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Gordon Blasts Fighting Games

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In episode 297 of The Full Nerd Gordon shared his thoughts on fighting games.

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  1. I am so grateful that cancer did not conquer Gordon… so that I could watch this, hear him talk crap about fighting games – and then witness him die to me at that moment! lol. :'D Atleast we still agree on ITX./jk Luv to Gordon. < 3

  2. Fighting games are a pure skill game. Much more than a shooter.

  3. It'll be interesting to see how it holds up. Really cool filling mechanism though. It's cool they're trying something different.

  4. In BF4, I used to wait for the helicopters to respawn and plant C4 all over it. I would then take back seat and blow up the helicopter as we took off 😅

  5. What a profoundly stupid thing to say. Fighting games arent "games where just have to memorize a special move" and literally ALL video games require you to memorize how to do things in the game.

  6. Fighting games are great because you earn the win and can’t blame teammates for losses.

  7. I loved BF3 and BF4. And helicopters were an enigma to me. I fully agree that anyone flying them has prior piloting school or something.
    Also, fighting games are lame, super sweaty, and competitive people play them.

  8. Don’t be ignorant. You know he means the endless button-combinations…

  9. And that is why it’s hard to respect women gamers.

  10. As someone that got deeply into fighting games as a kid I agree they're stupid. There's no depth to them and they shouldn't cost $70. Even the "deep" fighting games like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter where you can't get away with button mashing and it can take months to learn move sets properly that's not "depth," it's obfuscation to give an illusion of depth. You're still sitting there doing to exact same thing over and over repeatedly. Fighting games shouldn't cost more than $20.

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