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Get Into Fighting Games (Intro)

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Educational fighting game hangouts, Tuesday nights on
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Get Into Fighting Games!


  1. Who was that old drunken kung fu guy?!? I'd play that game just for him.

  2. Looking forward to you and DarkSydePhil chatting about Street Fighter!


    Most ambitious crossover.

  4. ALL WHAT THE FUCK, I see martial masters in the footage

  5. One of the best damn intros of anything, period. The amount of emotion and passion conveyed through this is overwhelming.

  6. Full love to the other Best Friends, but this is why Woolie has swiftly become Best Boi

  7. Trippin balls on the 2D sprites of Tekkn & SC chars. Needs to know more!

  8. When the Soul Calibur 2 css kicked in

    MMMMMMM I want just that section as a track. Sounded so damn good

  9. Tch… fiiiiiine… but you better bring the cookies.

  10. Funny how even when Pat and Matt were the original "2 best friends", between the new podcast trailers/clips, the style of LPs, the return of Fighterpdia, and now this —also Woolie being the only one still collab-ing with both of them— WoolieVS has become the true successor to the original channel.

  11. Is this the feeling of nostalgia I lost so long ago? 😭

  12. Unroolie with an awesome intro and now woolie too?!?! I got Goosebumps towards the end, though.  That was beyond awesome

  13. Rest assured, I remembered the cookies.

  14. You know what Woolie? With a sad heart for the good times of the past, but a bright and hopeful outlook for the future for even more good times, I can finally answer that question.

    Yes, I am ready to play.

  15. Oh man, those last few seconds. Fuck yeah, Woolie. I’m ready to play

  16. Ooooooh my heart at the FNF sound byte

  17. Woolie was right, 2Snacks and Cranky slapped the shit outta this

  18. Why is my vision blurry? Why does my heart feel so warm? The warm embrace of fighting games

  19. Woolie you were one of the first I saw to talk fighting game meta in a not-elitist way and get me to look back at the genre! I have barely any damn time to watch anything these days but I’ll catch all I can because you’re a great, fun guy!

  20. Okay, soooo…you selling this track Woolie? Or is it free game?

  21. This intro is delicious fighting game flavored childhood soup.

  22. I am never not gonna cry like a bitch when the door knocks.

  23. Those knocks at the door.

  24. This intro is the fucking sickest thing I've seen today

  25. suddenly tears comes down my cheeks when the end of the song comes in

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