i am justice itself!" goes so fucking hard.

  16. Shiko sa te paafte duken.Shiko sa persona perdorin per te arritur qellime…Ti qe krijon ske pse na perdor ne..Shkenca pleher..Shko shkaterroi vet…Nejse me bind ske pse me shkaterron ups..E marr vet iniciativen…Ske pse lodhesh i PAAFTE…Per SIMBAN by muhabet🤭😉

  17. Dhe kur arrin te me bindesh atje qendron ❤Kurthi me i madh..Ske patur Bese qe prej Fillimit…Kur ma dhurove me demek Simbanin..Nuk ma dhurove me Krijesat ❤ Bitch..etj etj Traitor..Kur me ke Dashuruar ndonje here???…..😂ky e by e di ça e ke????….I shkreti ti .. Eh nga Jeta Enderr….



  20. Emri eshte i padukshem dhe keto te tria i prezantoj UNE..TI PERSERIS MIGENA BOSNJA NENA GENA PER FAMILJEN …AH AH AH GEN PER ATE QE DUA…NESE DO IA VLEJ….❤😉

  21. The real games looks nothing like the trailers or this Fight Scenes. I have this. I feel duped.

  22. First half of the Shadowlands cinematic: yes.
    The sencond half, eh no.

  23. Nothing in Starcraft beats Zeratuls last fight…My life for Aiur…

  24. The thing with storm trooper is that they are armed with long range weapons but proceed to run towards their target forcing themselves in short range combat which they dont stand a chance against lightsabers

  25. The Bolvar LK v. Sylvanas fight was stupid and cringe, one of Blizzard's worst cinematics ever

  26. From what I understand about Imperius was that he basically always disobeyed the council and let his desire for bringing death to the evils of Hell control his actions. Yet now he wants to obey the ancient law of the high heavens by not interfering with the mortals. Wtf? Major inconsistency in my opinion

  27. What I remember most was thinking, "damn Tyreal is a BIG dude" lmao

  28. Hahahahahah when video game makers can choreograph 1000x better fight scenes than the actual star wars movies.

  29. Starkiller is the trillogy we should have gotten not the disgusting sequels that we got

  30. The anime guys are too feminized. They seem to intimate homosexual feelings of advanced fury while lobbing around swords too long to be wielded by a single man, an obvious phallic reference. An “ honest” man sees the whole situation as boring with a double tap solving this “sword” fight. Please guys DO BETTER, you bore me.

  31. Sephiroth, best Final Fantasy character of all time, tell me if i'm wrong.

  32. Nobody does cinematics like Blizzard, for all their faults.

  33. Friking Blizzard rules the Buisness thats for sure 🤣 That shadowlands Trailer where the Sky brakes open.. Its just mindblowing.
    22:15 But can we talk about that Bers Fur for a second? I think thats the most realistic Fur i have EVER seen. not because its very detaild, but it is uneven. Everyone who ever met a wild animal knows theyr Fur is all messd up and not that normal look who everyone does, like freshly out of the bathroom 🤣

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